Ike BBNaija Biography, Career & Lots More


Ike Onyeama popularly known as Ike is one of the famous contestants at the just concluded 4th edition of BB Naija house tagged ‘Pepper dem’. Ike soon got himself loyal fans and admirers not long after he got into the Big brother house. In this article, you will find out what it is about Ike that makes many like him so much. You will also find more information such as his background, struggles, relationship status, net worth, etc. If you want to know more about Ike, do well to read up here. We will be covering Ike BBnaija’s Biography, Age, Real Name and Profile.

Ike BBNaija Biography, Career & Lots More

Ike BBNaija Biography, Career & Lots More

Ike at the BB naija house

Ike Onyeama was not only a fine face at the Big brother house. He was also smart and had a strategy on how to be the winner at the Big Brother Naija show. When he was in the house, Ike mingled with one particular housemate, Mercy Ike and their love went on to become the hottest love affair in the house. The couple was tagged “MerIke”. Ike Onyeama and Mercy Ike (who later became the winner of the show) kept their romance burning throughout the show. In fact, Mercy borrowed bet9ja coins from Ike to buy herself immunity which allowed her secure one more week at the house.

Even after the BBnaija show has ended, the two lovers still attempt to keep their fans glued and entertained by launching their own show called “Mercy & Ike”. The show was premiered on the 26th of April, 2020 on DSTV. This is proof that their love affair that began in the house will not just end there.

While in the house, the two lovers won themselves two million naira in the “Munch it” challenge. The Munch it challenge was set up to test the creativity of the housemates in respect to their dance moves. With much fights and controversies, the two emerged winners of that challenge. The couple also won themselves an in-house dinner.

Ike was evicted from the BBnaija reality TV show on the 13th week, 29th September 2019. However, his partner in the house, Mercy emerged winner and Ike expressed hope that her winning will be positive towards their relationship.

About Ike Onyeama

Ike Onyeama’s full name is Steve Ikechukwu Onyema. He was born on the 19th of July, 1992. Steve Ikechukwu or ‘Ike’ as he is fondly called hails from Imo state in the South-eastern part of Nigeria. Ike is a Nigerian but was brought up in Houston, Texas. Ike is a graduate with a degree in Mathematics. Ike had a regular upbringing in the United states and life was going on well for him until 2017 when a hurricane hit the U.S and affected his business. His apartment was also lost to the hurricane that year. Ike spends his time in Houston, Texas or Maryland, Lagos. Ike has a very colourful personality. He loves to entertain people and make sure those around him have fun. In fact, Ike had always been confident that his funny personality and good looks will carry him through at the Big brother Naija house. Before being a part of the show, he promised he would give Nigerians lots of drama and fun on the show. Ike in an interview once said one of his dislikes is people who talk too much. When Ike lost his business in 2013, he had to move in with his girlfriend and as we would later get to know, he moved in with his cousin 7 months before the BB naija show. During Ike’s leisure time, you will find him watching his favourite movie, “No Country For Old Men” (a 2007 American neo-western crime thriller film) and eating steaks.

Ike has been a model outside Nigeria. He decided to be a part of the BBnaija 2019 reality TV show for the experience and fame it will bring to him.

When Ike was asked what he will do with the grand prize if he won the BB naija show, he said he will give his cousin some money because his cousin had been taking care of him for 7 months, he will also invest in real estate business and give to children’s charity.

Ike BBnaija- Relationship status

Ike and Mercy seemed to take their relationship quite seriously even after the house. At first, there were lots of rumours that things were not going on well in their relationship. At one time, they both stopped following each other on social media platforms. Later on, Mercy posted that she was single. At another time, Ike was seen in a picture he posted with Mercy’s at the time sworn enemy, Tacha.

Nowadays, the couple seems to be re-united as Mercy and Ike have started their own reality TV show titled Mercy & Ike show. The Mercy and Ike reality TV show will focus on the couple and how their relationship fares outside the BBNaija house. Following the launch of ‘The Mercy & Ike show’ on April 26, they both have hinted at tying the nuptial knots. At the first edition of the Mercy & Ike show, Ike put rumours to rest when he said he envisions himself committing to marriage with Mercy.

Ike BBnaija Net worth

Ike used to be a businessman. However, his business crashed due to a hurricane that hit the U.S in 2017. Currently, Ike is into Fashion modeling and things are turning up for him. Ike runs a world-wide delivery ice-cream company. He also generates money from branded wears and sales of ice-cream. After BB Naija, as expected Ike landed ambassador deals such as with Play Management Africa, a branding and marketing company. His modeling also seems to have kicked off as Ike made it to the front cover of VL magazine Africa. He also landed a deal as brand ambassador for PTRlifestyle, the owners of The Kabaal Nightclub and Beach. At the time, Ike introduces himself as a model, Actor, Host, Brand influencer and Chief Executive Officer of Ikebrand. Ike’s net worth is estimated to be at about $50, 000.





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