Yomi Fabiyi: Biography, Age, Movies, Family & Career

Yomi Fabiyi is a notable actor, director and producer in Nollywood. He has been in the industry for over a decade and he is known to have produced several award-winning movies.

In this post, we take a look at the life of the popular actor from his early life to his family as well as his current sojourn in the movie industry.

Early life

Fabiyi grew up in the Somolu area of Lagos State. He is the second child in his family.

The actor revealed in an interview that his parents taught him good values and he is extremely grateful to them. Also, he further disclosed it was his mother’s advice that sustained him in his career

Fabiyi lost his mother at the beginning of 2018. The actor will miss his mother very much as she had lived with him for over eight years until she passed on


The actor revealed that one of his major challenges is funding. Often time, there are no funds to successful execute specific scripts.

Role model

The actor revealed that his mother is his number one role model. In fact, he stated that she is next after God to him and that he will never forget her humility and care for people.


Fabiyi disclosed that he was quite jittery the first time he was on camera. The title of the movie was ‘Obelomo’ and it was produced by Baba Suwe.

The movie that shot Fabiyi to the limelight was, ‘Ona Abayo’. The actor revealed that the movie was quite hi-powered in terms of filming equipment and props. Also, he disclosed that he played a dual role in the movie. He was a car washer with a sick mother and an armed robber. The movie also featured a Nigerian ex-football star, Mutiu Adepoju.

The actor recently produced a movie titled, ‘Omi Adagun’. He revealed that he will also be producing some movies that will hit the cinemas soon.


Fabiyi is married to a British woman, Fran and they have been together for over 5 years.

It was reported a few years ago that the Fabiyi’s marriage had hit the rocks and the actor admitted that his marriage had been through ups and downs and there was a time he almost filed for divorce.

According to Fabiyi, he wanted Fran to join him in Nigeria but she wanted him to relocate to the United Kingdom instead. Unfortunately, they couldn’t reach an agreement and this almost led to the end of their marriage.

The actor also revealed that the media didn’t seem to help matters and there was an upcoming actress that began speaking publicly about some of their private matters which further worsened things.

Also, there were rumors that Fabiyi decided to dump his wife after using her to perfect all the documents for his British citizenship. But the actor refuted the claims. According to Fabiyi, if he had to pursue a British citizenship, he will need to be issued a 5-year temporary spouse visa. At the expiration of that visa, he will then be assessed based on how well he acted in accordance with the immigration rules. If the result was positive, his visa will be renewed and he will be given an ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’.

Interestingly, Fabiyi’s marriage isn’t up to 5 years yet so the talks about using his wife for a British visa seem rather premature.

Then after six months, he will denounce my Nigerian citizenship and do citizen’s test. It is after the success of this that she can become a British citizen.

Fabiyi further disclosed that he traveled to London in November 2017 to inform Fran that he was ending the marriage but the couple managed to turn things around for the better.

Subsequently, the actor celebrated his 5th wedding anniversary with his wife and he revealed that he had enjoyed tremendous growth in his career during his time with her.


Some of the awards Fabiyi has won include

  • Best Actor in Leading Role (Yoruba) BON Awards 2016,
  • Best Producer (City People Awards 2016),
  • Best Movie (YOMAFA 2016),
  • Best Producer (African Films Award, London 2016), And
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role (African Films Award, London 2016).


Fabiyi revealed that his craziest moment as an actor was when a young lady walked up to her and said she wants to be his slut for free. The actor revealed that the lady then dragged him to a dark corner and gave her a kiss with her body trembling.

The actor also disclosed that he often respond with maturity in such situations. According to him, the best way to protect one’s self is to be liberal-minded and see these fans are friends even if the advances are quite obvious.


Recently, the Instagram account of Fabiyi was hacked and the actor revealed that it adversely affected his career. According to the actor, the account was hacked about the time he was starting his Europe Fans Appreciation Tour.

There was also a controversy in 2017 when a former actress, Eniola Omoshalewa Eunice, accused Fabiyi, of demanding sex in exchange for a movie role from her.

According to Eunice, she was passionate about acting and was happy when she met him. He promised that he would feature her in a movie that very day.

The lady then revealed that the actor took it a step further when he told her that they won’t be sleeping in separate rooms when they get to the location at Ikorodu. When she declined his offer Fabiyi dropped her along the expressway in Ketu.

However, Fabiyi denied the allegations and vowed to get justice. In fact, a few weeks later, the actor dragged the management of the blog, Instablog9ja, and the actress to court and requested for N15m in damages for defamation of character.

Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Abraham

Fabiyi revealed in an Instagram post that he was involved in settling the rift between Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Abraham. According to the actor, he actually told Mercy to forgive Toyin for her social media comment where she said that Mercy was responsible for her marriage break up.

Fabiyi further stated that the fans and social media trolls are primarily responsible for many of the altercations among actors and he advised his colleagues to avoid being led on by their fans and social media followers who delight in seeing them tear one another apart.

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