5 Reasons Why Studying Abroad in Eastern Europe is Better than You Think

When people search for education institutions overseas, the Eastern part of Europe is rarely at the top of their selection list. It’s not surprising that many people overlook this region to be a viable destination to pursue their further studies. Obviously, people have their personal reasons to choose a place where they would prefer to study.

Much of the negativity or disinterest towards studying in the Eastern parts of Europe stems from a stereotypical idea that the culture and language there might not be easy to comprehend for international students.

Eastern Europe has fewer tourists than Western Europe which explains why people might not have a clear understanding of the right learning environment it offers. In fact, the land has beautiful landscapes and breathtaking castles. As you prepare yourself for studying abroad, here is a list of the amazing things you will discover about the region.

  1. It’s affordable

When looking for study options, cost should be one of your main priorities. The good thing about Eastern Europe is that living there is affordable which is a great opportunity for students to save money. The fact that the region has fewer tourists might explain its affordability in comparison to places that have high tourist traffic.

Most of the countries in this part of Europe have a small geographical area apart from Russia. In terms of money, Russia might be a bit on the higher side as compared to other places like Lithuania or the Czech Republic. It is important to do your research on the places you’d like to pursue your studies in before you make your decision.

Their transport system is quite cheap. For public transportation, you can either use the train or get a bus. A huge part of the region is accessible using the train system.

  1. There is no language barrier

Most people speak English in Eastern Europe. That means you can comfortably interact with people and enjoy your study there. It is a great place for cultural interaction. You can make friends from other parts of the world and enjoy the beauty of social networking.

Most Eastern universities provide linguistic exchange courses which are a great chance if you want to immerse yourself in a new experience. Professors and university staff are well-versed in English, so you don’t have to worry about finding it hard to communicate.

  1. Student life is awesome

Every student wants to have a good experience with studying abroad. The experience is different depending on where you choose to study. Most countries in this region have a vibrant student life that makes it possible for you to enjoy your stay there.

One of the first things you will notice is the thriving nightlife. If you like to party, then be prepared to have a blast. There are many bars and clubs that operate for long hours at night and some run open till dawn.

With a busy lifestyle, assignments can take a toll on you. It is important to take time and relax. When you have an essay to complete but need a break, search online using the phrase “write my paper for me” and receive assistance from a skilled writer.

There are numerous festivals and concerts you can attend over the weekend during your free time. You can have a night out with your friends or even go by yourself and order some vodka. Unless you decide to, it’s hard to have a boring weekend when there is so much night activity. With the right group of friends, you can have an interesting and memorable time.

  1. Different Courses to Pursue

You can get any subject you want there. Most educational institutions have a wide variety of subjects you can enroll in.

You can get Undergraduate and Graduate lessons in Nursing, Medicine, Engineering, Business, Computer Technology or Architecture. These are some of the common courses, but with a little digging, you can get any course you want.

  1. The Culture is Amazing

There is a conglomeration of cultures providing an incredible environment to learn and embrace different people’s perspective on life. Eastern Europe comprises of different countries, each with its own tradition and practices.  Each country offers enough cultural experience to make you learn more about the local people.

From handicrafts to regional dressing, you will discover how colorful Eastern Europe is. Russia boasts of delicious cuisines and the famous Pushkin writings.  Croatia has plenty of folk costumes and beautiful landmarks.

In Lithuania, you will see the marvel of the Baltic coast and experience how passionate the locals are when it comes to agriculture.  Hungarians make beautiful embroidery, and the country has a vibrant wine industry.

If you love vampire stories, then you will definitely love Romania. You will meet vampire hunters and get a chance to buy incredible souvenirs. Each country is unique and beautiful in its own way.


Countries in the Eastern part of Europe provide plenty of education and life opportunities for students. You get to receive quality education at a lower cost, allowing you to save your money and stay away of unnecessary debt. Apart from education, you will enjoy the friendly community and the mix of cultural heritage.

Studying abroad is an opportunity for you to gain a greater and meaningful understanding of the world and develop personal independence. It is a great life experience and helps you expand your knowledge and social life. By pursuing a course overseas, you get to enjoy the fun of living overseas and immerse yourself in a new and exciting environment.

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