How to Start a Blog in Nigeria (2021 Guide)


Having a blog is great to share your ideas, feeling and experience with your readers. But creating a blog can be a tedious task if you are beginner without any guide.

So, if you have been waiting for a long time to create a blog for yourself but always took your foot back by thinking of skills needed to create a blog and cost.

Then your wait is over because today I’ll share how to do this without burning your pockets and that too with little or no technical knowledge. You can check Butterfly Releases for more knowledge.

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Gone are the days when you need to learn various web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create even a simple website.

You don’t need to learn these or hire a professional to do it for you.

Because now is the time of Do-It-Yourself with WordPress don’t have to learn to. You code or any programming language. WordPress takes care of all these things for you.

Thinking of creating a blog and never heard of WordPress? That would strange!

No worries! I’ll help you out

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that makes website creation and blogging very easy. Even a beginner can start working on it from first day and can run a fully fledged blog/website.

Almost 30% of websites on internet run on WordPress.

Who uses WordPress?

Many Famous blogs likes Techcrunch, Mashable and even the one you are reading on is powered by WordPress.

Being totally free of cost and most flexible CMS, It is the only tool that best suits for creating website and blogs. So today, I will teach you how to create your blog with WordPress.

Steps to create a WordPress blog

 Step 1. Register Domain and Web Hosting

Step 2. Install WordPress on your Domain

Step 3. Change WordPress Theme

Step 4. Add your First Blog Post

Step 1. Register Domain and Web Hosting

A domain name will be the name of your blog on Internet such as we have Your blog will be known and accessible on the internet via your domain name. It can be something like, and

A web hosting account will be your account on server that will contain all the data of your website that includes Images, html and files and many other details that are required for functioning of a website.

Where to Buy Domain and Web Hosting in Nigeria?

Well there are many providers in Nigeria but my favorite is DomainKing.NG that provides super affordable hosting plans with Free domain name & SSL with every hosting plan.

Their support team is always online and they will even install WordPress for you at no extra cost that many other providers don’t take care off.

So, I recommend buying your domain and hosting for your blog from DomainKing.NG.

Steps to Buy domain and Hosting from DomainKing.NG for Just ₦3600

  1. Visit their Web hosting page and select web hosting plan for your blog. As you are just starting your blog for first time then the starter plan that is Soldier will be sufficient for you. It comes with 2GB disk space and unmetered Bandwidth. That will be more than enough for you blog. Select the number of years and Click on Order Now.

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria ([year] Guide)

  1. On the next page, you will need to enter the domain name you want for your blog.

If your blog will is for Nigerian Audience so, I recommend going with a domain.

Enter the domain name you want to register. I am using just for showing you.

Select the first option ‘I want DomainKing.NG to register a new domain for my Hosting Package’ and Click to Continue.

Once you have found that your domain is available, click on continue

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria ([year] Guide)

  1. On the next page, you will see your order and you need to select the billing cycle for your order. You can order for a year initially and can renew at anytime.
  2. Select both the addon services for your domain on the next page. Don’t worry about them as you will be able to create unlimited emails on your hosting account. After selecting, simply click on continue to Final Checkout page
  3. Enter your details to create your account on DomainKing.NG and Add coupon DKNGHOST20OFF to get 20% discount at the bottom of the page.

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria ([year] Guide)

You will see the price reduced to N3600 for both domain and Web hosting.

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria ([year] Guide) 

  1. After Adding Coupon, select your payment method.

If you want to pay via your Debit or Verve Card then select first option then select VoguePay.


For payment Bank deposit/transfer. Select 2nd option.

            Select I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and click on “Complete Order

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria ([year] Guide)

Once you have completed your order and paid the invoice then you will receive the details of domain and hosting order on your email. But you will not need it because you will be able to do everything from the Client panel.


Step 2. Install WordPress on Your Website          

  1. Login to your client panel on DomainKing.NG and Click on “My Services”link on bar.
  2. Now you will see your active hosting account in the panel. Click on manage icon as shown in the screenshot below.

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria ([year] Guide)

  1. On the next page, click on login to cPanel
  2. Once you are in the cPanel, scroll down and click on Softaculous Icon and click on WordPress on Next page in Softaculous.

Click on Install and you will see setup options for WordPress.

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria ([year] Guide)

  1. Choose https://www. for first option, enter your domain name in next field and keep the third field of Directory as empty. If there is something written such as ‘wp’ then delete it.
  2. Under Site settings, enter your site name as per your wish such as Cindy’s Blog and small description of your blog. Don’t change anything else under this option.
  3. Under Admin Account, you will need to provide your admin name admin email such as your gmail or custom email such as (if you have created one). Set a strong password for your admin account and copy it to a safe place, you will need it whenever you want to manage your blog.

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria ([year] Guide)

Leave everything unchanged and just enter your email at the bottom once again.  Click on Install

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria ([year] Guide)

  1. Within few seconds, WordPress will get installed and you will see this page.

Check your blog by opening your domain in new browser tab.


It will look something like this.

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria ([year] Guide)

Click on Administrative URL on the WordPress installation page or open and you will reach your WordPress dashboard.


Step 3. Changing Theme of Your Blog


Your blog would be looking very basic at this point. So, I‘ll show you how to change the theme of your blog to make it attractive.


In WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance>>Themes on the right navigation bar.

You will see the pre-installed theme on this page. Click on Add New Button.

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria ([year] Guide)

You will be able to see various categories for themes such as featured, Popular and you can even search for themes such as business, blogs, magazine.

There are thousands of themes available there. Get the theme of your choice to add life to your blog.


Step 4. Add Your First Blog Post

After setting your blog with a beautiful theme, now is the time to add a post on your blog. You can write about your first blog post about your journey how you come to blogging or write your first topic of your niche on your blog.

To add a new post, Click on Post>> Add New in left side menu bar of WordPress admin panel.  

Enter the Title of your post in the title bar and add content of your post in text area.

Once you are done with writing, hit publish button to see your first post on your very new blog.

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria ([year] Guide)

That’s it! You are now owner a selfhosted WordPress Blog on internet. Share your feelings, ideas and even make money from your blog.

If you liked this article and it has helped you to create your blog then please share it your friends so that it can reach to more people to help them starting their blog.



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