At Last, Succor for Study Abroad Students Seeking Quality Education in America

Education in Africa has suffered many setbacks for decades, and the quality obtainable in most African countries cannot compete on the world stage. Poor governance, decision-making, and over population are some of the pressing challenges. Nigeria for instance, with a total population of 180 million people: the resources available to education in the country is limited compared to the number of students. Corruption and other ills make most of these students desire quality education in America.

One thing that the United States can offer a student from abroad is a great education and the only thing that will have to be done in return is for students to be excellent. The problem is that scholarships for international students have been so hard to find because even students with bad grade wants one. Educational expenses are astounding and the cost is rising as each year passes. Between having to pay for tuition, buy supplies, and be able to eat, it is no wonder that so many students find themselves struggling.


The United States citizens have many different types of aid that they can apply for and most will help to offset almost all expenses there is. However, international students often find the cost of American universities outrageously expensive.  No worries, there are all sorts of financial resources that are available to students from other countries and they will supply those individuals who qualify with the funding that they need to live and study in the United States. This does not mean that you will not have to pay any money for tuition and fees if you are thinking that way please just STOP reading and jump to the next article.

Aside African countries with their peculiar educational challenges, students in other countries of the world also desire to further their education in USA, and Study abroad consultant headed by Mr. Van has been successfully championing the quest for quality education for many of these students from Africa and all over the world for a while now. He has some nugget advice for other students desiring higher education in America, be it a degree in BSC, MBA, MPA, MSC or Ph.D.

On the issue of free scholarship, housing and the cost of University education in America, Mr. Van advised that students should be financially ready before embarking on the journey. Finding scholarships for international students is not as difficult as it may seem. The key is to go through everything that is available and be careful about all of the places that you apply.

Finally, Mr. Van attested that getting admission into any University in America is not hard, only that the processes can be daunting, and many of these Universities have their own basic requirements. These sometimes means that students might have to take additional exams to be admitted into their desired field of study.

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Mr. Van also known as Barnabas Angyer is a Professional Admission counselor. He has WhatsApp support, which makes him reachable on the go for many clients. His services at Study abroad consultant USA starts from the point of making a decision based on preference, to the point of gaining admission, and even after gaining admission. He has helped students from Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, and China to name a few. Why the wait? Contact me right away!


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