Lilian Bach: Biography, Career, Movies & More

Lilian Bach is a Ni      gerian actress. Her role in blockbuster movies like Ogidan and Married to a Witch shot her into prominence and made her quite popular in Nollywood

In this post, we’ll reveal many things you don’t know about this beautiful actress.

Early life & Education

Lilian was born in Lagos Island to a Yoruba mother and a Polish father. She lived in different parts of the country due to her father’s profession.

The actress attended Army Children’s school, Port Harcourt and Idi Araba Secondary School in Lagos. After her secondary school education, she enrolled at the University of Lagos to study Theatre Arts but she didn’t complete her program.

She was raised by her mother as her father died when she was young. He was working and residing in Nigeria as a mechanical engineer when he met his mother. He died in Rotterdam in Holland

Her mother hails from Isale-Eko in Lagos State.

The actress revealed that she remembers her father as a disciplinarian and he used to smack her a lot.


Lilian came into the limelight as a model in the 1990s when she competed in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) pageant. She also featured in several television commercials and she was at some point the Face of Delta Soap.

Lilian began acting in 1997. She has starred in Nollywood movies of the Yoruba and English genres since her acting debut.

The actress took a break from doing movies and focused on moving production but she revealed that piracy didn’t make this aspect of the business profitable for her.

Afterwards, she began doing other businesses which involved her travelling out of the country. This led to her absence from the industry because invitations from producers often coincided with her business trips.


Lilian Bach has featured in over 100 movies since she began her acting career. Some of these include:

  • Eletan (2011)
  • High Blood Pressure (2010)
  • Eja Osan (2008)
  • Angels of Destiny (2006)
  • The Search (2006)
  • Joshua (2005)
  • Mi ose kogba (2005)
  • A Second Time (2004)
  • Big Pretenders (2004)
  • Ready to Die (2004)
  • Broken Edge (2004)
  • Lost Paradise (2004)
  • Ogidan (2004)
  • The Cartel (2004)
  • True Romance (2004)
  • Market Sellers (2003)
  • Not Man enough (2003)
  • Outkast (2001)
  • Married to a Witch (2001)
  • Armageddon Night
  • Beyond Greener Pasture
  • Life Partner
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Eletan

The actress revealed that after she featured in Married to a Witch, she became really popular and her role in the movie really got fans asking her if she was a witch or had ever been possessed by an evil spirit.

Bola Tinubu

There have been rumours linking Lilian Bach with the former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

But the actress refuted the allegations as she has never met the former governor.

Beauty regimen

The actress is known for her beauty and she recently revealed in an interview how she has managed to maintain her beauty and glowing skin. These have been highlighted below:

  • Leading a healthy lifestyle
  • Eating the right food
  • Take a lot of rest and
  • Moisturising regularly with mild and organic products

Embarassing moment

Lilian Bach revealed that she has had a lot of embarrassing moment. But one that she remembers vividly was when a guy she met in London lifted her off the ground because he was excited to see her.

Role stereotype

Due to how well she has played the role or seductress, it has become typical for producers to give her such roles.

But the actress has voiced her frustration because she feels she’s versatile enough to play other roles rather than just acting as that woman trying to snatch someone’s husband.


The media was agog with news of a clash between Lilian Bach and her manager. As a matter of fact, the actress ensured that the lady in question, Adedoyin Sulaimon got locked up in Kirikiri.

The story was that Adedoyin has collected a loan of N120000 from Lilian but had failed to pay back. But that wasn’t the crux of the matter, the problem was Adedoyin stole over N5 million from her when she was away. This was revealed to her by her assistant manager, Favour Chukwudi.

Doyin was later released from prison but she fell sick afterwards and subsequently passed away. As a result, there were insinuations from her family that Lilian was responsible for her death.

Lilian Bach Foundation

Lilian founded the Lilian Bach Foundation a few years ago for people with physical disabilities.

The actress revealed that she decided to concentrate on lepers because she often saw them in their awful condition whenever she travelled to Ibadan. As a result of their condition she noticed they could only live in the bush.

Perfume line

The actress revealed in an interview that she was working on a perfume line. She had earmarked a total of 4 fragrances, 2 for men and 2 for women which was going to be manufactured in France.

According to Lilian, the idea was borne out of her love for perfumes. She revealed in the interview that she had close to a hundred perfumes in her room.

Curiousity Underwears

Lilian used to own a store at the famous Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall where she sold lingerie for women and underwears fror men.

The idea to open an underwear store was borne out of observation of how uneducated people were about wearing the right underwear.


Although the actress revealed that she’s single, there were speculations a few years ago that she was married to a business consultant identified as Alaka.

According to the report, the actress was living in his multi-million naira mansion located in Lekki, Lagos in 2012.


Lilian disclosed in an interview that she is a Pentecostal Christian.


Lilian revealed that she doesn’t watch much of Nollywood movies because they tend to celebrate rituals, prostitution and blood money. According to her, anytime she watches Nollywood movies she feels discouraged.

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