Stella Damasus: Biography, Career, Movies & More

Stella Damascus is a talented Nigerian actress and singer. She began her acting career in 2002 when she featured in the movie, Abused.

Although several controversies have trailed this beautiful actress since she shot into prominence, she has never allowed any of these to derail her.

The actress is currently married to Nollywood producer, Daniel Ademinokan and in this post you’ll discover many other things you didn’t know about her.

Early life & Education

Stella Damasus was born on the 24th of April 1978 in Asaba in Delta State. She was born into a family of six (five girls and one boy). Damascus attended Greater Tomorrow Primary School and Idia College in Benin.

She had part of her secondary education in Benin City before moving to Asaba in Delta State as a teenager where she completed her secondary school education.

Damascus travelled once again, this time to Lagos where she enrolled at the University of Lagos to study Theatre Arts. She graduated from the university in 2002.


Damascus was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2009. She won the Award for the Best Actress at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2007.

In 2012, she received the award for the Best Actress for her role in the movie Two Brides and a Baby at the Golden Icons Academy Awards in Houston, Texas.

In 2016, the actress received the award for Best Lead Actress Diaspora at the African Culture Image Awards (2016). She beat the likes of Ola Alao, Ranti Alore, Laide Bakare, Doris Simeon, Lola Faduri, Toyin Ogundipe, Mistura Asunramu, and Bukky Bello to emerge the winner


Damascus met her first husband, Jaiye at Jazzville in Onike in Yaba in Lagos. He was the son of Chief Olu Aboderin, the founder of the Punch Newspaper.

She married Jaiye Aboderin in 1999. The couple had two children together – Isabelle and Angelica but Jaiye died of a heart failure in December 2004. He left Damascus as a 26 year old widow.

At the time of his passing, their first child, Isabel was 5 while their second daughter, Angelica was 2 years old.

Jaiye Aboderin was 33 years old when he died. He was playing basketball with his friends when he collapsed.

In 2007, Damascus remarried. She wedded Emeka Nzeribe but the marriage was shortlived but this time it was based on a mutual decision by both parties to divorce.

It was speculated that Stella Damascus parted ways with Emeka Nzeribe over allegations of incompatibility, infidelity and disrespect to marital vows on her part. But the actress revealed on social media page that she was verbally abused in the marriage.

In 2011, the actress was linked romantically with Nollywood producer & director Daniel Ademinokan. The producer was formerly married to actress, Doris Simeon.

Damascus eventually married Ademinokan in 2014. The duo are not just romantic partners, they are also business partners. They launched an online television station, Mon Afrik TV in December 2015 which was said to be a blend of BET, MTV, e-Online, NBC and CW Network all rolled into one but it was instead tailored to an African audience.

As a result of being married three times, Damascus seems to know a lot about marriage.

In a recent interview, the actress counselled women on marriage. She advised women to work hard to keep their homes. She also stated that women should be very careful when selecting a spouse particularly they should make sure their goals in life align with that of their partner before heading into marriage.


Damascus began her career as a singer. She used to work with the famous Klink Studios as a studio session singer. Klink Studios is owned by filmmaker Kingsley Ogoro. The actress was involved in doing vocals for the top jingles on radio and TV in Nigeria at that time.

Her first movie was titled Abused. It was released in 1992. Damascus became popular when she featured in the movie, Breaking Point. The movie was produced by Emem Isong and directed by Francis Agu.

The actress has featured in over 300 movies since she started acting. Currently, she is the co-founder of i2radio and host of two podcast shows titled, ‘Undiluted with Stella Damascus’ and ‘When Women Praise.’


Damascus has featured in over 300 movies since she featured in her debut movie, Abuse in 1992. Some of these include:

  • Betrayed by Love
  • Face of a Liar (1999)
  • Rumours (2001)
  • Submission (2002)
  • Real Love (2003)
  • Passions (2003)
  • My Time 1&2 (2003)
  • When God says Yes (2003)
  • Never say goodbye (2003)
  • Market seller 1&2 (2003)
  • The Intruder 1&2 (2003)
  • Emotional Pain (2003)
  • Dangerous Desire (2003)
  • Bad Boys (2003)
  • After the Fight (2003)
  • Queen 1&2 (2004)
  • Missing Angel 1,2&3 (2004)
  • Kings Pride (2004)
  • Engagement Night 1&2 (2004)
  • Above Love (2004)
  • Red Hot (2004)
  • Burning Desire 1&2 (2004)
  • Cinderella (2004)
  • Dangerous Twins 1, 2 & 3 (2004)
  • Wheel of Change (2005)
  • The Seed 1&2 (2005)
  • Desperate and Dangerous (2005)
  • Real Love 2&3 (2005)
  • Games Women Play 1&2 (2005)
  • The Bridesmaid (2005)
  • Behind Closed Doors 1&2 (2005)
  • Widow (2005)
  • Standing Alone (2006)
  • Yankee Girls (2008)
  • Yankee Girls 2 (2008)
  • Four sisters (2008)
  • Halimat (2008)
  • Affairs of the Heart (2015)


There have been stories in the news that have labelled Damascus a husband snatcher as the last two men she has been with were happily married befor she came and took them away from their wives.

But the actress has come out to clear the air by stating that she met these men after they had left their wives and not while they were still married.

Kate Henshaw

Henshaw was a very good friend of Damascus and she was with her when her first husband, Jaiye Aboderin passed away.

However, there was a time these actresses quarrelled and weren’t on speaking terms for many years but during Damascus’s birthday in 2017, Henshaw reached out to her and the duo have since settled their old scores.

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