Ken Erics Ugo Biography


When the name “Ken Erics Ugo” is mentioned, the first thing that pops up in the mind of those that know him is “Nollywood”. For those who don’t or who aren’t sure, let’s check out Ken Erics Ugo’s biography to get to know about the popular Nollywood sweetheart.

Ken Erics Ugo was born on February 28th 1985 in Kano. He is the sixth child of his parents. He is a native of Enugu-Ukwu in Njoka, Anambra state, South East Nigeria. He had a passion for acting right from a very young age, hence the push to study Theatre Arts after completing his primary and secondary education. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from the popular and prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

Ken Erics Ugo Biography

While growing up, Ken Erics did several stage performances, joined several drama clubs, and sang in his church. As an undergraduate, he featured in a number of stage plays including: Hope of the Living Dead, Trials of Oba Ovoramnwen, Frankincense and Myrrh, amongst a few others. Even as at then, he had the dream that he would one day feature in blockbuster movies and would be a household name in the Nigerian movie industry; and he kept at it through thick and thick.

True to his dream, he got his first role in a Nollywood movie during his university days in a movie titled,’ Holy Prostitute’. Although it took him some inevitable drawbacks to find his footing in the Nigerian movie industry, as to get roles in movies that would require him travelling from one place to another, he has had to sleep in motor parks, under the bridge, and even uncompleted buildings because he had no friends in those locations, with which to pass the night and he was on a strict budget that can’t afford the luxury of a lodge or a hotel.

He cited an example of when he travelled all the way to Lagos for a movie audition at the National Theatre; Iganmu, Lagos; the audition was hosted by Teco Benson and the movie was to be shot in Lagos. He has gone on from there to bag roles in popular movies such as Unstoppable, Heart of a Saint, Evil Intention, Power of a Kiss, Silence of the gods, The Monk, Days of Gloom and he was Louis in the popular movie Burning Bridges.

Ken Erics is believed to have other businesses going on, although he keeps everything on a low profile. He is believed to be an active real estate investor who lives a comfortable life. He debunked news of him being in competition with Ghanian star Majid Michael and he confirmed reports he’s into a serious relationship with someone; many people are of the opinion that that ‘someone’ is Rachael Okonkwo, another upcoming actress.

Ken Erics Ugo, is a social and friendly fellow who sticks to his passion and would stop at nothing to make sure he soars higher and higher in the Nigerian movie industry. You can follow him on social media platforms.



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