Aliko Dangote’s Private Jet: What We Found Out


Alhaji Aliko Dangote is the owner of Bombardier’s Global Express XRS private jet.  The private jet was bought by Dangote from Montreal in Canada.  The private jet is able to seat 8 people comfortably.  And it is usually parked at the General Aviation Terminal, very close to the Associated Airlines’ hanger.

dangote plane

News has it that the aircraft actually worth $45m. Dangote bought the aircraft exactly when he was celebrating his 53rd birthday, which fell on a Saturday.  Latest available flight facilities are obtainable in the aircraft. Truth is it is among the most luxurious private jets in the world.

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The aircraft is so powerful that it can travel from China to Lagos non-stop.  Other Nigerian rich men are already copying Dangote; they too have ordered for similar aircrafts and these are expected in the country any time soon.

Dangote bought this aircraft since 2010 and it is still of top quality today. The aircraft has been described as one of the most efficient aircrafts in the world by the Sales Director Africa of Bombardier’s Business Aircraft.

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Aside been efficient, it is also built with complete safety in mind; safety of all passengers is taken to consideration in its build. Its range is among the highest. Speed is yet another feature that sets the aircraft apart.

Truth is Dangote is among the very first Nigerians to buy this type of aircraft. Dangote is a very busy man and he travels abroad often. He has to attend several business meetings and he has to keep to time; these factors necessitated the purchase of this aircraft.


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