StarTimes Nigeria: Plans, Channels and Decoder Prices

StarTimes is a direct-to-home pay-tv service.  With its simple-to-install antenna decoders that require no dish coupled with its low tariffs, StarTimes has brought digital TV within the means of very many Nigerians.

StarTimes however offers dish decoders also for interested customers.  Here are the bouquets, channels and decoders from StarTimes.

Plans (Bouquets) with Channels Offered

Nova Bouquet (N600/month)

The Nova Bouquet is the lowest tarrif and it contains 28 channels. The channels include AIT

AWA TV, CCTV News, Channels TV, Child Smile, Cool TV, DOVE TV, E-STARS, FARIN WATA, Galaxy TV, IQRAA, LTV, MITV, NTA HAUSA, NTA IGBO, NTA News 24, NTA Sports 24, NTA YORUBA, ORISUN, Silverbird TV, ST Music, ST Sports Focus, Star Dadin kowa, STAR KUNGFU 1, Star ZONE, STV GUIDE, TVC, TVC News, Wazobia TV

The Basic Bouquet (N1,200/month)

This attracts the second lowest tariff on the StarTimes service. It offers 35+ channels covering news, education and entertainment.

Channels (with their codes) offered in the Basic Bouquet  include  017 – MGM, 053 – Star Novela E1, 055-  Star One, 101- NTA News 24, 105 – NTA Ent, 109 – Silverbird TV, 110 –  Galaxy TV, 111 – CHANNELS, 117 – AMC, 118 – DTN, 119 – MITV, 120 – DBN, 121 –  TVC, 122 – E-STARS, 123 – REAL-STARS, 125 – Rave TV, 128 – AIT, 130 – ITV, 132 – Superscreen, 156 –, 162 – Star Dadin Kowa, 165 – NTA Hausa, 166 – NTA Yoruba, 167 – NTA Igbo, 168 – Orisun, 178 – Farin Wata, 231 – CCTV Doc, 235 – Animaux, 262 – MCS, 280 – CCTV-NEWS, 300 – BBC WORLD, 301 – Al Jazeera E, 306 – NTA Parliamentary, 307 – TVC NEWS, 329 – Core TV News, 356 – Childsmile, 357 – Nickelodeon, 59 – NTA Knowledge, 400 – Star Music, 427 – Nigezie, 451 – TBN, 452 –  IQRAA, 464 – Dove Tv, 507 – B4U Movies

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The Classic Bouquet (N2,400/month)

This plan offers over 55 channels, including more choice channels than the Basic Bouquet.  The variety also includes news, education and entertainment.

In addition to channels in Basic bouquet, the Classic Bouquet has  018 – AMC Movies, 056 – Star Africa 2, 116 – WAP TV, 129 – Get TV, 150 – Star Kungfu 1, 155 – BET, 157 E! Entertainment, 158 QYOU, 169 Tinwa Tinwa, 222 Discovery Science, 229 Viasat N+H, 251 Star Sport 2, 256 – FOX Sports, 258 – NBA TV, 259 – Eurosportnews, 260 – Trace Sport Stars, 302 – Fox News, 334 – TLC, 337 – FLN, 360 – Jim Jam, 421 – MTV Base, 500 – Star Bollywood

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The Unique Bouquet (N3600/month)

This is the toast of StarTimes.  It offers over 70 channels.

In addition to channels in the Basic and Classic Bouquets, the Unique Bouquet has  010 – Star Movies 1, 019 – True Movies One, 051 – Star Series E1, 080 – Fox, 081 – FX, 220 – Nat Geo Gold, 230 – Viasat E+C, 257 – FOX Sports 2, 303 – MSNBC, 304 – Bloomberg, 336 – Fashion TV, 358 – Baby TV, 505 – Star Gold, 506 – Star Plus.

StarTimes Decoders

The decoders are priced as written below:

  • N3,390 for the Normal StarTimes Decoder
  • N4,390 for the HD StarTimes Decoder

The decoders contain an internal antenna but you can purchase the external antenna separately if needed. There are 2 types, the 10m external antenna cost N1,500 while the 20m external antenna cost N2,000

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  1. Michael

    Can we receive your sat in Benin Republic?

  2. Michael

    Can we vie your sat in Benin Republic?

  3. tochukwu

    can star time work in a village like neni in anambra state? and how much for a month?

  4. Wole

    I’m on Nova bouquet and still want to remain on it. Can I recharge 2400 or more to cover for 4moths of NOVA bouquet?

  5. Abayomi Ikotun

    i just paid for my subscription now how do i activate my acc. i need the email to send my evidence of payment

  6. olugbade

    does startime show laliga matchs

  7. olugbade

    does startime show laliga match or copa del rey

  8. Adelowo Rotimi


  9. Yusuf lukman

    I want to known if the startime has coverage in bwari area precisely Kuduru.
    If yes, what do i need to do?


    I have problem with my star times. smart card no 01467179163. I recharge on 27 jully after a week it stop show till now I can only watch NTA.

  11. yusuf sulaiman

    pls why do people removed sunnah tv , bringing back sunnah TV will attracted more customers to startimes mostly among the northern part of the country. thanks

  12. Kabir

    I paid N3600 online for unique bouquet but instead i got renewal for my previous plan which is basic bouquet for N1200. I want to know what’s going on. Please reverse this subscription to what i paid for or refund my money. And mind you that my subscription starts counting on the day you effect changes on my account.

  13. gifty olowolade

    st novela doesn’t exist on my decoder anymore

  14. Oche

    Pls why is nba tv off line? Will it be restored? Cos that’s why I am using startime.

  15. babatunde odere

    why is NBA TV not showing on star times again?

  16. Muhammad Magaji Ibrahim

    I paid 1200
    naria for Basic B but I can not get Nova
    channels almost 3 days now what is the
    problem pls. Thanks

  17. Omoboye kolawole

    wy is it dat wazobia TV is no longer on star time

  18. Precious Obazee

    Good day. I need to know if my startimes decoder will still work as the last time I recharged was in 2014. Thanks.

  19. John Lamu

    Good Day I put my money in StarTimes because of TLC channel but not long the channel was disconnected not long I paid 1200 naria for Basic B but I can not get Nova channels almost 3 days now what is the problem pls. Thanks

  20. Peter Ugwu

    Pls what has Ndi Igbo done to StarTimes to deserve only 1channel while Hausa and Yoruba has 3channels each in Abuja it is not fair my people

  21. Vichens Itopa

    how do I recharge #1200.00 since MTN doesn’t have #1200.00 recharge card?

  22. Arkila S Taimako

    Good evening, please I recharge my decoder no 02146177898 but only four channels are showing I.e Child smile, farin Wata,Dove TV, please kindly recti fy the problem

  23. pls i bought a decoder from sb,how will i get d external anntena and d wire?tnx

  24. CLEM


  25. stephen

    How can i change my startime banquet

  26. Deric Bright

    hello Guy’s, pls I need help, I installed the star timer dish nd search for frequency it show but when I try to view the channels it show me not subscribers, pls I don’t knw what to do, but the dealer told me over 70channels will show as free on air for a month. pls I need help on how to do it thanks

  27. michael

    Do star time has p*rn channel

  28. oyatope o james

    pls my decoder is showing smartcard error, what is the way out of this?

  29. Ayeni Oluwaseun

    Hello, i subscribed for Nova Bouquet yesterday and I only got 10 stations
    The stations that didn’t show are
    Orisun,Cool tv,Wazobia tv,Ait,Silver bird and the likes
    kindly reply with an explanation of the cause and how to rectify it,Thanks

    1. ezema ebere

      E_zone and wazobia is not showing

  30. samuel

    I want to be an agent of star times decoders and antennas. where can I register as a dealer?

    1. Samuel,
      You need to fill a form and submit on the StarTimes link:

  31. Emmanuel

    Go to Jos.

    Rwang pam street,
    Beach road,
    Old airport road,
    Zenith bank etc

  32. Emmanuel

    Am in Damaturu Yobe state.

    Pls, will a startimes dish help bring startimes coverage in a place like Damaturu that has no coverage?

    Or the Dish is just to watch HD channels?

  33. sunny

    how many meter dish do use to track startimes

  34. Adamu

    My name is adamu ibrahim frm damaturu yobe state, +2347061940274 i need one HD decoder

  35. Ajibogun Victor

    Pls i am in kogi state, hw can i purchase d startimes decoder with antena?

  36. Collins

    So startimes doesnt show any EPL matches

  37. OKONKWO Motole

    This stations are not showing again on Nova bouquet

    1. CCTV NEWS
    2. STAR
    3. AIT
    4. Galaxy tv
    Channels tv

    Please what the cause

  38. OKONKWO Motole

    This stations are not showing again on Nova bouquet

    1. CCTV NEWS
    2. STAR
    3. AIT
    4. Galaxy tv
    Channels tv

  39. walax

    why is it that mtv base is not showing and mitv channel is abscent on my classic bouquet?

  40. Fade

    Pls I would like to know the current prices of all the bouquet

  41. Michael

    Good day sir, please i wanna know if the startimes HD decoders must be used with a dish. Thanks

    1. Michael,
      YES, it must be used with a Dish.

  42. nkem linda

    While tryin to see wat went wrog i mistakenly deleted al chanel list,pls wat do ii do

  43. nkem linda

    I recharged since yestfrday and have nt bin able to watch any chanel.i recharge wit 1500

  44. Gabriel Kingsley

    I am presently in Abia state for work is it possible I buy startimes decoder here and install in Yola? secondly I am using strong decoder is it possible to use the existing dish to install startimes because i don’t want use more dishes. please advice.

  45. Rev Easy

    Please l like to know all channels list in each plan of the subscriptions.

  46. Sunday Clement

    Good day, please do you allow your customers to change plan or package, if you do how can one go about it?

  47. Muhamed salisu

    Pls return rave channel

  48. Hassan Gimba

    Pls is the antenna type decoder HD?

    1. Hassan,
      No. The antenna type is not HD.

  49. Jennifer Richard

    please I want to know if star time does show NBA, NFL sports

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