Yemi Blaq: Biography, Career, Movies & More


Yemi Olatunji Blaq popularly known as Yemi Blaq is a famous Nollywood actor. He is also a songwriter, film maker and model.

Blaq began acting in 2005 and has featured in over 300 movies since his debut as an actor.

In this post, we take a look at the life and career of this fantastic Nollywood actor.

Yemi Blaq: Biography, Career, Movies & More

Early life and Education

Blaq was born on the 19th of May 1978 in Ondo State in Nigeria. He completed both his primary, secondary and tertiary education in Lagos, Nigeria.

He has been acting since his primary school days as his acting talent was quite obvious even as a child. Blaq played the role of the judge from the book, Incorruptible Judge. His teacher was really impressed with him and she told his mother that Blaq was born to be an actor.


Blaq joined Nollywood in 2005 after he registered with the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Lagos State Chapter. Then he began attending movie auditions in Lagos.

The movie that shot him to prominence was the Nollywood blockbuster movie, “Lost of Lust” where he featured alongside popular actress, Mercy Johnson. The movie was released in 2005.

Since then he has continue to feature in several Nollywood movies and made several appearances in television drama series.


Blaq featured in the Nollywood blockbuster movie “My Idol” where he played the lead role alongside with Nollywood famous actress Genevieve Nnaji. His performance in this movie won him the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

Yemi Blaq has won other movie awards, some of which include

  • Best Actor of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards,
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards
  • Most Promising Actor in Nigeria at the Africa Movie Academy Awards


Yemi Blaq is currently married to Remi Ibinola Olatunji Blaq. She is a talented writer and she has written the script of many movies he has featured in especially as a lead character.

According to Blaq, they met while he was on the set of the movie, ‘Growing Up.’ They eventually got married in 2008.


The actor revealed that he couldn’t hold back tears the first time he carried his baby in his hands. According to Blaq, that day was the happiest day of his life.


Yemi Blaq has acted in over 200 Nollywood movies, some of which include

  • Without Goodbye,
  • Sinking Sands,
  • Corporate Operations
  • Cultural Clash,
  • A Place in the Stars,
  • The Last 3 Digits,
  • Strive,
  • High Blood Pressure,
  • Entanglement,
  • 12 Noon,
  • Grey Focus,
  • Blindfold,
  • My Idol,
  • Lost of Lust,
  • Desperate Ambition,
  • Savior,
  • Letters to a Stranger,
  • Good Samaritan.

In 2017, Blaq starred in the movie, Obsession which was produced by Judith Audu and directed by Uduak-Obong Patrick.

The movie tells the story of how the life of a supposedly perfect couple becomes complicated after they met two over possessive and obsessed people that made their lives difficult.

His latest movies are Cultural Clash and Shadow Parties. Both movies were released in 2018.

Cultural Clash tells the story of a Nigerian family with traditional values moves to the ghetto from their Roswell Mansion to survive hard times. In a interesting turn of things they find out that money is the least of their problems.

On the other hand, Shadow Parties tells the story of love and inter-communal marriages. The movie revolves round the endless political struggles that would later metamorphose into trading in arms and ammunition which later lead to the loss of innocent lives.


Blaq revealed that music is his first love. The actor recently recorded a single titled, Brake dey sharp. He revealed that his greatest strength is songwriting. Also, the actor revealed that he is working with Mavin producer, John Drille.


A few years ago, there were rumours that Yemi Blaq was dating top Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim despite being married

But the actor has since refuted the allegation as he stated that they are only friends and his wife is aware of their friendship.

The actor further revealed that the movie, ‘The Distance Between’ which the duo featured in was written by his wife. She was also on set when the movie was been shot.

Blaq has also featured in movies like Corporate Operations and Number One fan alongside the same actress.

Interestingly, the actor revealed in an interview that if he weren’t married he would have considered marrying Juliet because she has the qualities he loves in a woman and that she’s kind of person.

Blaq also confessed that he has been involved in other controversial situations but he has always found a way to always handle the situation and walk away. 

Big Brother Naija

There were rumours that Blaq was the voice of Big Brother in 2017 because of the similarity in the voice. But the actor didn’t respond to this rumour so that remains just as an assumption.


Yemi Blaq is currently one of the most sought after actors in the country and his popularity has translated to some form of wealth for him.

In 2015, he signed an endorsement deal with Gulder which was said to be worth over N40 million and the actor is currently said to be worth an estimated $300,000.


The actor has been in Nollywood since 2005 and he has this to say about the industry. According to him, there is the need for a robust distribution system which will help the movie producers generate an excellent return on their investments.

Also, he revealed that the industry requires funding to take it to the next. Additionally, there is the need to open more cinemas in order to provide more avenues for movie screening.

Domestic violence

The actor recently opined on the subject of Domestic violence. According to Blaq, domestic violence is a trait that can be identified early and any woman that notices such trait in their man should just take a walk.


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