DSTV Payment Online: How to Pay for Your DSTV Subscription Online


In Nigeria, three out of every five homes are DSTV (MultiChoice) subscribers and the old method of renewing one’s subscription over office counters or at the bank is gradually going obsolete. Convenience and speed are the major benefits of paying bills online and this is why online transactions are a daily activity for almost every one today.

From a business perspective, one of the ways in creating a faster and more convenient business environment is to have an online payment system. So how do you pay for your DSTV subscription online, from the comfort of your home or office? This post attends to that. With an internet enabled computer or mobile device, your time and energy becomes more valuable.

There are a few ways of making your DSTV subscription payment online and it’s just a matter of familiarity and preference. Let’s quickly discuss three major ways of making your DSTV subscription payment online.

DSTV Payment Online: How to pay via Quickteller

Quickteller is one of the biggest and most trusted online payment services in Nigeria. Quickteller is powered by ‘mighty’ inter-switch which is one of the biggest payment gateways in Nigeria. Ease of use makes Quickteller one of the most used payment methods for DSTV subscription in the country.

The only thing you need to pay on Quickteller is your debit card. You don’t even need to register. Just access their website via www.quickteller.com, and select ‘View All’, scroll down and select ‘Cable TV Bills’ then select ‘DSTV Subscription’ and fill in every necessary detail.


Paying with Quickteller would require you activate your subscription and it is quite easy. Just send “RA” with your smart card number to your country’s DSTV self-care number. Nigeria’s is “30330”. Send “RA Your Smart Card Number” to 30330.

DSTV Payment Online: How to pay with Mobile Money

There are different mobile money platforms such as Nairapay, Paga, FirstMonie from First Bank, and so on. Simply log in to your mobile money platform which is also referred to as e-wallet; and select DSTV Subscription and pay. If the money in your e-wallet isn’t enough, you might have to top it up from your bank account (still online) first.

DSTV Payment Online: How to pay with Internet Banking

Although not all banks have this option but MultiChoice has successfully partnered with almost all the banks in Nigeria. One of such partnership allows all internet banking enabled customers of any of such banks to pay DSTV bills directly from their bank account via internet banking. Be aware that you would have to first enable internet banking from your bank and you would need a token for this.

Log on to your bank’s official website, or you could go through your bank’s mobile app and select “Pay Bills”, then go ahead and make your payment. Once verified, the money would instantly be deducted from your bank account.

Paying DSTV subscription bills online would soon get cliché and if you still queue at the bank or at any of the MultiChoice offices to pay for your DSTV subscription, don’t repeat it after reading this.



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