DSTV Explora in Nigeria


The DSTV Explora is one of the latest innovations of cable TV service provider- Multichoice. The DSTV explora helps to enhance viewing experience by-:

  • Providing space for up to 220 hours of personal recording.
  • Unlimited series recording with priority functions.
  • Access over 20 blockbuster movies from the box office.
  • A remote recording function which allows you to record content even when you are away from home.
  • Hundreds of titles on DSTV Catch up plus.
  • Search button that allows you to search for your favorite movies across an 8-day TV guide.
  • Ability to view one channel while recording another.
  • Ability to pause live TV for up to 2 hours.
  • Parental control functions.
  • Widescreen compatibility.
  • HD User interface and apps like news Supersport active and weather apps.

The DSTV Explora is embedded with a 2-Terabyte hard drive that enhances your storage capacity. You can obtain your Explora at any of the multichoice offices or dealer outlets for N71,300 with installation services provided or for just N65,000 if you won’t be needing installation services.

If you are tired of boring TV and want to enhance your TV viewing experience, then the DSTV Explora decoder is a must-have for you.



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