DSTV Bouquets in Nigeria

DSTV is Nigeria’s number one cable TV service company. It is owned by Multichoice, a South-African company and serves several African Countries.

DSTV offers about six bouquets including the DSTV compact plus, DSTV Premium, DSTV Access, DSTV Family, DSTV compact ad DSTV mobile.

Apart from these major bouquets, there are other bouquets targeted at special foreign language audiences like the German bouquet, The Indian Bouquet and the French Bouquet.

DSTV Access

This is the cheapest DSTV bouquet in Nigeria. With just N1,800 per month, you get to watch over 45 channels including Africa Magic World, Africa Magic Hausa, Africa Magic Yoruba, Silverbird, Aljazeera, NTA, Super-Sport Blitz and AIT.

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DSTV Family

Next to the DSTV Access bouquet is the DSTV family bouquet which costs only N3,600 per month. The channels available include all channels on the DSTV Access bouquet as well as CNN, Channel O, ESPN Classic, MNET Series, MTV Base and Euronews. The DSTV Family bouquet hasover channels.

DSTV Compact

This costs N6,000 per month and includes all TV channels available on the family bouquet alongside BBC world, SONY Entertainment, Super Sport, RAI International and 24 audio channels.

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DSTV Compact Plus

This bouquet is targeted at sports lovers and it includes all DSTV Compact Plus as well as other channels and costs N9,420 per month.

DSTV Premium

This is the highest subscription packaging Nigeria and costs N13,980. On this bouquet, you can enjoy more than 85 channels. DSTV Premium alsoyou to view HD channels on your DSTV HD PVR decoder.

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  1. Abubakar

    Please I’m curious why one cannot watch any HD channels in compact plus banquet. Is that the policy or my decorder is faulty?

  2. john

    Hello i want to know if my dsd1110 decoder will still work

  3. Naansel Njin

    Please is there any subscription for 16,140 per month in Nigeria

    1. Naansel,
      Yes, if your are using the DSTV Explora Decoder you would need to also pay for the extra view which is N2,160.
      In your case it is Premium + Extra View (N13,980 + N2,160) which makes up N16,140

  4. LEO JNR

    Wat re d channels for d 6000 dstv compact

  5. ejike evaristus

    would also like to change from half bouquet to full. bouquet

  6. ejike evaristus

    why the sudden change of BPL matches from ss3 to ss5

  7. ojulari Habeeb

    Ok tanx… would it still reduce if there is balance in naira and dollar as b4 and why Nigeria bouquets is not changed as pay as u watch like the 1 in SA? tnx

    1. Multichoice would be in the best position to answer that. Although i highly doubt they would reduce it except they are forced to do so by the nigerian govt.

  8. ojulari Habeeb

    Hi, pls I want to know why the sudden increment in bouquets prices.. thanx

    1. Naira has dropped in value against the dollar. That’s the reason for the increase.

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