Yvonne Nelson: Biography, Career & Other Details

Yvonne Nelson is a Ghanaian actress, model and film producer. She has featured in over 100 movies since she debuted as an actress several years ago.

In this post, we take a look at the life of the actress; how her career has evolved over the years; and the movies she has featured in.

Early Life

Nelson was born in Accra although she hails from Cape Coast. She was born on the 12th of November 1985. The actress attended St. Martin De Porres School in Accra and later proceeded to Aggrey Memorial Senior High School. Nelson studied Human Resource Management at the Central University College.


Nelson played her first lead role in the movie, Princess Tyra. She would later feature in a few other movies before moving to Nigeria where she collaborated with Genevieve Nnaji for her first Nollywood movie.

The actress has since grown to become a household name in both Nigeria and Ghana.

Nelson delved into movie production into movie production in 2011. Her first production was the movie, the Price which was released that year. She also produced Single and Married in 2012 and House of Gold in 2013.

Overall, Nelson has featured in over 200 movies and some of these include:

  • 4Play Reloaded
  • Any Other Monday
  • Blood is Thick
  • Classic Love
  • Crime Suspect
  • Crime to Christ
  • Deadly Passion
  • Deadly Plot
  • Desperate to Live
  • Diary of a Player
  • Doctor May
  • Fantasia
  • Festival of Love
  • Folly
  • Forbidden fruit
  • Girls Connection
  • Gold Diggin
  • Golden Adventure
  • Heart of Men
  • House of Gold (2013)
  • If Tomorrow Never Comes
  • In April
  • Keep My Love
  • Local Sense
  • Losing You
  • Love and Crises
  • Love War
  • Material Girl
  • My Cash Adventure
  • My Loving Heart
  • Obsession
  • One Night In Vegas
  • Passion of the Soul
  • Plan B
  • Pool Party
  • Princess Tyra
  • Save My Love
  • Save The Last Kiss
  • Single and Married (2012)
  • Single, Married and Complicated
  • Strength of a Man
  • Tears of Womanhood
  • The Black Taliban
  • The Game
  • The Mistresses
  • The Playboy
  • The Price
  • The Prince’s Bride
  • The Queen’s Pride
  • The Return of Beyonce
  • Threesome
  • To Love and Cherish
  • Trapped in the Game
  • Who Am I
  • Yvonne’s Tears


Since she began acting, Nelson has scooped scores of awards in both Nigeria and Ghana.

Her awards include:

  • Best Picture at the Ghana Movie Awards for the movie, Single and Married
  • Best Ghanaian Movie in Nigeria at the 2013 City People Awards for the movie, Single and Married
  • Best Ghanaian Actress at the City People Awards
  • Stars Best Actress at the 2009 Joy Nite Fm Awards
  • Fans Favorite Actress at the Glitz Magazine Awards
  • Best Actress at the 2016 Ghana Movie Awards
  • Hottest Ghanaian Actress in Nollywood at the City People Entertainment Awards
  • Most Stylish Movie Star at the Glitz Styles Awards

She has also earned several nominations.

  • Best Upcoming Actress at the 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards for the movie, Princess Tyra
  • Best Actress- Supporting Role at the 2010 Ghana Movie Awards for the movie, The Game (2010 film)
  • Best Supporting Actress at the 6th Africa Movie Academy Awards for the movie, Heart of Men
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the 2011 Ghana Movie Awards for the movie, 4 play reloaded
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Ghana Movie Awards
  • Best Actress in a Leading role at the 2015 Ghana Movie Awards Best for the movie, If Tomorrow Never Comes


Nelson founded the Yvonne Nelson Glaucoma Foundation in 2010 as a platform to help create awareness about the disease.

She was supported by other Ghanaian celebrities which led to the actress recording an all-star charity single. She also shot a video to help educate people about glaucoma.

As a result of her philantropic activities particularly in glaucoma, Nelson was honoured by GoWoman Magazine & Printex for her Glaucoma Foundation and film career in 2013.


Nelson has also been involved in campaign with other celebrities particularly in the area of the energy crises in her country.

In 2015, she led a campaign called DumsorMustStop. Consequently, the hashtag #dumsormuststop has been used on social media to amplify the concerns of Ghanaians with regards to the energy crisis.

Proposal then Pregnancy

Nelson revealed in an interview that she rejected a marriage proposal because her suitor wanted her to move to London at that time but she wasn’t ready to relocated at that time of her life.

Interestingly, Nelson became pregnant to another man several months after the failed proposal.

According to the actress, she was very happy when she realised she was pregnant. Nelson was in London at that time and she quickly carried out a test to confirm what she initially suspecting.

But there were reactions to Nelson having a child outside of wedlock. When she told her mother about her pregnancy, her first reaction was that of shock because she wasn’t married but she has since recovered from the initial shock is happy for her.

Nelson’s child was born on the 29th of October, 2017. A few months later, she revealed the name of her child as Ryn Roberts. Roberts is the surname of the father of the child.

According to her, she had the dream of having a baby. It was an ambition she had been nursing since she clocked 29 but there was no man on her radar at that time. A few months after, Nelson relocated to England where she met James Roberts, a British Photographer who she hooked up with.

Baby’s Father

There were rumours that Nelson’s lover and the father of her daughter had been married. Subsequently, pictures surfaced on the internet that James Roberts was married to a certain Keela Harrison in 2015.

Nelson acknowledged the rumours in an interview and indicated that she was aware her lover had kids with another woman.

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