Toyin Aimakhu: Biography, Age, Movies, Family & Career

Toyin Aimakhu is a prominent Nollywood Yoruba actress, filmmaker, director and producer.

The actress recently changed her name from Toyin Aimakhu to Toyin Abraham. According to Toyin, it was a family decision to change her name to form Aimakhu to Abraham

In this post, you’ll learn about this fantastic acting talent from her early years to her current career as an actress and movie producer.

Early years

She was born Olutoyin Aimakhu on the 5th of September 1984. The actress was born in Auchi, a town in Edo State in southern Nigeria, but spent her early life in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State in southwestern Nigeria.


Toyin obtained a Higher National Diploma certificate in Marketing from Ibadan Polytechnic.


She began acting in 2003, when Bukky Wright, a popular actress, visited Ibadan to shoot a movie. Over the years, she has produced, directed and featured in several movies, such as Alani Baba Labake and Ebimini.


Toyin was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Yoruba film titled Ebimini during the 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards alongside Joke Muyiwa, who was nominated for Best Lead Actress in a Yoruba film titled Ayitale.


Due to her popularity and successful acting career, Toyin was called upon by PDP during the bid of the party to re-elect the then president, Goodluck Jonathan’s in 2015.

During this period, the actress revealed that she was a very passionate follower of the party and she stated that she was prepared to die for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on whose platform Jonathan is contesting. But she later came out to apologize to her fans for the comments and urged Nigerians not to spill their blood for any politician.


Some of the popular movies she has featured in include:

  • Okafor’s Law (2016)
  • Love is in the Hair (2016)
  • Alani Baba labake (2013)
  • Ebi mi ni (2013)
  • Alakada (2013)
  • Sola Fe Pami
  • Ghost and the tout (2018)


Toyin was previously married to Adeniyi Johnson, a colleague in the industry. They got married on the 8th of July 2013 but they separated in 2016. The actor revealed that his ex-wife had cheated on him while they were still married.

On the other hand, Toyin revealed that she found out that Adeniyi was trying to sleep with one of her workers and the worker in question had confessed to her that her husband has been toasting her for a while.

After the crash of their marriage, Toyin went on to date Seun Egbegbe while Adeniyi has since married another Nollywood colleague, Seyi Edun.

Unfortunately, Toyin’s relationship didn’t last long and the two went their separate ways.

Recent engagement

Recently, it was reported that Toyin was engaged to a yet-to-be-identified man based on a video circulating around social media in which the actress was seen dancing around while showing off the huge rock on her finger.


The life of most celebrities is often filled with controversy and Toyin Abraham’s life has followed the same path. Sometime in 2018, the actress called out one of her colleagues in the industry, Mercy Aigbe. According to Toyin, Mercy was the one that broke her home.

The comment was a response to Mercy Aigbe congratulatory message to Adeniyi Johnson (Toyin’s ex-husband) fiancee who had just recently been engaged. Toyin’s comment got people talking on social media and many were asking what really happened. But Toyin would later reveal that it was a publicity stunt as she was just seeking people’s attention since just released her movie ‘The Ghost And The Tout’ and she wanted it to go viral.

Subsequently, Toyin took to her Instagram page the next day to publicly apologizing to Mercy describing her accusation as one of her moment of ‘mess up’ and an error in judgment on my part.

She also reiterated that she had reached out to Mercy and they had sorted our differences.

However, this didn’t stop people from commenting and giving advice to the duo. For instance, veteran actor, Yinka Quadri was quick to charge his younger colleagues to remain cordial, support one another and shun the envy. Also, another actress, Dayo Amusa expressed her displeasure about the level of disrespect in the Yoruba movie industry.

Just in case, you’re wondering who Mercy Aigbe is. She is a popular Nollywood actress, director and producer. She is also the owner of Mag Divas Boutique which she launched in November 2014 and the success of the boutique earned her the ″Fashion Entrepreneur of The Year″ awarded by Links and Glitz World Awards.

Also, there was another controversy between Toyin and another actress, Wumi Toriola. It was reported that Toyin had revealed that getting married and buying a car weren’t achievements and Wumi had responded by uploading a video online in which she attacked Toyin Abraham for saying that because she felt the comment was directed at her as she had just recently got married and bought a car. Wumi has since apologized to Toyin and she has accepted the apology.

There was also the Seun Egbegbe controversy when the producer was caught in Computer Village in Ikeja attempting to steal a set of iPhones from a store in the market. Toyin would later reveal in an interview that she regretted dating the movie producer

Memorable Experience

Toyin revealed that her most memorable moment as an actress was at a meet and greet session for one of her movies. According to the actress, one of her fans couldn’t control her tears when she saw her. She was shocked not because this was the first time something like this would happen but because it was at that point that it struck her that she must have been doing something right for this to happen. The fan was crying uncontrollably while trying to laugh at the same time and Toyin hugged her.

She further revealed that the fan held her so tight that she almost started shedding tears as well. That day, she said a little prayer to God thanking him and according to her, it is a day she will never forget.

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