Linda Ikeji’s Blog: Nigeria’s Number One Entertainment Blog

Drawing from her passion for news and news sharing and having waded through the storm of magazine publishing, Linda Ifeoma Ikeji started the  Linda Ikeji’s Blog in 2007.

Initially the blog was to just share whatever fascinated her with readers.  However, spurred on by the interest shown and expressed by readers and bloggers, Linda devoted energy, time and resources into sourcing and publishing juicy information she had found out that readers would love.

From the humble beginning of a blog receiving about 250 visitors a day in 2007, the Linda Ikeji Blog has now grown into a blog receiving about fifty thousand visits per day from about 180 countries around the world.

Statistics show that the Linda Ikeji Blog is clearly the number one entertainment blog in Nigeria and, according to Linda herself, the Blog is about the 8000th entertainment blog in the world.  Overall it is number 10 in Nigeria after the likes of The Sun Newspapers, Vanguard Newspapers, The Punch Newspapers, Guaranty Trust Bank, and United Bank for Africa.  The Blog’s Alexa Rank is about 1,920 (Dec 2014).  This means it is the 1920th out of over 230 million websites available in the world.

Certain features have ensured that the Linda Ikeji Blog reached and has remained in its enviable position.  The Blog provides news, entertainment, celebrity gist, fashion, gossips, thought-provoking revelations, exclusive stories, photos and readers’ comments.

Style of presentation is rich, clear, sharp and always to the point.  The content is juicy.  Style and content of the Linda Ikeji Blog has been consistently so fine that readers are sure of finding satisfying material anytime they turn to the blog.

One satisfied reader tells the other and the readership grows.  Interesting and thought-provoking comments from readers add to the glamour of the blog.  All of these are the result of hard, passionate, selfless and consistent work by Linda Ikeji.

Linda Ikeji’s Blog is reaping the benefits of being number one.  Forbes Africa has already acknowledged the blog as a success.  The brain behind the blog, Linda, has earned accolades as a foremost blogger in Nigeria.  The benefits are not limited to recognition.

The Linda Ikeji Blog has become a top proposition for individuals and organizations (big and small) who are interested in on-line advertisement.  The blog is claimed to rake in about N3million every month in adverts.  Through the blog, the author and principal beneficiary, Linda Ikeji, has been able to acquire properties of her dream.  She bought a duplex worth millions of naira for her parents in a metropolitan part of Lagos, acquired a 2008 Toyota Camry for herself in 2011 and subsently added an Infinity FX 35 SUV, and a 2014 Range Rover Sport, both worth several millions of Naira.  She has also been able to undertake philanthropic activities.

All that glitters, they say, is not gold.   There have been challenges brought in the way of the Linda Ikeji’s Blog because it is number one.  The blog has been the subject of severe criticisms.  Allegations of promoting rumours, prying into celebrities’ privacy and plagiarism have been made against the blog from time to time.    The climax was an allegation of plagiarism which caused Google to take down the blog for about 24 hours   in October 2014. Linda and her blog have taken all of these challenges in their strides.  She has been able to deny all allegations against her and her blog and has come out successfully out of the Google lock-out saga.

The Linda Ikeji’s Blog has remained scintillating as ever while Linda Ikeji continues to be seen as a role model.

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