Jaiye Kuti: Biography, Age, Movies, Family & Career

Jaiye Kuti is a popular actress, producer and businesswoman. She is the Chief Executive Officer at Jaylex Aesthetic Production, a company that specializes in film, television, and video production.

It would be recalled that there were rumours that Jaiye Kuti was dating the popular musician Wasiu Alabi Pasuma. The actress later confirmed that they were indeed married.

In this post, we will learn a lot about this popular actress, including her age, movies, family and career.

Early years

Jaiye was born in Ilaro in Ogun State on the 10th of July. Her year of birth is unknown but it is speculated that she’s in her late forties.


Jaiye Kuti worked in Finance before venturing into acting. When she began her sojourn in acting, her mother tried to dissuade her because she was afraid that a career in acting may affect her negatively.

Jaiye’s initial plan was to produce movies but because she needed to create a network first she decided to start by acting in movies.

Her debut film was in 2002 when she featured in the TV series – Laff Patterns. It was this series that shot her into the limelight.

Jaiye has featured in other series like Everyday People, One Love, Face To Face and Spiders. Some of the other movies she has featured in include: Ashewo Airport, Si Gbogbo Okunrin, Ogun mi and many others.

Despite being a notable actress and producer, there are some things Jaiye revealed she would never do on set. For instance, she disclosed that it is impossible for her to have a wet kiss on the screen.


In 2016, Jaiye was honoured with the post of an ambassador in Lagos State Polytechnic. The award was due to her contribution to the Nollywood film industry.


Jaiye Kuti is married to popular Fuji musician, Wasiu Alabi Odetola otherwise known as Pasuma.

The actress revealed in an interview that she met her husband at a night vigil. According to her, at that time, she was an extremely committed Christian and she rarely wore earrings, trousers or makeup. It was her husband that changed some of these things by letting her know that God is not as difficult as we sometimes think he is.

They are blessed with two children, a boy and a girl. Their children are entertainment inclined as both of them enjoy music and play the piano quite well.

In order to balance her career with home, the actress brought her mum to live with her. This system is particularly helpful for her especially on occasions when she has to be at a movie location for up to a month.

Also, her husband, Pasuma is quite understanding and he is able to look after the house when she is not available

Movie production

In 2017, Jaiye premiered two movies, Olori Amolege (Queen Amolege) and Oro mi (My Wealth) on the same day.

The movie, Oro mi was the product of a story she was told by a certain woman. According to her, 40% of the movie was from the story while the rest was fiction.

Oro mi is about a woman that had three kids and they wanted to kill her. But God made it in a way that she didn’t die.

Although these movies weren’t released in the cinemas, they were sold out once they were released. The actress also revealed that her next movie production will be shown in the cinema.

According to her, the movie is actually an epic and it is something that has to do with the Nigerian tradition and culture. The movie blends the Yoruba and Igbo culture and showcases the richness of these cultures.

When asked about her acting remuneration, Jaiye revealed that soap operas pay more than movies. For instance, she makes up to N1 million per month on a soap opera while she earns between N600,000 and N700,000 per movie.


The actress revealed that she has not really been affected by movie piracy. According to Jaiye, her first production, Ewon Laafin, was screened at cinema Odeon in Italy and she was able to make a substantial amount from the movie before she returned to the country.

Although the actress disclosed that you can’t completely avoid piracy if you produce movies in Nigeria however, Jaiye revealed that she has always been able to recoup her investment before the pirates start counterfeiting her movie.


The actress revealed that it is God’s grace that has kept her in the marriage. According to her, one of the challenges artistes face especially females, is the difficulty in sacrificing their career for their home. This is particularly difficult if you are one that loves your job.

Weight loss

Due to her stature, Jaiye stated in an interview that she has the tendency to add weight easily however she also revealed that her husband has been of substantial help to her as he often supervises her eating pattern which has helped her lost weight.


The actress revealed that she loves swimming which also helps her keep in shape.

Gender equity

According to Jaiye Kuti, she is not a feminist and she doesn’t agree with the school of thought that says that a man and a woman having equal rights in marriage.

Jaiye further revealed that she strongly believes that the man is the head of the family and also the house and it is better if every woman gives this honour to them especially in Africa.

Below is an excerpt from a recent interview where she made some anti-feminist remark: “As a woman, when you begin to say you are equal to your husband at home, then you are never going to have a settled home. That is why you see divorce cases here and there. He is the man and when he says go, you go, when he says, don’t go, you can still find a way to convince and make him see reasons to let you go. There are times my husband won’t allow me go to locations; sometimes, I let go while I return the money, while sometimes, I make him see reasons why I have to go.”

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