Ini Edo Biography: Career, Marriage, Movies, Instagram, Husband, Divorce


Iniobong Ekim Edo popularly known as Ini Edo is a very famous A-List Nigerian actress. She was born on April 23rd, 1982 in Akwa-Ibom Nigeria.

Ini Edo attended the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom where she bagged a diploma in Theatre Arts, and from there she proceeded to the University of Calabar where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Language.

Ini Edo’s foray into acting began in the year 2000 when she was lucky enough to learn about an audition that a popular Nollywood film producer was organizing. She attended the audition and performed so well that she was eventually offered a role in the movie.

Her performance in her debut movie ‘Thick Madam’ impressed the producer and several other people in the industry so much that she was advised to relocate fully to Lagos where she could become a full-time actress. However, this met with a very strong opposition from her dad who felt that Ini was still too young to go out there on her own to pursue a career far away from home.

Eventually, things worked out and before we knew it, Ini had somehow found her way to the top and registered herself in the hearts of her fans as one of the top actresses in Nigeria. Ini has featured in over 200 films since then and she still remains one of the top actresses in Nollywood as evidenced by her numerous awards and nominations.

Some of the movies she has featured in include Tears for Nancy, Royal gift, Ghetto queen, Fatal Seduction, Games men play, Eye of the Gods, Indulgence, World Apart Part 1$2, Living in tears, Tears in the Palace and Anointed Queen.

Ini Edo has also produced some movies such as I’ll Take My Chances which she produced in collaboration with Emem Isong. The movie was an instant hit and was screened for several weeks in cinemas across Nigeria.

In 2008, Ini Edo got married in what could be called one of the most controversial marriages in the Nigerian film industry. What made the marriage so controversial at the time was that Ini was getting married to another Nollywood actress (Ruth Okoro)’s ex-husband. Ruth didn’t seem to be over Philip Ehiangwa at the time. The marriage took place regardless but not after Ruth had raised some dust and trashed the image of the intending couple in the media.

Early in 2014, the rumor mill was agog with stories of Ini Edo’s husband asking for a divorce and even returning her bride price to her parents, an action that signifies that he wasn’t looking forward to reconciliation.

For weeks, her fans had prayed and hoped that it was only a rumor until sadly. Ini confirmed the break-up through one of her social media accounts. She went further to dispel the rumor that her husband asked for a divorce because of her endless philandering ways.

Whether the story is true or a complete rumor as usual, we would never know but what we do know is that Ini Edo’s marriage to Philip is now over. The couple didn’t have a child.

Her divorce doesn’t seem to have affected her very much as she still remains her bubbly self and regularly posts pictures of her fancy lifestyle on her Instagram handle;@Ini Edo.


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