How To Buy From Ebay or Amazon & Ship To Nigeria


Nigeria has a lot of trusted online stores at the moment but there are still some items that you can get at a bargain from some foreign online stores in the USA like EBAY & AMAZON. This post was created due to the number of Nigerians that have been scammed after trying different means to shop from US and also questions on how to shop securely and reliably from US keeps coming up every now and then.
Buying from Ebay and Amazon has a lot of advantages like buying products that cannot be easily gotten in Nigeria at a cheaper rate, doing a mini importation business through this medium by buying used & new items that you can sell for good profit.
Now that PayPal has enabled Nigerians open a PayPal account things have gotten a lot easier as Nigerians do not use credit cards yet and it is the most common form of payment for most online stores in US.

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To buy from Ebay or Amazon all you need to know are trusted parcel forwarding companies.They help you shop without borders. Most of them operate by giving you a unique U.S address to key in as your shipping address when purchasing any item from a U.S online store.

The store sends your item to your U.S address; the company receives the item then forwards it to you in Nigeria for a small fee.

Different parcel forwarding companies exists but a trusted one is as this parcel company has been used by so many Nigerians.

How To Buy From Ebay or Amazon

You would need to register with as either a Standard member, Premium member or Premium+Mail member.

  • The Standard is ideal for the those with only an occasional shipment (preferred by most Nigerians)
  • The Premium is best for avid shoppers that would benefit from package consolidation
  • The Premium+Mail has the added ability to receive mail and catalogs. View all details here

Please note there is a one time registration fee of $10, $20 and $30 for the different levels listed above.

During registration, you will be asked a series of simple questions that enable them to confirm your identity, avoid fraud, and activate your account immediately.

Within minutes of completing your registration, you will receive your new suite number & US Address. This suite number gives you dedicated space in their Distribution Center.

After that you can provide’s street address and your unique suite number sent to you for all of your online shopping.

Once your purchases arrive at their Distribution Center, they will help you export everything right to your door.

All you transaction details would be logged into your account so you can always follow up with it before it arrives in Nigeria.

Their delivery charge depends on the total weight of your package. Generally, you’ll get a better deal if you ship heavy (numerous) items. For example, they charge about ₦9000 for 1kg and about ₦35,000 for 10kg (that is ₦3,500 per kg). They usually deliver within 2 to 10 working days via DHL or FedEx.

The moment your shipment leaves their warehouse, you will be notified by e-mail and can monitor your package’s progress with their real-time Package Tracker.

You can start shopping from US and receive it to your doorstep without hassles.



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