10 Best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria


Online shopping is the new cool. Not just in Nigeria but in the world over. On the international scene, you would hear about online stores like Ebay, Amazon,Walmart and BestBuyto mention few. These are stores that are making millions of dollars from retailing online.

Nigerians are not alien to the concept either, even though we are still struggling to get it right. But some Nigerian stores are really doing well, working hard to gain the trust of Nigerians and join one of the fastest growingindustries in the world.

Some of the best online shopping stores in Nigeria in terms of service, excellence, coverage and popularity include the following:

1. Jumia

No offence, but except you’ve been living in a rock, you would have heard about jumia.com.ng .Jumia is one of the first online stores to really capture the attention of Nigerians.

What makes Jumia really unique is that you can get almost anything you want from them, from cosmetics to electronics, groceries,clothing and accessories, the list is endless. Jumia also offers special discounts and promotions from time to time.

2. Konga

On the heels of Jumia came Konga.Konga started their business few months after Jumia and they have really worked hard to remain at the forefront of e-commerce in Nigeria.

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What makes Konga really unique is that they have a number of independent retailers under them. They encourage individuals like you and I who may have one or two things to sell online to come and use their platform to sell it. This makes it easy for their customers to find just about anything they want in their store.

3. Slot

Slot is a Nigerian brand known for their specialization in computers, mobile phones and other related gadgets.

Slot has been selling offline for quite a while before they took a smart move to make their products available to their customers online as well. You can shop on their website by visiting slotlimited.com.

4. Parktel Online

Parktel is another store leading the trend of online shopping in Nigeria.

On parktel online, you can buy just about any mobile phone, tablets and accessories you want.Parktel is based in Lagos but delivers to anywhere in Nigeria.

5. Kara.com.ng

Kara specializes in selling electronics and home appliances. If you need to buy stuffs like generating sets, televisions, DVD’s, home lightning products, home and kitchen appliances or even automobiles, kara.com.ng is the place to go.

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6. Dealdey

This is an online shopping store with a difference. It’s not just your conventional online store, if you’re looking to buy items for dirt-cheap here in Nigeria, then you should visit Dealdey.

7. Kaymu

Another online store that deserves to be mentioned is kaymu.com.ng.

On Kaymu, you can buy items like mobile phones, shoes, jewelry and watches and several other items. Kaymu also adopts a business model that brings buyers and sellers together on one platform.

8. Mystore

Mystore.com.ng is another unique online store that specializes in sales of gift items. If you are confused about gifts to buy for your loved ones, a visit to mystore would leave your head bubbling with several ideas.

Also, you can send your gifts directly to the recipient using their delivery services.

9. Taafoo

Actually, I’ve known Taafoo for a while even before Konga and Jumia. Tafoo was one of the first online retail stores in Nigeria but they specialize strictly on fashion items.

10. Buyright

An online store with a difference; buyright.biz specializes in selling heavy duty items like inverters,stabilizers, batteries and other related items.

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  1. what about amazon

  2. Ikenna Ibekwe

    New Cooking Stove


  3. Udoka Nnadi

    Update this list, kaymu, taafoo are no longer operating.
    Go to #safe.Shop and see ore reort on ecommerce Nigerian Market.

  4. John

    Top online fashion store in Nigeria

  5. BCMart

    BCMart :Online shopping in Nigeria for Cement, Sand, paint, block, granite, plumbing materials,Tiles.

    Trusted Online destinaton for all your biuldng materials and construction equipment

  6. GbanjoDeals

    GbanjoDeals : Online shopping Deals for phones,laptops,fashion and electronics in Nigeria.

    Best Online shopping deals website in Nigeria

  7. Abu-Ubaida

    That is nice.

  8. fola

    instylefashionista is also a good online store with strictly quality u clothing

  9. Coupons Techie

    Wow it’s good to see the collection of online shopping website in nigeria.

    Here is the website online buyer can get good discount coupons from this site while online shopping. couponstechie

  10. michael

    latest online retail store in town, keebanigeria.com

  11. sanusi

    Sayflexxy.com.ng is another ogbonge shopping site in Nigeria and is gain massive traffic visit everyday its should be consider as well by the author of this article thanks

  12. GbanjoDeals

    Online shopping in Nigeria for phones, computer, games, food, electronics, camera, fashion | Shop online at https://gbanjodeals.com

  13. Olayinka Michael

    If you are a Nigerian Student, I recommend Guddies Planet for you.
    guddiesplanet is an online shopping mall for students, they sell everything Students can shop for, and it’s also pay on delivery with a very low delivery fee.

  14. Agbelege Olusegun

    The secret of Konga’s success I observe is the YOU CAN PAY ON DELIVERY though not as good as pay with KONGA PAY. I have been buying from online shops but its only Konga which allowed me to buy once with pay on delivery


      I want to sell washing machine .I need a buyer.product LG 7kg @ 30000
      phone number 08051032009

  15. The list is not exhaustive, I suggest a new post for top 50 or 100. Relatively new site include: yudala, jiji.com, efritin.com, payporte, escapadeng.com, gloo, …

  16. Akolade

    Nice Job! Relatively new Online Shopping Site include the following:
    – efritin.com
    – jiji.com.ng
    – payporte
    – Yudala
    – escapadeng.com
    – gloo …
    The list is not exhaustive as new online shopping site emerges. Hence, I suggest a new post for top 50 online shopping site.

  17. Tosin

    Nice article. You however missed iexgames who have been selling video games and electronics online for a while now.

  18. Rowena

    Hello Mr
    i would like to bring to your attention one of Nigeria new online marketplace similar to E-bay. afrozon is a marketplace for seller to sell their goods to potential buyer, its a free service for Nigerian to use for selling their product or buying from other we are a registered company here in Nigeria. a safe and secure platform for both sellers and buyers alike,

    1. Esther

      I would like to sell at Afrozon but I do not know the requirement(s). I registered at konga but I couldn’t complete the registration process because of ID. The only means of identification that I have is temporary voter’s card others are not within my reach. Does anyone have idea the requirements to sell at Afrozon?

  19. Mathew Edwards

    Since sites like http://www.cocofortes.com gaining more consumers in Nigeria, authors should consider writing for these new sites also.

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