PayPal in Nigeria: How to Open and Verify a Paypal Account

Update: PayPal is now officially available in Nigeria (effective from Tuesday, June 17, 2014). However, Nigerian PayPal users can only send funds and make online payments. PayPal does not allow Nigerians to receive of withdraw funds.

If you need a PayPal account for making payments online, then click here to read this article on how to create your own account within 10 minutes.

However if you need a PayPal account for receiving and withdrawing funds, continue reading this article to its end. The trick I revealed here will be of help to you.

It’s no news that PayPal does not accept Nigerians. This restriction by Paypal was necessitated some years back when some Nigerians used the payment platform to defraud many foreign buyers on Ebay (which owns Paypal).

Because Paypal is not available to Nigerians, sending and receiving payment for online transactions have been very difficult for those who have legitimate reasons to use the payment system. And from all indications, Paypal isn’t ready to reverse this restriction anytime soon.

Before I reveal the only trick you can use to operate a Paypal account in Nigeria safely and free of charge, I’ll advice you to check out the alternatives to Paypal (for Nigerians) as revealed in this article: Alternatives to Paypal (for Nigerians)

If you think the alternatives offered in the article are still not suitable for you, then try this:

If you have a TRUSTED friend or relative in the US, UK, or any other country where Paypal allows users to withdraw funds, ask that person to help you open a Paypal account (if they don’t have one already). The account would be opened in their name so that they would help you with their ID documents whenever Paypal requests for them.

If that friend or relative of yours has a bank account over there, you’ll need their card for verifying the account.

After the account has been created, ask for the username and password used for creating the account (if they were not provided by you). Then, you can freely login to the account from Nigeria whenever you need to.

Chances are high that Paypal will notice the Nigerian IP address and would request that some ID documents be scanned and sent to them for security verification. You’ll easy scale this hurdle if the person who helped you create the account used their own name (instead of yours) and address in the US or UK (or wherever they may be).

However, if your relative already has and uses a PayPal account, he/she won’t be able to create a second account, as PayPal frowns against that. So, it’s better to have your funds sent to their PayPal ID.

Ultimately, you’ll ask your friend/relative to help you withdraw the funds and send to you via Western Union or Moneygram.

This is the only trick that can work for you. Don’t pay anyone who promises to get you a verified Paypal account. You’ll most likely get your account banned and all your funds seized! Be warned.

Note: The email address used to register the Paypal account must be YOURS!

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  1. Pls, is it normal for PayPal to request for ur full card details (Card number,last 3 digits of the number at the back of the card and card password) during verification.
    In the course of opening my account, I was asked to supply these things, and I chose to live it pending.


  2. 21’st March,2019.

    Considering that this post is pretty old, does the the PayPal restrictions on Nigeria regarding fund reception and withdrawal still stand?

    2. Is it normal for one’s MasterCard details (card number, the last 3 digits at the back of card and PIN) to be requested by PayPal as a criteria for verifying one’s account? This is because I succeeded in registering, but as they requested for card details I bolted.

    Thanks for ur insightful post

  3. I can get anyone a legal US ebay and paypal account that you can withdraw from and all. I am located in the US.

    skype me: altending360
    Phone number: +one5one6three5zero0eight8three

  4. I am in the USA I am a trusted friend from Nigeria. He got me to open him a PayPal account and now he needs the PayPal prepaid MasterCard. I can’t find where to order him one and send. Please, could you provide the link? So, I may help my friend. Where I ordered mine it only list the United states of America. There’s no drop down box to select his country. Please and Thank You.

  5. I got me a USA PayPal account from Auction Essistance since Nigeria still has restrictions. It is working good, but my only issue is getting money out since I do not have a USA bank. Do you have any solutions?

  6. Thanks for this tutorial. But please, I got stuck at the point where I needed to enter SSN, and as you know, all SSN from the fakenamegenerator .com are shortened eg. 099-44-XXXX. Please, how do I go about it?


  8. I have bought a verified PayPal account from Auction Essistance. The only issue I am having is trying to get money out. Do you know any trustworthy currency exchangers or ways to get money out?

  9. pls Adesida, are u saying that one can go through US based paypal by a relative,> trasferd to pioneer acc,> then to your nig bank card??? pls does this work?? pls contact me, i rely need ur asst on this +2347037541472

  10. i have read everything and can only say ,we nigerians killed ourselves, by letting this paypal opportunity into the gutters. life was made easy and we made it hard. believe me when i tell you that there are apps and several other sources where one can make passive income but all these places are asking for paypal accounts. i don’t know if i will ever forgive the people who put innocent individuals into this kind of mess. even freelancers is asking for paypal,just imagine….please any body with a way out in Nigeria or outside Nigeria that can help me whether i use his or her account(paypal) and get just 70% of the money that gets into my paypal, i don’t mind..please this are my contacts, 08163908234,, topa sunday on facebook..please i really need a paypal solution….or if we could be advocated for so paypal operates fully in Nigeria..tnks and God bless Nigeria

  11. I have bought a verified PayPal account from Auction Essistance which has been working well, but the only issue I am facing is trying to get money out. I don’t have a USA bank since Payoneer banks are banned from PayPal. Do you have any suggestions on getting money out?

  12. Please i tried opening a PayPal account here in Nigeria but after fill in my email and password and click on the continue button it won’t continue. Please what might be the problem?

  13. Hello Abass!! You are great.. I have learnt lots from you. I want to open a paypal account and I have 2 choices. I want you you to choose one for me. The first one is … I have lived in UAE But I live in nigeria now. I have UAE bank account and debit card which I’m still using anytime I visit. I also have UAE drivers license which will expire in 7 years time
    The other option is .. I have a brother on canada who can open for me… Pls advice which one should I choose
    Many thanks

    I don’t mind getting reply in my mail

  14. thanks mr Abass for your Advices. Please where i have my own problem is that, when i want to sign up on paypal, after filling all the gaps. i click on Agree and continue but it refuses to continue. I did it several times but no way. How will i create the account from nigeria.


  16. Please, I opened a Nigerian Paypal account,both personal and business accounts last year,2015.Can I open another USA Paypal account for a business I want to do this year,2016,wwithout being banned,or should I cancel the 2 Nigerian paypal accounts first. thank you

  17. please,I opened a nigerian paypal account,both personal and business accounts, last year,2015,can I open another paypal usa account again for a program i want to start this year,2016?Or should i close the 2 nigerian paypal accounts first?thank you

  18. Thanks Mr. Or Mrs. Or Miss fortunate Nigerian, the non-potfolio Legal Abroad Dweller.

    If only you know how your UKs and USs had frustrated every little legal efforts to make it in this country, you wouldn’t have vaunted so loud your plastic mouth.

    Do you think you are so lucky answering a third or even a hundred class fellow in where you are hanging out?

    • I recently opened a Nigerian PayPal account and have been unable to link any of my MasterCards to it. Each time I try to do that I get the message that the card is not accepted. What do I do? The cards are those of first bank and Skye bank . Thank you.

  19. I bought a Paypal in USA from Auction Essistance, but I have issues with getting money out.

    Payoneer is banned by PayPal, anyone know another way to get money out?

  20. Thank you so much for this wonderful info Mr Abass. I hv a relative resident in the US that doesn’t know or make use of PayPal services, the issue is that the same cannot open the account for me due to her little or no knowledge of d computer, but she has a US ID and account too. Can I open my PayPal account here in Nigeria using her details and successfully receive payments through her via Western Union? will there be an IP address issue? and if eventually she gains knowledge of or has a need to have a PayPal account, will it be a problem for her? pls reply asap. Debbie

  21. Good morning my Nigerian Finders! Please I do need your favor to help me create a PayPal account. Please do your best for me. I will be expectant to hear from you. Thank you very much.

  22. Many thanks for sharing this, Jerry.!
    But how legal isi tt? Does the app legitimise the receipt of PayPay payment in Nigeria? I have been having issues with payment because Pay Pay is what most clients abroad use to effect payment

  23. I have a friend who is using PayPal to receive payment, he installed the app on his phone, he followed the registration process and his bank sent him a message that he can receive payment from any online business, of which he has received payments

  24. @Mr Abas, God bless you. Please I need to use PayPal to make payment for application fee to a school in US how do I go about it? Just a token of 125$. I just followed your guideline on how to open a PayPal account but my account is yet to be verified as the email link up keep prompting for my password often times.

    • Let it be cleared to everyone on this. That of Nigeria cannot accept payment but Christine is recommending opening foreign PayPal account in ones real names.

      I agree with this because I recently got a mail from PayPal confirming that it is allowed. I should have copied and pasted the reply from them here but it too long that time cannot permit me to type. Moreover, this site does not allow texts to be copied and pasted.

    • At Ejiro, all you need to do is to link your bank’s card to your PayPal.
      Select auto-renew on the site you are registering with using your PayPal account and do as make sure you load your bank’s card used with naira equivalent required for the renewal to be successful automatically.

  25. Hello…. Just came across this. I have been trying to open a PayPal account but I am stuck. I have confirmed the mail sent to me, but when I try completing my registration, I keep getting an error message saying wrong or missing information…. This is the page where you usually get asked for Address Line 1 and address line 2…. I have done everything but I till keep getting same error message.

  26. I think what concerned sista is saying in short is that Nigerians should open PayPal account themselves in their own name.

    Moreover, PayPal allows one personal and one premier/business account per individual.

  27. Thank you so much Mr Abass for your sincere and selfless informations to help Nigerians on this platform. You are really doing a great job and God bless you. I have so many questions now flowing through my mind and i would really appreciate it if you could help out to answer me. Let me start with this one for now if you don’t mind and if you permit me, i could ask the other questions later:
    Does Google Adsense and its CPC strategy require Paypal for payment to a Nigerian blogger or do they just transfer ones earnings directly to ones Nigerian bank account? And pls how is Google Adsense obtained in Nigeria legitimately? How much does it cost and what is the procedure?
    Thanks a lot as i wait in anticipation for your reply…

  28. OK, you got me with “you rock” but I beg to differ with regard to the nature of fraud, and this is why Naija is seen the way it is.

    My shortest comment yet.

  29. I live in the UK and stumbled upon this site while doing some research for relatives in Nigeria with regards to receiving funds via online payment options like PayPal.

    This is a very informative site, but am both concerned by and disappointed with your “trick” of getting relatives residing in authorised countries to open PayPal accounts in their name, on behalf of their Nigerian residents brothers and sisters, etc. Isn’t this illegal? Doesn’t this constitute fraud? Who, exactly, are you trying to trick? Nigerians? Their relatives abroad? PayPal?

    Besides which, many people who live in the UK and US will already have a PayPal account, as it’s pretty much ubiquitous with online shopping, which many of us do regularly. So the chances of getting them to open another account is slim, if at all.

    PayPal is like a bank. Would you advise anyone to open a bank account in their own name on behalf of someone else? Is there anyone who is reading this who has an account with a bank that would do this for someone else?

    Why not just suggest another alternative payment option like payza, which I believe accepts Nigerian account holders without limitation (i.e. allows both receipt and withdrawal of funds as well as deposit)?

    Why is it that even the most seemingly forthright and honest Nigerians will still throw in some fraudulent advice to innocent seekeres of knowledge? It’s just frustrating that many of us with dual citizenship and/or residency have to regularly defend Nigeria as being one of the most corrupt nations on earth, when even otherwise good sites like this are busy offering fraudulent solutions out there for the world to see.

    Very disappointed.

    • Concerned Sista,

      Thanks for expressing your observation and criticism.

      Firstly, I think you got the wring signals from the word “trick”. The fact that I called the solution a trick doesn’t make it fraudulent or illegal. In the post, I was actually referring to relatives in the UK/US who DO NOT already have a PayPal account or don’t even know what it is. So, if they create one in their name for a relative who would use it for legal purposes, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just similar to someone with an aged mother who creates a bank account in his own name and gives the ATM to his mother, so that she can have access to money. Is that illegal? To me, no is the answer. Does the fact that the name on the card is different from the name of its user constitute fraud? To me, no is the answer.

      I would disagree with you that PayPal is like a bank. PayPal is a means of transferring and receiving money — nobody saves money in PayPal for the long term. And the solution I offered is similar to asking a relative to withdraw Western Union funds on your behalf because you don’t have the ID documents required to do that on your own. I hope you know the funds would have to be sent to the person who would eventually withdraw it. How is that a problem? That’s assistance based on trust.

      You asked why I didn’t suggest other options. Did you read the beginning part of the post where I shared a link to other options? Did you see where I wrote “If you think the alternatives offered in the article…”? That part implies that the “trick” should be a last resort.

      Payza might accept Nigerians and allow them to send and receive funds, but the question is, how many online merchants offer Payza as a payment option? And how many affiliate programs and job outsourcing sites pay members through Payza and other alternatives to PayPal. The second most widely used money transfer service online is Skrill, which is not available to Nigerians. So, this post is about how to get funds through PayPal if there’s no other option.

      You see, my sister, I appreciate your efforts at defending the integrity of Nigeria and Nigerians. But it would be wrong to call this method fraudulent. And if you insist it is, then we might have to go back to the dictionary for th meaning of that word.

      I’ve never been in support of anything unethical or shady. And that’s why I always discourage people from creating PayPal accounts by changing IP addresses, using fake US/UK numbers and whatnot. I only suggested this so that trustworthy people who are into legitimate online businesses would not be hindered from getting paid via PayPal.

      Once again, thanks so much for your observation. More importantly, thanks for taking your time to type the comment. Yours is by far the longest comment ever left by a reader on this blog:) And expectably, it prompted me to type the longest reply. You rock!

      • God bless you brother. The sister no know what’sup. I keep wondering why we should be restricted from PayPal because of geographical boundary. The Nigerians that are in countries that support PayPal, is it not the same Nigerian blood that’s flowing in their vein, why are they allowed to operate a fully functional account, and I’m not allowed because I live in a different geographical area. It’s disappointing, PayPal sucks.

    • Infact Sister you have spoken well,we need people like you to come and RULE Nigeria,tell people the truth,we say our leaders are CORRUPT,we the people are also contributing to the CORRUPTION…SO who will repair the dent image of the Country.?

    • You can come over to Nigeria, stay with your friend, get yourself neccessary ID card and then proceed to opening bank account.
      Once you are done with that, open a Nigeria PayPal account and let your friend be operating the account for you from Nigeria.

    • @ Mike You can use your Payoneer account Mastercard on PayPal accounts like that of USA, UAE and on that of some european countries.

      You shouldn’t try using it on your Nigeria PayPal account because it is domiciled in dollar. You might even be able to add it now but will surely give your account issue in days to come.

      • Sorry Boy, Payoneer is never and or not domiciled in Dollars. You are paid in your National currency, when it comes to Payoneer verification of your Address.

    • Which country PayPal account did you just open and verify?
      If you are new to payoneer,you can only get money into the Payoneer for the first through any of their partners. Anyways,you can still get money into your Payoneer through PayPal by adding the USA Virtual Bank account giving to by Payoneer to a USA PayPal.

      By doing that,Paypal will send some amount of money to your Payoneer which which then fully activate it and then give you opportunity of receiving from anywhereelse even from other payoneer card holders through what we call card to card transfer.

      • Thanks, its a nigerian paypal i add my master card and they have sent the verification code which i have done. my nigerian paypal is now verified. my questions is this! is it possible for someone in USA or UK pay into my paypal? will it enter? and how can i use that same paypal fund my payoneer account?

        • Good!

          Your Nigeria PayPal account cannot receive payment.For that reason,no one in supported countries can send money to your PayPal.

          You cannot use your Nigeria PayPal account to fund your Payoneer account. If it is not that you are trying to get fund into your Payoneer account for the first time which can only be done through any of their partners, you can look for exchangers or other payoneer account holder that will be able to do card to card transfer to your payoneer account. You can as well contact me if you need fund into your payoneer account as I can do card to card transfer to yours taking note that minimum amount that Payoneer allows is 20 USD.

  30. Paypal is in Nigeria to compel us improve our spending habits, it’s the only reason why we can’t receive funds from abroad. Nigeria-opened paypal are useless for now.
    I want to stop sending dollars abroad, rather making them from Nigeria, Until Nigeria is fully allowed in the Loop, I don’t give a d@mn ’bout paypal.

  31. Hello Abass, I have an issue with fanbox. They requested for my credit card or PayPal details to enable payment. I don’t have any. How can you help out. Thank you.

  32. Pls I am try open PayPal Nigeria account after filling the form send me verified code I dem enter it wrongly now they say I can not use that master card again pls help and dey have deducted 1.95$ from my account pls gurus help me out I don’t have any other master card

    • Kindly call PayPal customer care to explain this to them.They will remove and completely delete the card’s detail from their system. With that,you’ll be able to add the card once again to get a new code.


  33. pls I want to invest online but their payment options are: bitcoin, perfect money and payeer. which one among the options will allow me to make payments and receive funds outside Nigeria.?

  34. A nice day to you!
    Please I need help on receiving online payments from businesses outside Nigeria. I have a paypal account registered in Nigeria and also operate a payoneer account. I have delayed verification of my paypal account due to some issues with receiving payments. I’m into several freelancing opportunities, and some of them only offer paypal payment option.
    Please, if I verify my paypal account with my payoneer debit card, can there be an arrangement that helps me transfer paypal funds to my US account? What do you think are possible implications for taking such action?
    In the case where there are negative implications, what do you advise I do as an alternative to receiving paypal funds (asides the options of payza, webmoney and western union. Most of the sites demand for paypal verified account)..
    Thank you

  35. Yea I know,
    i actually wanted send to a client’s account in hong kong, we opened it to do foreign transaction were we can make payments for items purchased and not local transactions.

      • Thanks Vic,
        I have finally opened the paypal account, is it possible to send money immediatly cus we sent money to one of our customers buy it gave an error message, and also how can we fund our paypal account, and if we dont want to use the registered card and we want to send money is it possible?
        please this is urgent.

        • Hello Mary,
          You cannot send money to a Nigerian owned Paypal account and you cannot receive funds with yours either. Paypal limited the Nigerian version to just making payments with it only hence, the reason for the error message.
          You do not need to fund your Paypal account as it is linked directly to your ATM card/bank account so money will be deducted directly from your account for any transaction you make.

  36. Hi, thanks for this post. Please I’m confused as to how to add money to the account…..or go to go about using it to pay for stuff online. Their help says there’s an add money option which I can’t seem to find anywhere on the page.

    • Hi Odunayo,
      You do not need to add money to it. As long as it has been linked to your bank account you can purchase items with the PayPal account and it would automatically deduct it from your bank account.

  37. pls i am in the united state now and i want to apply for paypal card, i want to be sure if i would be able to withdraw/receive money from my clients with d card when am in nigeria. Thanks

  38. Good Day Mr Abbas. I have succeded in opening my paypal a/c, but each time i try to link my Keystone Naira Mastercard a prompt keeps telling something like my bank does not authorise that operation. Pls. what can i do about this?

  39. you are God sent to me. please i live in nigeria and also opened paypal accont here in nigeria which connected with my bank account number,letter run i discover that there’s many unregistered paypal website in nigeria,please how may l know if mine is real?

  40. Hi Abass,
    I want to transact a financial business with someone in poland and it requires me sending via paypal. I want to know if you can assist me with this.

    • Open the paypal account the normal way explained in the article and when purchasing the item, in the option of shipping name and address input the address and name where you want it to be sent to. Thats all.

  41. why i can open account with paypal account, they are trying to say that my password which i have been suing since, is not correct. but my Email address is correct

    • @ daniel,click on “forgot password” to change your password but you must supply your full card details you linked with your account or answer security questions you gave then.

      Come to think of this,it is adviseable anyone opening or has opened any country PayPal account to keep bank and card details used expecially security questions and answers given.
      One will surely need those piece of information before one can be able to gain access to his/her account if anything happen soon or later.

  42. @ REALWAN Get a First Bank Prepaid Dollar card and give him its details to add to your PayPal account he opened for you but just make sure that the name on your PayPal account is the same as the one on your card.

  43. @ Sammvel,which country PayPal account were you trying to open then?
    What was the exact error? Just check the error properly and it will show you what the exact issue is and all you need to do is to attend to it.

  44. Ive tried to open an account, but it keeps saying “Some information is incorrect or missing. Please correct your entries and try again”when every field is correctly filled. Any ideas ?

    • Its best you transfer it to a trusted friend or relative abroad that has the ability to withdraw funds. So they can do it and send the money to you via bank transfer or western union.

  45. Hi Abass,
    Thanks a lot for all the useful tips. I have been trying to open a paypal account for days using the tips you shared. Each time, I get an error message that some information is either missing or incorrect. I have checked over again but cant find any incorrect information. Also I populated all the fields. wondering what the problem might be. Could it be because I am using a debit card? Could you please help me out. Thanks a lot.

    • I used a debit card for mine and it worked successfully. Have you activated your card for online payment? That could be the problem.
      You could have also stated the banks atmuyou have.

    • I used a debit card for mine and it worked successfully. Have you activated your card for online payment? That could be the problem.
      You could have also stated the banks atm you have.

  46. Unfortunately for me my notification came this morning after I had pressed the code button again, so the code that came won’t be called again, I have to wait for another 2 days before the code related to my last press will come.its good to be patient.

  47. Hey Abass, I’ve just opened paypal/ng account, they have taken $1.99 from my master card account, but I am yet to get an alart for this their withdrawal so that I can put in the code to come with discription of the withdrawal into the PayPal debit card certification, please how long does it normally take to get such withdrawal confirmation. My bank is wema, and I did the registration yesterday.

  48. Hey Abass, I’ve just opened pay pay/ng account, they have taken $1.99 from my master card account, but I am yet to get an apart for this their withdrawal so that I can put in the code to come with discription of the withdrawal into the PayPal debit card certification, please how long does it normally take to get such withdrawal confirmation. My bank is wema, and I did the registration yesterday.

  49. Nigeria is f#!ked #angry….we really need change in this country! Ain’t talking about APC or PDP whatsoever….it’s annoying when one can’t receive money outside all because PayPal sees Nigeria as corrupt….g@ddamnit bro!

  50. I quite appreciate all the clarifications on the use of paypal, but kindly illustrate further on this.

    I recently opened a paypal account on request from an online link. I gave them all my credit card details and the account was opened, only for them to collect the money from my bank account and tell me the balance is $0.0 balance.

    Please advise, how can i regain my money.

    Thank you.

    • In some foreign countries you can use your paypal account to receive funds and when you do the paypal account balance would be displayed where you have $0.00 presently.
      However it is not allowed yet in Nigeria you can only make payments with your account for now until PayPal says otherwise.
      Hope this helps

  51. I must say a big thank you for your response

    1. Can i start shopping online without verifying my account?
    2. I wanted to pay for a service in dollars with my paypal account and having Naira in my account,Pls how do i solve this equation?
    3. Having given out my mastercard details during paypal account creation, hope my local bank account will be secure?


    • Hello Cliff,
      1. As long as you have linked your master card successfully with your paypal account you can start usung it online right away.
      2. Presently the naira is really flunctuating between N200 – N210 to a dollar. But your bank would convert it based on their rate and ut would fall between the figures i stated.
      3. PayPal is very secure so you have no cause to worry about your details.

  52. iam interstd in opening a verified paypal account,please how much will it cost me to open a verified paypal account?i your contact address and phone number email Address,thank you for attention

    • In my opinion you can but its not too safe as PayPal can track your IP address n ban your account if they find out its being operated from Nigeria.
      Except you use an IP changing software that would make it seem like you are from Brazil.
      Your friend should simply operate it for you fully that way you will be safe.

      But let Mr. Abass advice

  53. Hello

    The same problem we have faced here in Egypt

    But I did the trick you have mentioned in your article.

    I asked one of relative who lives in USA to open an account for me and he did. But every time I want to use Paypal I call him or skype him and explain for him what I want to do.
    Sometimes I use teamviewer to do some thing.
    Best Regards
    Omar Saady

  54. Gud mornin Mr. Abass…plz…I need an urgent reply on dis nigerian paypal issue…can somone transfer funds to my nigerian paypal account…den I will transfer dat same funds to mayb a friends paypal account in the uk where its possible to withdraw d funds?….all I want to know is if its possible to make transfers into and outof of my paypal frm any country…am not interested in withdrawing it bcos I know u cnt do dat in Nigeria…den hw do we fund the paypal account?…tanks for your urgent reply

    • Hello Tinny, if you normally receive bank notifications to your phone as sms or email you will get the it as mine took a day before i received it.
      Or you can walk down to you bank and request for your statement if you do not receive email or sms notifications.

  55. please is it posible for my cousin in US to deposit cash to me into my payoneer’s account, so i can withdraw it here in nigeria with my payoneer debit master card, please i need responds

  56. All you have said about paypall is true. Thanks for the help but the problem most of us are facing now as I have seen a lot of questions which you have skipped to answer is this, like me, after my account was verified and my deducted fee was returned, I got an invoice from a seller. While trying to pay, paypall said it’s invalid. What do I do?

  57. can one receive money in nigeria (or retrieve his money) thru paypal.
    .. Thru nigerian banks. i ve gone to some banks and they ask – what is paypal- if you have have money with them let them pay u- so, i dont understand.

  58. I opened my account two years ago but it coundn’t accept my GTB master card details, but when I entered it today, 3-11-14, I got this headline message:

    “Please confirm your card in 2-3 days”.

    I would have uploaded the screenshot but no provision for that.

  59. My Diamond ATM card Number and information are not accepted on the PayPal. This is the feedback report. “You have entered an invalid number or partial number.” The information I have given is directly from my ATM. I wanted to update my card information

  60. I believe this is among the so much vital information for me.
    And i’m happy reading your article. However want to statement on few general issues, The site style is great, the articles is really excellent : D.
    Good process, cheers

      • Hello,what do you mean by Nigerian can not withdraw or receive funds,is it that you have not seen anyone withdraw or receive money in Nigeria before or its an INFO from paypal itself. As for me i have been a VERIFIED PAYPAL ACCOUNT HOLDER for the past 6 years and i have not been told that i cant receive or withdraw money before.

        • A paypal account opened in Nigeria cannot receive funds and its clearly stated by paypal.
          Nigerians were recently allowed to open an account so you having one for 6vyears means you didnt register like you are in Nigeria and thats why you can receive funds.

  61. I ve a diamond bank visa/verve card, can I use that to open my paypal account?cuz I was about contacting a friend in India to help me open the account,also can I use the card for withdrawing?

  62. A bass I followed your steps in successfully setting up my PayPal account which am grateful for. The challenge am experiencing now is getting my card verified . I’ve not received any mail regarding my four (4) digit code for over 24hours . Am using a Stanbic visa credit card. Please ur urgent response is needed.

  63. Hi once again… And thanks for the previous reply,I picked some points actually.. I have another question which is that I opened my paypalNg acct with my blackberry phone (blackberry phones are mostly uk ip).. The question is if I want to access the account from my pc with nigeria ip, hope I won’t encounter some difficulties transacting with the account?. Thanks

  64. I once registered my credit card number with paypal but I’m unable to locate that paypal account so I decided to register again but I was asked to cancel the first registration. what can I do to locate the first account and to register the new one successfully?

    • Simply send them the details you can remember about the first one and tell them to help you generate the password so you can access it again. You really don’t have to open another one.

  65. Which bank in nigeria support worldremit…. Plz can you enlighten me more about world remit? Will the money be remitted directly to my bank account from any country without paying any charges? Thanks

    • I’m not sure if all banks in Nigeria support Worldremit, but I’m sure GTB does. Provided the sender is in the UK, the money can be remitted directly from the sender’s PayPal account to your GTB account here in Nigeria. Of course, charges apply, but they’re very reasonable. Presently, Worldremit does not support sending money from the PayPal account of someone in the USA to Nigeria.

      • I used my blackberry phone to open and activate my paypal account. Blackberrys are known to be UK IP’s. Hope my paypal account won’t be blocked if I decided to transact thru my laptop which is naija ip?… Thanks

  66. I’ve opened my PayPal account by simply logging into the paypal website paypal. Com.
    The only problem I have encountered is adding funds to the PayPal account. I tried using my master card from 2 different banks but it kept telling me my entries were invalid.

  67. I have a paypal account opened in 2008. How do i close this account to open fresh account verifiable with all my nigeria documents? Or will it be better if paypal will permit me to change/edit profiles to current address? Also, will paypal permit me to operate a biz account and a personal account with different address but same name and age? If NO, how do i close them without logging in?

  68. Mr abass thanks so much for the good work. Please what will happen to our funds in our paypal account if the almighty paypal try to ban Nijas from using their platfom. Thanks.

  69. Many healthy thanks bros. I appreciate. You’re really doing a good job here.

    As per buying stuffs online, I’d sure give it a shot. And if anything comes up some other time, I’d get in touch for ur guide. Once again, thank u, and have a gud day.


  70. Hello Abass,

    It’s only a few Nigerians that would do what you’re doing presently for free. You’re well appreciated bro.

    With other people’s many questions, and your prompt responses, you’ve indeed opened my eyes. I appreciate u once again.

    I need help, I’ve always wanted to explore into forex, but pity enough, I’ve got no one to put me through for free. I’d kindly appreciate your guide pls. Many thanks.

    Permit me to ask pls, how would i use my paypal account to buy stuffs especially books, and few gadgets from foreign stores, and get it delivered here in Nigeria?

    Would u recommend any pls?
    Keep the good work up!


    • Sylvester,

      To be frank with you, I don’t know much about Forex trading, so I won’t be of help in that regard.

      As for buying from foreign stores, you can definite use PayPal for that purpose. But bear in mind that not all stores deliver to Nigeria. So, before you place any order, contact the store to confirm if they ship to Nigeria.

      Using PayPal to buy stuffs is very easy. On the seller’s website just choose whatever you want to buy, click checkout, choose PayPal as your payment option, and enter your PayPal account details.

  71. Hello Mr. Abass, Please I need your help to withdraw my earning on, I have applied for payoneer card but though they promised to send it since up till now I am yet to get and i want to withdraw my earning on the website, please can you help me with your card?

    • Ideally, your Payoneer card should arrive within 30 days (at most). If you’ve waited for that long and haven’t gotten it, chances are your card is lost-in-transit. I will advice that you visit the post offices nearest to the delivery location you submitted. Ask them if they got the card. If they didn’t then you have to contact Payoneer to inform them.

      Payoneer will be willing to send the card again, but use an address that receives mails this time around. If you don’t usually receives post mails at your house address, don’t use your house address! Use an address where post mails are received often. It could be a friend or relative’s address.

      PS. If your card gets lost-in-transit the second time, Payoneer will demand a $50 payment before sending it the third time. So, you need to be very careful this time around.

    • That’s not true. I’m using GTB, and I verified my PayPal using my GTBank ATM. Other people have also verified their Paypal accounts with ATMs issued by other banks. The news is that First Bank just started allowing the use of their cards for verifying PayPal.

  72. Please my bro.I am Damian and i trade Forex with a broker abroad (FXPRO LONDON)Pls.can i make a withdrawal to my local bank account now from this broker using PayPal because they accept PayPal. Thanks.

  73. I tried to sign up on PayPal with my android phone but I only saw ” I want send money, login and more about PayPal mobile”. Pls WHR is there official site dat I can sign up easily. Thanks

  74. sorry i opened the paypal account and i was asked to verify from the bank now here is the problem when i met the customer of (my keystone) bank she dint even know what i was talking about now how do i get the last .4 digit is the problen

  75. hi,

    thanks ffor your post, i have successfully opened a paypal account and verified my card too… buh here is the big question, how do i fund my account as there is no option for that? and i really need to start using it.

  76. Good day, i once open a paypal account two year ago using a US IP,but was later restricted bcos i mistakenly logged into my account using an IP from Nigeria. Can i still make use of the same paypal acct now that nigerians can now open paypal acct?

  77. Abass,
    Thanks for the info, indeed PayPay now acepts payment frm nigeria which only favours those who buy online, how best then do we receive payment or do P2P transactions?

  78. Please i have 2 questions.
    1…i have a paypal account in the USA cause i reside there. Am now in Nigeria on a visit, Can i use another email address and create another account with Paypal Nigeria using my name and Nigerian Bank details? I need to be sending myself money whenever i want to wire money for my use in the USA from my Nigerian account….in case am stranded for cash while in the USA and cant fill wire transfer forms with my bank in Nigeria while in the USA

    2. I have a PayPal debit Mastercard, i tried severally to withdraw my funds with the 4$00 withdrawal limit and the Atm’s say ” thus card cannot be used n this machine”. I called PayPal and they told me to look for a Maestro Cirrus Atm. Where in Lagos can i find one?

    • Pat,

      No problem with opening a Nigerian PayPal account with another email address. Note, however, that Paypal does not allow multiple registrations. If they should discover that you’re running two accounts, they’ll ban both! So, if you’re sure you can play your game without being caught, no problems.

      You cannot use a PayPal debit card to withdraw from a Nigerian ATM machine, because the card has been programmed for US dollars only. Only a Maestro Cirrus ATM can issue dollars from that card, but I don’t know where you can find that in Lagos.

  79. As I am sending this message to you now, I have completed my signup with paypal from Nigeria and my application accepted. The reason is because Paypal has suspended the ban on Nigeria and other ten nations. How do I verify my account?

    • Pastor Peter,

      Yes, the post has been duly updated to inform readers of the new development. You can verify your account with a Mastercard- or Visa- issued ATM card.

  80. Hello Abass,
    There is a service I want to subscribe for but the website uses Paypal, Clickbank and Moneybooker as their payment processor or platform. The subscription for this service will last for six months and costs $100.

    How can you help me to make this payment or subscription successful.

    Thanks for your anticipated help.


  81. Good morning Mr Abass..i have just sent you an email regarding a purchase i want to make using paypal..i got your email using the contact page..i will be very happy to hear from you..
    Have a great day.

  82. Hi Abass,
    Please I want to pay for a service subscription of about $100 which will last for six months; but the website that offers this service uses ClickBank, Paypal and Moneybooker as their payment processor. I want their service badly and I live here in Nigeria; please what do I do or which service do I use to make this payment work for me. If you can render the service to me, please don;t hesitate to tell me.



  83. Abass
    pls is payza not working well in Nigeria? cos it’s not listed among the 5 alternatives to PayPal opened to Nigerians in ur link. I asked cos I’ve been speaking with someone from the UK who told me payza works fine in Nigeria.

    • Payza has been working fine in Nigeria since 2009 though they were called Alertpay.They fell because they sold it to Payza around 2012.

      I have a verified personal pro account with them but I hardly use it because much people are not using it.

    • Because it must be an email address you have access to. The person helping you to create the account will most likely not want to give you access to their email.

      If you open your account with the person’s email, only that person will get the notifications whenever you receive Paypal transfer notifications. And you will need to contact the person to confirm each transaction.

      • PayPal allows adding up to 8 e-mail accounts to a PayPal account.He can just tell him to add his e-mail to his PayPal while he sends back the confirmation link to the person for the e-mail to be confirmed.
        After he must have done that,he should be giving his own e-mail to whatsoever that want to send him fund his e-mail and with that,he will be getting payment alert via his e-mail and the primary e-mail of the owner of the PayPal will also get confirmation of money received.

  84. I have two PayPal accounts – one verified, one not. I received money in the unverified one and tried to transfer money from it to my verified account. PayPal then restricted my account demanding that I confirm my identity. What do I do now?

    • If you don’t really reside in the UAE, then you’ve just made a big mistake. Because, along the line, PayPal will request for an ID document (Driver’s license or another government-issued ID card) that bears your name and the UAE address you used. If you cannot provide that, you lose your account forever.

  85. Thanks so much.Your information is quite helpful.But suppose I opened another account in another country like UAE,can I use the PAYONEER virtual card to verify and withdraw money?

  86. Dear Abass,

    If a frnd in USA helped me to open a paypal account on his name,will that has any effect with my name which I used to open my payoneer account or must I use his name too?

    • Danny,

      Don’t ever try to use your Payoneer card to verify the Paypal account, since the names on both accounts are different.

      This is how you will get your funds: Once you have funds in your Paypal that you want to withdraw, ask your friend to withdraw the funds to HIS OWN US bank account, for which he holds a card. After he gets the funds in his own account, then ask him to load the funds unto your Payoneer card using the private load option (Read more about Private Load on Payoneer’s website.)

      I hope this helps.

  87. Thanks a lot for this wonderful expo u gave us.I’m about to pay someone to open a paypal account for me with his so mentioned guaranty but i was afraid dat he is fraudulent. so i decided to search Google for clear information. thank u so much for opening my eye. pls i want to know if somebody in Spain can open the paypal account for me and i will b using it here in Nigeria.

    • Dele,

      Well, you must have ID documents and bank accounts in that country so that you’ll tender these documents when PayPal contacts you for verification. Otherwise, you’ll lose your account once you try to access it from Nigeria.

  88. Thanks Abass but how do I use I just checked on their site and paypal was not included as an option of making payment. Pls enlighten me.

    • Better yet, you can register for a Payoeer card at They have a US payment service which offers you a virtual US bank account that you can use for withdrawing your PayPal funds easily.

      • Pls,can I use the payoneer’s virtual card to verify my account? With payoneer’s virtual card,do I still need someone in USA to assist me to open a paypal account?

  89. Thank you for this wonderful information.Pls,I want to ask,if one opens an account through the procedure above,will one be able to withdraw to his account here in Nigeria? Being mindful of the fact that the name of friend in USA that opens it for me is different frm the name in my domicilliary bank account.

    • Danny,

      No you can’t withdraw to your Nigerian account. What you can do is to have your funds withdrawn by the same individual who helped you create the account and sent to you via Western Union. Another option is to send your funds to your Nigerian account through

  90. Thanks. I didn’t think its be considered unprofessional since so many people in Nigeria suggested it.

    It is so discouraging that Nigeria doesn’t have a relatively fair priced safe online payment system. Thanks. I’ll look into GTB but I’m not feeling optimistic.

    Thanks a lot.


      • Actually I thought it would but folks said it wouldn’t. I imagine that if I had to go into the bank to make a payment, I’d likely forget to. The benefit of shopping online is for convenience. Having to go into the bank defeats that purpose.


        How I wish Paypal still existed in Naija.

        Even now I’m trying to shop online to have items delivered directly to Nigeria and I’m being told that my delivery address must match my Paypal address. Buy it I change my Paypal address to Nigeria, it wouldn’t be a valid Paypal account.
        I’ll call Paypal and see what they say.

        • Titi,

          I don’t advise calling PayPal. I think that will be risking your account. That company doesn’t want to have anything doing with Nigeria and Nigerians.

        • Use service of sites like,,, or among others to get us address where your purchaces will be sent to which will then be forwarded to you in Nigeria.

    • Mimi,

      Then I would advise you to google “Do it yourself importation guide.” In the results page, you’ll find the link to a Nairaland thread on which the OP went deeply into the details of how to import from China. I’m sure you’ll get all the information you need.

  91. Thank God for keeping people like u alive for us. I have been reading ur writeup since last night till this morning. So I want u to help me on how to start a online surveys immediately. Pls Also tell me to buys shoes and cloth from a us market online. Thanks and may God reward u abundantly.

    • Chikasoko,

      I would advise you never to go into online surveys. It’s the best way to waste you time online. If you really want to go into credible and profitable online businesses, visit You’ll learn all you need to know to get started in online business.

      As for importing goods from US, will help.

  92. Hello Abass and thanks for your insightful post.

    I am in the process of opening an online store in Nigeria. I have just realized that Paypal isn’t available in Nigeria. What would be the best payment method to use at this point?

    I have heard of direct in-person bank payment methods where the customer would have to go into the bank to deposit the payment into my bank account in Nigeria, but this just sounds daunting to me. Do people really use this method or would it be discouraging for customers?

    I have also heard of credit card payments in Nigeria and have been warned about their lack of security. I was told that one can possibly make a credit card payment and if the payment remains unpaid by the buyer (to the bank) within a certain amount of time, the seller ends up having to refund the bank the money. How true is this?

    • Titi,

      For an online store, asking customers to pay in person to the bank is unprofessional. In fact, it could raise doubts about your business.

      I would have loved to recommend any of the Nigerian payment processors, but unfortunately, they’re all suckers who render epileptic and frustrating services that could cripple your business (I’m talking from what I’ve gathered from people’s experiences with them).

      Personally, I do feel the GTBank payment solution would be very good. But the last time I checked, the price was somewhat on the high side. You can find out more about that to see if it seems good for you.

  93. Have read comments n sincerely u been a genuis,please which website can I buy clothes n shoes from cause have wasted some money in this online bussiness.

    • (Abass, I hope you don’t mind me interjecting).

      Hi Mimi,

      If you mean foreign websites, I may be able to help with that.

      I currently have a small business where I ship clothings and shoes to Nigeria for small shop retail sellers. I get the clothings and shoes from the United States, and payment is received in person in Nigeria (I have an associate in Nigeria who receives the items from customs and brings them to Nigeria). I do ask for a downpayment but it is a small fraction of the items.


  94. My friend and I have wasted time and money on online businesses which as really affected my finances and am really fed up.

    Pls, can u give me information and guidelines on how to start an online business successfully.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    • Bolaji,

      It’s quite unfortunate that you’ve been unable to make money online even after spending much money. If you really want to learn how to make money online, check my other blog ( I share practical information on how to make money online in Nigeria–and the information is FREE.

  95. Hello genius, am very grateful for the information you’ve provided God will reward you.

    Can i create/open a paypal account in South Africa aside from having a friend or relatives in US/UK? If YES… How much do i need to open the paypal account?

    • Bolaji,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      If you’re based in South Africa at the moment, you can open your PayPal account yourself since South Africa is one of the countries allowed by PayPal. However, you must have ID documents that reflect that you’re presently in South Africa as well as a South African bank account for verification purposes.

      Opening a PayPal account attracts no charges. It is FREE!

  96. You are a genius, your type is very rare, I almost cough out #10,500 to someone this morning in respect to Paypal account, whereas I ve lot of relatives in USA, no word can quantify your worth but I would have love to establish strong relationship with you, thanks

    • Gabriel,

      Thanks for your kind words. You would have wasted your money because, even if you were able to create the account, it wouldn’t have lasted long. And the sad part is, the account might be frozen at a time when you have some cash in it. Then you’d be like “Damn!”

      Since you have relatives in the US, you’d be fine. Just ensure that the account is opened in their own names and address, so they can quickly verify with their ID documents when PayPal requests for that.

  97. dear, i like the way you honestly speaks the truth, your type is rare….. I never thought that someone can ever speak of ETHICAL on internet let alone giving it a due CONSIDRATINO…..!
    Thank u may God reward you for your honesty. I would like us to become friends….. Pls notify me at my e mail

  98. Perhaps, you may have a solution to this for me. I’m a consultant here in Nigeria and payments are made directly into my account. Presently, I’m planning to sell this idea of mine to the world. My big question is, “If I offer this service to a foreigner, for instance, an American, can I have such payment directly into my account here in Nigeria? If so, how do I go about this? Pardon my ignorance on this ‘cos I’ve never gone this far before. Thanks for your anticipated response.

    • There is no way you can set up a legal Paypal account in the name of someone in Nigeria. Your best bet is to use your own name and details, and then let your fiance access it from his end.

  99. Hello Admin, i would like you to help me on how i can buy a product from a company in USA that does not Ship their products to Nigeria. Please your advice and help are highly needed and will be appreciated.

  100. I just want to thank you for been sincere…I know this is nothing but the truth. Don’t mind those thieves that go round promising what they know that is not true.

  101. Considering the huge number of calls and emails we receive on inquiries about Paypal, we have decided to enable comments for this post. So, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    –Abass (Admin).

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