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The University of Ibadan was established in 1948 as an affiliate college of the University College, London. The collaboration with the college in London began in February 1948, one month to the formal opening of the university.

UI as it is popularly called eventually became a full-fledged independent university in 1962.

The current address of UI has some interesting history around it which you’ll learn about in a bit.

first university in nigeria
University of Ibadan

When UI was founded, it occupied the old site previously used by the 56th Military General Hospital which is about 8 kilometers away from the current and permanent site.

The permanent site of UI covers over 1,032 hectares of land which was generously leased by the chiefs and people of Ibadan for 999 years. Prior to inception, the university also got some equipment from the Yaba Higher College which led to the enrolment of its first set of students. This occurred on the 18th of January, 1948 however the university was formally opened on the 25th March, 1948.

The University of Ibadan (UI) is the oldest Nigerian universityand the institution is located five miles (8 kilometres) from the centre of the major city of Ibadan in Western Nigeria. It is located in Agbowo in Ibadan North.

Below is a highlight of the University’s location and contact details

University name:    University of Ibadan

Other names: UI,     Unibadan

Address:        Ibadan, Oyo State

Telephone:   (234-2) 810 11 00




Currently, UI has 11 faculties plus the College of Medicine which include:

  1. Arts,
  2. Science,
  3. Basic Medical Sciences,
  4. Clinical Sciences,
  5. Agriculture and Forestry,
  6. Social Sciences,
  7. Education,
  8. Veterinary Medicine,
  9. Pharmacy,
  10. Technology,
  11. Law
  12. The College of Medicine

The College of Medicine is made up of

  • Clinical Sciences,
  • Public Health and
  • Dentistry

There are other academic units in the university which include:

  1. Institute of Child Health,
  2. Institute of Education,
  3. Institute of African Studies,
  4. Centre for Child Adolescent and Mental Health,
  5. Centre for Educational Media Resource Studies,
  6. African Regional Centre for Information Science (ARCIS),
  7. Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CEPACS),
  8. Centre for Petroleum, Energy, Economics and Law (CPEEL),
  9. Centre for Sustainable Development (CESDEV), and
  10. Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI),
  11. Institute for Advanced Medical Research and Training (IAMRAT),
  12. Centre for Drug Discovery, Development & Production (CDDDP),
  13. Centre for Control & Prevention of Zoonosis (CCPZ).
  14. National Institute for Maternal Child & Neonatal Health (NIMCNH)
  15. Institute for Infectious Diseases
  16. Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies (IPSS)

Some other important units in the University include:

  • Academic Planning
  • Advancement Centre
  • Careers Placement and Counselling Unit
  • Foreign Students Unit
  • Internal Audit
  • The Abadina Media Resource Centre
  • The Bookshop
  • The Botanical Garden
  • The Bursary
  • The Computing Centre
  • The Library
  • The Press
  • The Registry
  • The Sports Council
  • The University Health Services
  • The Zoological Garden
  • University Media Centre, which houses the campus radio station, DIAMOND 101.1 FM.
  • Works and Maintenance

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