Requirements for Canadian (Canada) Visa in Nigeria

When applying for a Canadian visa in Nigeria, you will be required to submit the following documents:

1. Application Forms

Download and complete Application Form IMM5257 (Click here to download) and Family Information Form IMM 5645 (Click here to download) You must answer every question in both forms. Write N/A if a question is not applicable to you.

If you’re to be accompanied by one or more family members, each of them must complete and sign their own application. Only those who are aged 18 years and above are required to fill the forms. For those younger than 18 years, they must have their form signed by a parent or guardian.

Note that you’re required to list all your children under 18 years of age on the Family Information Form, even they don’t need a visa or are not accompanying you. If you have more than three family members, use additional copies of the form.

When filling the forms, be sure to include your mailing address, reliable phone number, and email address. You should fill out the new forms electronically and submit a print out of your computer-generated forms, including the 2D barcode page.

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2. Additional documents

You will also need to submit the following items:

  • Two passport photographs with the date and your signature at the back. The passport must not be older than six months. If you’re to be accompanied by your family member(s), submit 2 passport photographs for each individual, and write their name and date of birth on the back.
  • Evidence of payment of your visa processing fee
  • Your original passport and that of anyone accompanying you (if you’re not going alone). The passport must be a Nigerian-issued one. It must have a minimum of two blank visa pages and at least 6 months validity. Along with the passport, you will submit a photocopy of the bio-data page (the page showing your name, photo, date of birth, etc.).
  • Previous passports (evidence of your previous travel history).
  • A note containing an explanation of the purpose of your trip, length of stay, destination, and contacts. You must also provide a provisional airline booking.
  • An invitation from the person or business you’re visiting — stating the visit dates, duration, purpose, and contact information.
  • Proof of funds. You must submit convincing evidence that you have enough funds to cover your travel and other expenses. Acceptable evidence include a certified bank statement showing your account history over the past three months, or evidence of investments in your name.
  • Evidence of invitation, registration, and hotel confirmation (if you’re going to Canada for a seminar, conference, or trade show).
  • Self addressed pre-paid return courier envelope to return your documents.
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Other documents that may apply in certain circumstances include the following:

  • A letter from your employer stating the purpose of your travel (if you’re travelling for business purposes).
  • Proof of your business (if you’re a businessman). Examples include business registration certificates, tax clearance certificates, trade certificates, licenses and financial documents (business bank account statement for past six months).
  • Proof of employment, such as a letter from your current employer and payslips (last 3 months).
  • Proof of current studies (if you’re a student).
  • A copy of the IMM5257 Schedule 1 (Click here to download).

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  1. Prince

    Those of you asking questions should visit the Canadian embassy and I can see some people telling people to contact them for assistance ,please be careful for scammers use what we desire to achieve most to scam us. Don’t give anyone money please cos country hard and money is hard to get.

  2. Justin

    Please do any anyone have Canadian visa and permit requirements with hin/her

  3. Chibueze Iwundu

    hello Pls I want to relocate to Canada, am a creative ICT personnel and Media Person I need an assistance and someone to put me through Does and don’t in registration process… And what is the cost of the visa?

  4. All,
    If you are in need of migrating to Canada, the most assured way
    Of going about it us to visit the Canadian embassy in Nigeria official website. All the information you require us there.
    Don’t let any one fool you that it is a simple “supply your cv and/or vocational skill set to any Canadian embassy and you are on your way.
    Trust me it’s not that straight forward if it is, everybody will be in Canada.
    My advise do your due diligence, first point of call visit the official website if the Canadian embassy
    Good luck

  5. Henry

    Please I want to know if investment certificate from a micro finance bank can be an accepted proof of fund for Canadian study visa

  6. nikkie


    I want to relocate with my husband to Canada , from Nigeria.
    what are the necessary procedures to Secure permanent stay?

  7. obinna

    Canada work permit and Residence visa was been approved last week Monday,this have stated the fact that we are not going to be applying for just tourist visa package, this an opportunity for those that have the zee to apply for work permit, that’s if you have a good cv, or you possibly have a good hand skill, you can possibly apply at any Canada Embassy or probably visit the website,if you will be needing any assistance kindly keep me informed. +2347032037289 or

    1. Ajibola

      I will contact you soon for assistance.

    2. Chibueze Iwundu

      Hello Obina I try contacting you but your line is off, pls you ca reach me on 07016851730

    3. kolawole olojede

      Im one of applicant for Canada visa expert! Have been submitted my assessment form and got the assessment result but I did not know the nest step after this assessment result!
      Please can you direct or assist me for any onward progress after the assesment!?


  8. Tosin

    Pls i want to move to Canada with my family(my wife n a child) , pls how do i process it, i need professional advice on it cost n assurance. Thks 4ur response sir/ma

  9. Ogbonna ukwueze

    Please I need a Canadian visa, how possible is it and how long can it come out

    1. Ebuka

      how Will I apply for Canadian visa in Nigeria

  10. adekunle olajumoke

    do they accept hotel reservation to apply for canadian visa

  11. benson

    do you need an travel sponsor to canada and italy and more that can assist you financially and educationally contact this email bensonwilliams133@gmail. com 08147651848 for inquiry and for more infor

    1. Adebambo Demilade M

      yes, I am really interested if I can get any support

  12. SEGUN

    How much is expected in my Business bank statement to travel for conference
    In Canada

  13. Kingston

    How can I get Canada original visa before payment and how 07035187204

  14. Uche

    Hello. I want to know how to get a work permit from canada

  15. demola raji

    How can i get canada visa without been duped or denying by the consular

    1. Ndubueze Kingsley

      how can I get Canada visa without know problem the money is not the problem 08039416879

  16. adejoke Akinnola

    How do l apply for Canadian visa on line by myself. Please can you put me through thanks

    1. Ebuka

      how can I apply for a Canadian visa by myself

  17. Afuwape Timothy

    Dear Sir,

    i’m 49 years old a family of 4 children, i wish i relocate to canada after 3 months of my stay i can invite my family to canada. how can you assist on this issue.

    1. Bartholomew Anyanwu

      How can l genuinely relocate to Canada secure work permit and later take my family along.

  18. Edwin

    wht re the requirements for getting student visa to Canada,want to travel for my post graduate courses

  19. victor ejims

    how do i start my visa processing here in in need of it,asap.thanks

  20. Franklin Ogoegbulem

    How do I apply for a work permit from here in Nigeria and moreso will want to apply for student visa for my younger one

  21. Steven F. Oriri

    I am planing to visit Canada, I need a reliable person to assist me.

  22. Steven

    I am planing to visit Canada, I need a reliable person to assist me.

  23. Oluwadare Ajala

    Good afternoon,please i want too know the document require for visiting in Canada and what will be needed to apply for Canadian visa. Please will be expecting your reply. Thanks God bless.

  24. Onome Faith Anighoro

    How much is expected in my account before being granted Visa to Canada, since my aunt is sponsoring my trip ,and also accommodation

  25. Pls how do I apply for admission in a school in Canada

  26. I what to trave to canada or any part ofnthe country, Please I need some one to Sponsor my Immiagretion Visa passport to Canada, Please,I known you can help,I am from Nigeria.This is my contact line:234-0813453####. Am PRINCE PETER ONYEBUASHI, Thanks, for I kown you help.

  27. P judah


    Please I have to an urgent program to attend in Canada by June 18th and I’m yet to process my visa .Please would it be possible to be granted the visa on or before beginning of June

  28. lauretta erosawa

    hello i want to know the required document i need to sumit for a student visa at the embassy for them to give me visa without any problem.thanks

  29. Joseph

    please am planning my trip to Canada by April 20th to return back to Nigeria may 4 and my passport will expire on October 20th is it possible to apply for Canada visa with passport like that please i want to know.

    1. Alvah Prince Global Services Ltd

      not possible bro, try and get a new passport to stay on a safer side

  30. Abimbola

    are we going to make payment for biometrics while submitting our application?and the embassy will later send us mail to where we will go and do the biometrics or how is it done.

    kindly explain.

  31. RONALD

    after an admission as been offer to someone, how do we go about it?

  32. obasi

    meanwhile the school resumption is on august, can someone assist me in facilitating the visa, am in owerri, and i don”t know the documents requireed of me.

  33. obasi

    please, i have been offered admission in nscc, so how do i start my visa application,

  34. Bamibe Samuel


    Please confirm how long it takes to process a Canadian visa from NIgeria. I will also want you to specify your spring time as I do not like to come during winter so that I can really enjoy my visit.

    Is it compulsory I must have an invitation letter from someone or organisation in Canada before I can apply for visa? Can’t l book for hotel reservation?

    Please reply so that l can plan my outstanding leave days to be in Canada.


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