Canadian (Canada) Visa Application in Nigeria: How to Apply

If you want to know how to apply for a Canadian (Canada) visa in Nigeria, you’re just on the right page. Read on to understand the procedures involved.

First, bear in mind that applying for a Canadian visa in Nigeria is a fairly long process. But it’s quite easy, and it’s something you can handle yourself. Just follow the steps below:

1. Check your eligibility

Before you can be allowed to visit Canada, you must meet these conditions:

  • You must have a valid international passport
  • You must be of sound health
  • You must be able to convince the Canadian immigration officer that you have a job, business, assets, or family that will compel you to come back to Nigeria after your short stay in Canada
  • You must have enough money to cover your stay in Canada
  • You must have all the requirements that must be submitted at the Visa application center. (Click here to see the requirements.)

You will not be allowed to visit Canada if you pose a security risk, have committed human right violations, have been once convicted of a crime, have a serious health problems, have a serious financial problems or have an ineligible family member accompanying you to Canada. In addition, your visa application will be declined if you lied in your application or interview.

2. Complete the visa application form

Note that before completing your visa application form, you will need to decide whether you’re applying for a temporary resident visa, student visa, or work permit.

There are two ways to complete your application form:

You can fill the form online (Click this page to get started) provided you have a scanner or camera to create electronic copies of your document for uploading and a valid credit card for payment.

Alternatively, you can fill the form offline. This option is recommended for Nigerians. Here are the steps involved:

  • Download the Temporary Resident Visa application forms and Instruction Guide on this page.
  • The instruction guide contains all the information that will help you complete your application form correctly and successfully. The completed application must include the barcode page.

3. Complete VFS consent form

Download the VFS consent form (Click here to download). Fill the form and attach it with your application form. If you don’t have this form — duly completed and signed — attached to your application, it will be returned to you.

4. Pay the visa application fees

Visit the Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC) to pay the required visa processing fees and the biometric fees (Click here for details). The center is located at No 16, Billings way, Oregun Industrial area, Ikeja, Lagos. Please note that you may be charged an additional $39.82 (N6,200) service charge at the CVAC.

You’re to pay in person by cash only at Bank Counter in the CVAC, along with submission of application.

5. Submit your application package

At the Canada Visa Application Center, submit your application form and other required documents as well as  proof of payment of your visa processing and biometric fees. Note that you will be required to give your biometrics at the visa application center. Note that visa applications are accepted from 8am to 3pm on Mondays to Fridays.

Once you pay your fees, you will be issued receipts. One of these receipts will contain a unique tracking number that you will use to track the status of your application online.

6. Track your application

Using the unique tracking number in your receipt, track the status of your application by entering the number on this page.

7. Wait for processing

A temporary resident visa to Canada takes 14 days to process.

8. Submit your passport

Once you receive notification from the Government of Canada requesting your passport, you can submit the passport and that request letter either in person at the CVAC or by courier to the CVAC address (see above). Note that you will be required to pay passport transmission service charge of $31.86 (N4,950) at any GTBank counter to these details:

  • Account number: 0109515451

Note that you will enclose the payment for passport transmission along with the passport. Once the proof is received, your passport will be forwarded to The Deputy High Commission of Canada, Lagos.

Also enclose a self-addressed courier return envelope along with your passport if you want your passport to be mailed back to you once it’s ready.

9. Retrieve your passport

Once your passport is ready for retrieval you will be notified. You can either pick up the passport in person or send a self-addressed courier return envelope with your passport and request letter.

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  9. Hello,

    I must commend your excellent write up. I want to study psychology in Canada, can i get more insight on how to start up the process, the financial implications and any other commitment involved?

    Thanks alot for the great work

    Kind regards

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