Residency Training in Nigeria: How to Enroll

Residency training or simple ‘Residency’ as it is popularly called among doctors is a specialization training that is intended to advance the knowledge of medical graduates into licensed dentists and anesthesiologists that if you need to hire you can find at this emergency dental care website.

Residency training is a necessary training for any licensed doctor that intends to work independently or unsupervised.  Residency training is now compulsory for significant progress in the medical circles.

Residency trainings are more often than not done in hospitals than in schools. The trainee is normally ‘resident’ within the hospital staff quarters and can be called at anytime to handle emergencies or conditions that arise after the departure of the consultant doctor; hence, we call them ‘resident doctors’.

Residency is a wonderful opportunity for graduates of medical colleges to advance in a medical or surgical specialty. It started as brief and informal sessions of trainings at the John Hopkins Hospital and was later formalized as a necessary step towards medical advancement in the whole of America. Today, residency is almost formalized everywhere around the globe.

Why do you need residency training?

A lot of times, the importance of residency have been debated and some people have confused residency with NYSC. The truth is that residency training differs greatly from NYSC and it is not as futile as the later.

One of the major reasons behind the importance of residency is that residency provides an individual with the opportunity to work with real patients and as part of a team to sharpen his/her thinking skills and gain a thorough understanding of the various appearances of a certain ailment.

In addition to that, residency training exposes a medical graduate to the intricacies of leadership and the diverse aspect of his/her practice; thus, rendering one a choice of many a varied career path available to the today’s physicians.

Choosing your Residency Program

Choosing a residency program can be very problematic sometimes for physicians. Some major factor to consider when choosing your residency program are but not limited to:

  1. Stability and flexibility of the program
  2. Your personal career goals
  3. Cost, patient population and family issues
  4. Support that you will receive during the program.

How you can enroll into a residency program

After deciding on the residency program of your choice based on the criteria above, you will need to do the following as part of your enrollment preparation and the application proper

  1. Visit the residency director at your institution to find out the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen career path.
  2. Get your personal statement and letters of recommendation ready as these are the most important aspect of your portfolio.
  3. After getting your documents ready, look out for adverts from teaching hospitals that are offering the specialty you are interested. For a comprehensive list of teaching hospitals in Nigeria, check here.
  4. Visit the portal for the university’s residency training and apply.

Prices and other info

The cost of Residency training is very difficult to estimate as they vary depending on the institution of choices and the specialty an individual chooses. However, the application process will cost you a non-refundable N10, 000 to N15, 000.

Going for residency training? We can help you will more info. Let us know your intention in the comment section below and we will get back at you as soon as possible.

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  1. Hello.
    I am a medical doctor, working in Cameroon. My certificate is M.D. from the Univeristy of Buea.
    please, what does it take for a foreign medical doctor like myself to enter a residency in Nigeria

  2. I am a house officer in one of the teaching hospitals in nigeria. Choosing between writing primaries in either Obstetrics and Gyneacology or Surgery has been quite a tough decision for me.

  3. I am a Senior Medical Officer currently working at a private hospital. I just passed the WACP (Primaries) in community health and Master in MPH at the University of Royal Tropicana Institute, Netherlands. I need updates on available residency spots please. Thanks

  4. Good day,I’m a medical officer currently working with a private hospital,i just passed the WACP(primaries) in community health,April 2016,pls I need updates on available residency spots.thank u.

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