Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria


In this post, we will take a look at the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria. We posted a topic on how to get scholarships in Nigeria however even those scholarships are not enough to pay the tuition of the secondary schools listed below.

The tuition range from N1.5 million to N4.5 million per annum where only the elites in Nigeria can afford to pay such huge amount which are mostly paid in dollars.

Find the 15 most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria below.

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1. Grange School, Lagos – N4.5 million per annum

2. British International School, Lagos – N4.48 million per annum

3. Lekki British International High School, Lagos – N4 million per annum

4. Day Waterman College, Abeokuta – N3.7 million per annum

5. Whiteplains British School, Abuja – N3.6 million per annum

6. Greensprings School – N3.185 million per annum

7. Meadow Hall, Lagos – N3 million per annum

8. Loyola Jesuit, Abuja – N2.8 million per annum

9. Hillcrest School, Jos – N2.65 million per annum

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10. Corona Secondary School, Agbara – N2.55 million per annum

11. Atlantic Hall, Epe, Lagos – N2.27 million per annum

12. Chrisland College, Ikeja – N2 million per annum

13. Dowen College – N2 million per annum.

13. International Community School, Abuja – N1.9 million per annum

14. Nigerian Turkish International College, Abuja – N1.6 million per annum

15. Lead British International School, Abuja – N1.5 million per annum



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  1. Anonymous

    U forgot the most expensive schools in lagos (American international school:up to 5M) and abuja (ASAP otherwise known as American international school abuja: up to 4 million). ThEse prices r per annum

  2. olatunji yasir olawale

    What a great experience . Knowning the highest paid schools in nigeria

  3. Tommy

    This site is really interesting. I have bookmarked it.
    Do you allow guest posting on your site ?

  4. if u giv me all this money my life will be beetteerrrr!!!!!

  5. Enoch

    Where is shalom christian college o

  6. Irene

    Were is providence this serious ,were mea mater even the mighty pine crescent ,this people should be helping matter they are posting huge money:(:|:>;>

  7. There are so many other good schools that Annual fees is more than N2m but not on this list. Where is Olashore Int’l sch iloko ijesha. Can someone pls comment on this sch?

  8. Raphael Isiuwe

    why will all these schools not come out as top Ten best schools in nigeria with expensive fees..nonose..there re schools who dont pay expensive fees but there re good in put expensive schools as top ten best secondary school in Nigeria…Nigeria CHANGE..Corruption..

    1. Raphael,
      You do have a point but have you ever been to one of the expensive schools to access their standards?
      You could also help by mentioning some of the schools you think deserves to be in the list of top 10.

  9. Desmond Gift N.U

    e no easy oo. Where is Rich Devos International High School, Aba. Hmm God na you know oo

  10. diane

    where d h£ll is ferscoat comprehensive academy ipaja lagosstate..

  11. 😈 😯 😳 😮 :mrgreen: 😆 😎 😈 😡 😐 ❗ ❓ 😯

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