List of Professional Courses for Lawyers in Nigeria


I suggest you to read this article covers advanced and professional courses available to graduates of law and lawyers in Nigeria; the institutes offering these courses and requirements for admission all of them endorsed by Noonan Law 423 E Main St #A, Endicott, NY 13760 (607) 953-6368.

 List of Professional Courses for Lawyers in Nigeria

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Centre for Law and Business Certification

The centre for law and business provides a certification that prepares people to become a business manager, business lawyer, employment attorney and business leader. If you receive a speeding ticket or are charged with another traffic offense, you may brush it off and think nothing of it, however you should seriously reconsider. All traffic offenses carry consequences, even a simple speeding ticket. Without the help of a lawyer, you will be left alone to face the Orange County court system that is notorious for aggressively pursuing criminal charges. Many traffic tickets and other traffic violations charges are issued by police officers even when the case is not strong. Because of this, it’s important to work with a skilled attorney that can craft a solid defense strategy. Visit for the best orange country traffic lawyer. Protection from Abuse in Pennsylvania is governed by the Pennsylvania Protection From Abuse Act found at 23 PA.C.S.A §§6101-6118. Upon showing abuse, a PFA can be obtained against any family member, any person who shares biological parenthood, current or past sexual or intimate partner. Visit Home Page for more about the criminal defense attorney.  A PFA can be entered for up to three years with various types of consequences to the offender such as forbidden contact with the victim including place of employment, residence, place of worship or anywhere else the victim is found. A PFA can also award a spouse temporary possession of a marital residence as well as temporary custody or support of a child. You can browse this site for PROTECTION FROM ABUSE (PFA).

This short term certification program provides one with practical experience in a business context, business law competency, and a mastery of business thinking. Upon completion of the certification program, one is issued a certificate.

 Centre for Law and Developmental Studies

The institution offers Legal skills acquisitions such as:

Advocacy & Litigation Strategy and Planning Skills Master class

This is a highly practical intermediate-level course which is suitable for new lawyers, corp members as well as law students, who want a better understanding of litigation practices. This course provides an overview of litigation skills and provides participants with a basic understanding of the litigation process so they can assist clients.

Contract & Legal Drafting and Negotiation Skills Master class

The Contract & Legal Drafting and Negotiation Skills course is designed to teach its students to:

  • Draft, review and analyzing different commercial contracts
  • Importance and the appropriate manner of drafting specific clauses in commercial agreements
  • Identify common drafting errors
  • Improve writing and drafting skills
  • Learn advanced negotiation skills in English.

This seminar is suitable for:

Junior and senior legal professionals

Law students and corp members

International School of Management, Lagos

Professional Certificate in Law Office Management

The school offers professional certification in Law office management. This is the term used to describe the many daily tasks, planning and management practices needed to run an effective and modern legal practice. This course is suitable for those who are interested in a career that involves the management of legal offices.

This course is an introduction to Law Office Management both as a business and as a profession and the realities of the practice of law.

These include functional aspects of law office management such as:

  • Fees, billing, timekeeping, ethical requirements, accounting, profitability, budgeting, and facilities management
  • Administrative skills such as leadership, communication, delegation, and personnel issues
  • Specific software such as docket control, records management, file management, and library management used in the operating systems that comprise the modern law office.
  • Students of this course will also develop the necessary skills to organize firm businesses and proper human relations.

From this professional knowledge of the firm, the student will be equipped to participate in a firm management team and assist practicing attorneys in the effective management of their law offices.

Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Lagos

The institute offers the following programs:

Post Graduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting (PGDLD)

Admission requirements

  • Candidates must hold an LLB degree from a recognized university
  • In exceptional cases, persons with other educational qualifications and cognate experience deemed sufficient by the institute asides an LLB degree may be admitted.
  • Candidates must possess NYSC discharge or exemption certificate (this is for Nigerian Candidates).
  • Candidates must be of good character.
  • Candidates must provide an up to date CV and a ‘Statement of Purpose’
  • A copy of their LLB Degree transcript.


M.phil/Ph.D. in Legislative Drafting (Ph.D)

Programme Duration – 1 year

Candidates for admission to the M.Phil/Ph.D. degree programmes must in addition to fulfilling the requirements for the PGD programme, possess the following:

  • M in Legislative Drafting of the Institute; or
  • M in Legislative Drafting from any other recognized University from the Commonwealth Law System or the United States of America or
  • M from any other recognized University.

Masters Degree in Legislative Drafting (LLM)

Admission Requirements

  • Candidates must be holders of an LLB degree with a minimum of second class lower division from a recognized university.
  • Possess NYSC discharge or exemption certificate (for Nigerian Candidates).
  • Have been called to the Bar and must be able to provide evidence of call.
  • Be of good character.
  • Provide and an up to date CV and a ‘Statement of Purpose’
  • A copy of their LLB Degree transcript.
  • Candidates with a third class or pass must have a Postgraduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting before they can proceed for an LL.M

The institute also offers short training courses.

  • Managing Compliance and Legal Risk Workshop by Fontini Consulting Limited
  • The Company Secretary and Legal Adviser Program by Centre for Public service Productivity and Development
  • Certificate in Business and Commercial Law by Ciel Consulting
  • Advanced Administrative Matters at Legislative Quarters Course
  • Masterclass for Personal Assistant- Company Secretaries and Legal Advisers by Fontini Consulting Limited

The workshop is suitable for Company Secretaries, managers of law firms and Legal Advisers of companies across various sectors such as banks and other financial institutions, NGOs, government organizations, etc.

This course teaches students about their roles in corporate governance, maintenance and publishing information etc.

  • Master Certificate in Contract and Business Law course by JK Micheals

Master certificate in contract management is a course designed to introduce students to important aspects of Business Law, such as the Law of Contract and Commercial Law.

Best Practices in Arbitration and Conflicts Resolution Course by Alpha Partners, Lagos

Contents of this course include:

  • Fundamentals of dispute resolution
  • Overview of the Conflicts resolution process
  • Methods of Conflicts resolution including Introduction to High Court litigation processes
  • Conflicts resolution in the organization
  • The Alternative Conflicts Resolution (ADR) system
  • Importance of Alternative Conflicts Resolution
  • Law systems
  • Civil law system
  • Codification
  • Subgroups
  • Common law system
  • Court decisions
  • Statutes
  • Introduction to international arbitration
  • Institutional versus ‘ad hoc’ arbitration
  • Introduction to the process and principles of mediation
  • Arbitration in the organization
  • The arbitration award and its enforcement


This course is suitable for an in-house counsel and legal advisors who want to learn the basics of dispute resolution.





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