Kano State Polytechnic School of Management Studies: Courses


Kano State is the second most populous State in Nigeria with an estimated population of over 11 million.  The State is highly regarded as the commercial centre of the northern region of the country.

There are several higher institutions of higher learning within and around the state. Some of these were set up by the Federal Government, others by the State government and others by private organizations.

Kano State Polytechnic School of Management Studies: Courses

Kano State Polytechnic is one of such institutions. This prestigious institution was established in 1975 along with the Bayero University. It is highly recognized as one of the top Polytechnics in the country, not just because of how long it has been in existence but the high standard of education maintained. The school has been split into five divisions administratively for effective operations.  The different divisions include:

  • The School of Technology (SOT). This is located on Madam Fada road, Mano.
  • The School of Management Studies (SMS). This school is located on Yahaya Gusau road, Kano.
  • The School of Environmental Studies (SES). This is located at Gwarzo, Kano.
  • The School of Rural and Entrepreneurial Studies (SES). This school is situated at Rano, Kano.
  • The School of General Studies (SGS). This is situated at Sheikh Jaafar Mahmoud Adam Road, Kano.

All of these divisions are under the control of a Central Administrative Unit which sees to the administrative affairs of the Polytechnic.

This article will provide you information about the School of Management Studies, the different courses offered, the admission requirements and the fees.

Kano State Polytechnic School of Management Studies: Departments & Courses

The School of Management Studies as expected deals with courses related to administration and business. This school is divided into sections known as departments each of which has specific courses offered. Each of these courses is run at different levels from which students gain certificates on successful completion. They are as follows:

  1. The Department of Accountancy.
    1. Diploma Accounting and Auditing
    2. Advanced Diploma Accounting and Auditing
    3. ND Accountancy
    4. HND Accountancy
  2. The Department of Banking and Finance.
    1. Diploma Insurance
    2. Advanced Diploma Banking and Finance
    3. ND Banking and Finance
    4. HND Banking and Finance
  3. The Department of Business Administration and Management.
    1. Advanced Diploma Business Administration and Management
    2. ND Business Administration and Management (SMS)
    3. HND Business Administration and Management
  4. The Department of Cooperative and Economics Management.
    1. Advanced Diploma Cooperative Economics and Management
    2. ND Cooperative Economics and Management
    3. HND Cooperative Economics and Management
  5. The Department of Marketing.
    1. Diploma Marketing
    2. HND Marketing
  6. The Department of Office and Technology Management.
    1. ND Office Technology and Management
    2. HND Office Technology and Management
    3. Pre-ND OTM
  7. The Department of Public Administration.
    1. Advanced Diploma Public Administration
    2. ND Public Administration
    3. HND Public Administration
  8. Department of Purchasing and Supply.
    1. Diploma Purchasing and Supply
    2. HND Purchasing and Supply

Requirements for Admission to the School of Management Courses

It is common knowledge that to study a course in any institution there are specific requirements that must be met by the applicant. The different levels of study under the School of Management as seen from the courses offered are:

  1. Diploma
  2. Advanced diploma
  3. National Diploma (ND)
  4. Higher National Diploma (HND)

Each of these levels of study has peculiar requirements and they are enumerated below:


The major entry requirements are:

  1. Four (4) O’ level Credit Passes in relevant subjects including English and Mathematics.

The courses available for the present session include:

Diploma Marketing
Diploma Purchasing and Supply
Diploma Coorperative Studies
Diploma Accounting and Auditing
Diploma Tax Administration
Diploma Library Science

Advanced diploma

The entry requirements include:

  1. Diploma or ND in the same discipline with a minimum of lower Credit OR Pass with 1-year experience.

Courses available include:

Advanced Diploma Accounting and Auditing
Advanced Diploma in Business Administration and Management
Advanced Diploma Banking And Finance
Advanced Diploma Public Administration
Advanced Diploma Cooperative Studies

National Diploma (ND)

Entry requirements include:

  1. All National Diploma admissions are subject to passing JAMB (UTME)

Courses available include:

ND Accountancy
ND Business Administration and Management
ND Banking And Finance
ND Public Administration
ND Office Technology Management

Higher National Diploma

The entry requirements include:

  1. Five O’ level Credit passes in relevant subjects including English and Mathematics.
  2. A National Diploma in the same discipline with a minimum of lower Credit and 1 year post ND cognate experience. OR a Pass with 2 years’ experience.

Courses available include:

HND Accountancy
HND Business Administration and Management
HND Banking and Finance
HND Public Administration
HND Purchasing and Supply
HND Marketing
HND Cooperative and Economics Management Studies
HND Office Technology Management

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