10 Easiest Science Courses in Nigeria


Studying is hard work and there is absolutely no course in Nigeria you can graduate with good grades at that will not demand that you put in effort. Right from secondary school, science courses have always been thought to be very much demanding and competitive, starting from the admission process to the study time. However, there are some science courses you can study and graduate with good grades especially if science just comes to you naturally which includes you putting in the required hard work.

10 Easiest Science Courses in Nigeria

This article provides information on the 10 Easiest courses you can study in Nigeria. Are you a school leaver thinking of which science course to best put in for. Read on below:

10 Easiest Science Courses in Nigeria

  • Animal Science

As the name implies, Animal science majorly deals with the study of animals and livestock – from the production to management. The agricultural system in Nigeria is fast blooming. Thus, animal science is a great and lucrative course.

Career opportunities exist for graduates of Animal science in such fields as Veterinary Medicine and Farm management. Job roles include inspection, quality control, grading of dairy products and poultry. Graduates could also work with food processing industries and pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries.

Youth empowerment programs are also an important part of the animal science program.

Students must meet certain criteria in order to be considered for admission into Animal science which includes: Five credit passes at SSCE/GCE or any other equivalent examination to include Math, Biology, and  Chemistry.

·        Botany and Ecological Studies

Botany and Ecological studies have to do with the scientific study of plants and the environment. Career opportunities for graduates of this course exist in such fields as public health and environmental protection, forests/parks/wilderness management, and other related fields. All of these make this course a really lucrative one.

Admission requirements for Botany and Ecological studies

UTME requirements needed to study this course in Nigerian institutions include passes in Biology, Chemistry and any other science subject

Candidates must have five credit passes to include English Language, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at SSCE/NECO/GCE or their equivalent.

·        Chemistry

Chemistry is such a lucrative course that opens doors of opportunities to a vast range of career options. Chemistry is a multi-disciplinary degree that borrows ideas from practical science such as food science or forensic science. With a solid foundation of chemistry in your secondary school, yu will find the course easier to grasp. Admission to Chemistry requires that one have credit passes in other science subjects such as Physics, Biology, Mathematics and English language.

There are also lots of job opportunities for anyone with a good degree in Chemistry.

In the higher Institution, after your first year, you can take elective courses and get to understand the course even more. Chemistry might just be the perfect course for you.

·        Microbiology

A BSc Microbiology course involves the study of the biology of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoan parasites.

Career opportunities exist in several fields depending on your area of specialty within Microbiology. One can work in food and drink industries, forensic laboratories, teach in higher education institutions. The jobs are well paying too. With a solid foundation in science courses at secondary school, Microbiology would be easy to work through.

In the first year studying the course in the university, you will be introduced to the basics of Microbiology then you will move on to specialized areas of microbiology through to your final year.

·        Science Laboratory Technology

With a science background and the interests in things such as analysis, investigation, research and development, science Laboratory Technology might be a course you would love.

As a scientific laboratory technician, you perform tests such as chemical and microbiological on blood and body fluids.

It is a highly competitive course in higher Institutions. Not just because of the ease and simplicity of the course, but because job opportunities are readily available right after graduation.

Basic requirements for admission are: Credit passes in five subjects at SSCE or its equivalent. These credit passes must include English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics and good grades in Biology, Chemistry and either Physics or Mathematics for UTME.

·        Soil Science

This course focuses on studying the soil as a natural resource on earth’s surface. A graduate of Soil science with a good degree can work as Geologists, Soil scientists, Research Technicians etc.

With a solid foundation and good grades in Chemistry, Physics/Mathematics and either one of Biology or Agricultural Science, you will do well in Soil science.

·        Telecommunication Science

Job opportunities available for a Telecommunication scientist include Radio Frequency Engineer, Network Designer, Telecoms Researcher. In order to earn a degree in Telecommunication Science, one must have credit passes in Mathematics, Physics and either Biology/Chemistry/Economics or Geography. The English language is a compulsory course at UTME.

·        Textile Science and Technology

Although just a few higher institutions offer this course, Textile Science and Technology is similar to Engineering.  Here, the principles of Engineering are channeled into the field of textiles.

Job opportunities abound for graduates of this course in multinational corporations, but that does not mean that they cannot work anywhere else.

On the contrary, job opportunities are not restricted for them. With good grades and a solid foundation in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, one will find this course perfect.

·        Veterinary Science

Veterinary science has to do with the treatment and prevention of diseases in animals. Veterinary scientists help improve human health by doing basic medical research, monitoring and controlling diseases and food safety.

Graduates of Veterinary science can work as Ecologists, Science Writers, Veterinary Nurses, and other science-related professions. With a solid foundation and good grades in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at both SSCE and UTME

·        Zoology

Graduates of Zoology can work as Ecologists, Conservationists, etc. Zoology teaches on how to adapt to his environment.

With good grades and a sound foundation in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, Zoology would be easy to study.

The duration of study for Zoology is four years.


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