AliBaba Nigeria: How To Buy on And Ship To Nigeria

Alibaba is one of the biggest online stores in the world at the moment. It is the parent company of the popular, however unlike aliexpress that is a medium marketplace offering products at factory prices in small quantity, Alibaba is a bigger marketplace and a business to business website that provides a business trading platform for buyers and suppliers to exchange business information. Alibaba offers its services to almost every country in the world.


This article will guide you on the process of ordering products on

How To Buy On Alibaba

Go to with an internet enabled computer or mobile device and register on their sign-up page. Subsequently, you would only need to login with your email and password after a successful registration.

Finding Products on Alibaba

To Search for products on, you can do so by typing in the name of the product in the search bar or you can use the categories section by the left of the homepage to find your desired product and compare amongst all sellers for the best price and best supplier.

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When you have settled for a product, you can click on “Chat Now” or “leave messages” to chat with the supplier in order to get specific details about the product or you can ask the supplier to make some  customizations to your product by informing the supplier through those mediums provided.

If the supplier is online you will get a response immediately or you can wait until the supplier responds to your message.

Shopping Safely on Alibaba

To ensure you do not get scammed on Alibaba it is advisable to buy from suppliers that are tagged as gold suppliers with a couple of years and suppliers that respond to any request or details. Every product has a badge stating if the supplier is a gold supplier or not.

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Select the product if you are satisfied with your choice and click on the “Contact Supplier” button to specify the quantity needed and to also send a message to the supplier. This message should include any questions you might have about the products as well as your purchase request.

Finally, you should click on the “Send” Button to complete the process.
Any response by the supplier would be sent to your Alibaba Message inbox.
From there you can continue with the deal further by negotiating with the supplier to conclude on the form of payment and shipping process for your product.

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  1. Omoniyi

    I wish to start mini importation. I wish to know everything about it.pls let talk on whatsapp with dis number 08078654141

  2. Ekene

    so, if I make an order, how do I pay? Is it with our local currency?

  3. Bolaji

    I have been trying to purchase a high graphics specification laptop that’s having video men capacity of 6mb and preferably core i7 12gig ram. and15″ its around 400$ but the supplier is just have one year gold supplier and he wouldn’t chat with you but will leave an auto message.

  4. Bolaji

    have you ever purchased before from Alibaba? and it delivers directly to your address?

    1. Yes I have.
      They deliver to your door step.
      Except you use the free delivery option or China shipping option where you would have to pick it up from the nearest post office.

      1. Bolaji

        how do you know if the person is a scammer?

        1. Alibaba has a dispute and refund policy so it’s safe.

          A buyer can open a dispute after making payment and before confirming delivery of their order if:

          · The goods are not received before the shipping deadline

          · The goods are not received in satisfactory condition

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