10 PhD Program Scholarships for International Students


If you are a Nigerian seeking for admission in any of the oversees counties in America, Europe, Asia or Australia, you will find the information made available her to be highly beneficial; you will be informed about top 10  of the scholarship programs available to PhD students.

10 PhD Program Scholarships for International Students

Application process for each of the scholarships is very easy too and you can even apply for them right here in Nigeria before your PhD program begins.  Continue reading to find out about the top 10 PhD program scholarships available to Nigerians and international students.

Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships in Canada for Developing countries

The scholarship is open to applicants from various international backgrounds.  The deadline differs from one student to another.  The deadline is within the Fall period and you must have submitted all required documents by then.

Deadline for the latest edition for 1017/2018 session is by 9th December, 2016.  Registration will however open 3 months earlier that is 9th of December 2016.  The scholarship is awarded annually.

It is for those wishing to study for their PhD program in Canada. The scholarship program gives more opportunity to students from developing countries.

DRD/DAAD Masters and PhD Full Scholarships for Africa

The scholarship is offered to both Masters and PhD students to study in both Germany and South Africa. Deadline of the scholarship for this year is on 31st December 2015 and it is offered on annual basis.

Those eligible for the scholarship are Masters and PhD students from sub-Saharan Africa. The students can apply for the scholarship right in their countries.  For an individual to be approved for this scholarship, he/she needs to have excellent academic record.

All academic records are expected to be submitted to the scholarship board along with the application form, which must be properly attested.

Amelia Earhart Fellowship for Woman in Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering

The scholarship award is up to $10,000. Deadline for the scholarship application is 15th November, 2016.  It is offered on annual basis.  The aim of the scholarship is to encourage women who are interested in aerospace and mechanical engineering.

The scholarship is offered by Zonta International. The scholarship applies to any college or university offering accredited degree programs in mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering.

Schlumberger Cambridge Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries

It is made available to students applying for PhD program. It is open to students applying for programs related to the work of Schlumberger Gould Research Center located in Cambridge.  Deadline for the application is on 15th December 2016 and the scholarship is offered on annual basis.

The scholarship is offered in collaboration with University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The scholarship focuses on students from developing countries.  It covers all expenses of the said student in the course of the PhD program.

Department Of Veterinary Animal and Clinical Sciences Fellowship In Denmark

The application is for students wishing to study in Denmark for their PhD program.  Deadline for this application is on 15th of August, 2016.  This is for the academic session that begins on October 1st, 2016.  Students from all countries of the world, including Nigeria, are eligible for this PhD scholarship program.

The students do not need to travel down to Denmark to apply for the scholarship; they can apply right here in Nigeria.  It is for those students wishing to study at the University of Copenhagen, especially in the Department of Veterinary Animal and Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

The PhD program scholarship is offered to 2 individuals and each scholarship covers the student for a period of 3 years.

University Of Warwick UK Full Doctoral Scholarship for International Students

The scholarship covers the full cost of PhD program and it is open to students wishing to study at University of Warwick in the UK.  Deadline for this scholarship is 18th January 2017 and it will be for the 2017 session.

The said scholarship is offered on annual basis. The scholarship program is open to 25 students and it is open to students from any country of the world.  It is equally open to a student studying any of the PhD degree courses offered at the University of Warwick, UK.

KU Leuven Travel Grants for Researchers from Developing Countries   

The scholarship is offered to students from developing countries as indicated in the title. It is offered to researchers traveling to Belgium; it helps these researchers to visit Belgium without paying for the trip.

Deadline for the application is 30th September 2016. The scholarship is given on annual basis. Virtually all developing countries are eligible for this scholarship program, including Nigeria.

1000 Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships for International Students, Germany

This scholarship is made available to students desiring to study at any level of higher education, be it undergraduate, masters or PhD. Application for the scholarship closes on 2nd September 2016 for the autumn session and 3 March 2017 for the spring session.

The scholarship is awarded on annual basis and it is given to total of 1000 students. The scholarship is open to any student desiring to study at any of the universities in Germany.  It is open to all subject areas too.

Canon Collins Trust Scholarships for Masters and PhD Students

The scholarship is open to both masters and PhD students.  Deadline for the scholarship is 15th august, 2016.  It enables the student to study at the university of Pretoria South Africa. It is for students wishing to study masters or PhD course related to Politics, Economics, Law and so on.

NITDA Scholarship in Information Technology for Nigerians

It is open to Nigerians seeking to pursue course of studies in either Maters or PhD programs.  It is offered annually and can be applied in any Nigerian or oversees university. It is for students desiring to study courses in Information Technology.

Purpose of the scholarship is to help transform Nigeria and place the country at new pedestal in Information Technology. Deadline for the scholarship application is on 5th September, 2016 and the scholarship is offered on annual basis.

The student is required to have master’s degree in any field of study relevant to Information Technology.  The scholarship is given to a number of individuals.




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