10 Best Secondary Schools in Lagos


This post features a list of the 10 (ten) best secondary schools in Lagos Nigeria, based on academic standards and other factors that matter. The list is at the bottom of the post, though.

To most people, education is that magic key that opens that hypothetical door behind which there are riches, fame and all the good things in life. Some parents believe that the best thing they can do for their progeny is to offer them a formal education, not to leave them an inheritance or to lead them to ‘salvation’.

Honestly, education is paramount to the full development of the potential of an individual. One of the most important aspects of a child’s life that will affects how well he or she will grow into a competent member of the society is the aspect of education. And secondary school education is gradually taking the place of primary education in importance and significance.

Why Secondary Education is Very Significant

The argument here is that the child picks up all the skills he needs for surviving the turbulent teen age and for succeeding as an adult during the formative age of the junior secondary schools and the senior secondary school. Also, the quality of a child’s secondary education has been found to affect his study patterns and the comprehension of complex university concepts.

However, with a government that has continually failed in her duties of providing infrastructure and policies that will support the delivery of quality education in public primary and secondary schools across the country comes a huge problem: Parents need to find other means of acquiring this all-important education. This problem was quickly noticed by business-savvy entrepreneurs and educationist and they provided a better alternative and that alternative was the creation of private schools that provided a better learning environment and a higher quality education.

How Private Schools Failed Nigerian Parents

As private schools began to spring up and their patronage increase, private entrepreneurs and educationist began failing in their tasks. Schools with huge billboard adverts and a fledging social media presence but operated out of the parlor of a hungry entrepreneur started appearing to the scene. Some other schools that are not even accredited also cropped into the scene. The boom of private schools have now allowed for the flourishing of substandard schools with big advertising budget that only exploit parents and waste children’s talent.

Private Schools began operating in old dilapidated buildings, in uncompleted building and even at building sites; exposing children to dangers that could be fatal. The crash of the building of a private school in Jos on the Monday 14th of September demonstrates my point better.

So, with a failed public education system and an increasing number of ‘fraud’ private schools, parents are having a hard time finding good, tested and standard schools in Lagos today. If you or your parents are in that dilemma, we are happy to present you with the list of the best secondary schools in Lagos. This list is in no particular order.

NOTE:  Some of these schools have fees of a couple of millions while some are moderately priced.

The 10 best secondary schools in Lagos are:



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