Best Courses for Art Students in Nigerian Universities

Best Courses for Art Students in Nigerian Universities

Many people take Arts courses and Arts students for granted. It is not their fault; these people have limited understanding of what it means to be an Arts student or to study an Arts course. Truth is some Arts courses are far more marketable than many of the other courses people are studying in higher institutions these days.


You may not believe it, but this is very true. Through this writeup, you will be enlightened on the various marketable courses you can study as an Arts students, courses that will set you apart from the crowd in the labour market.


English is one of the most marketable courses in Nigeria today. Does it sound more like an ordinary course? This is because you do not understand the extent to which a B.A. Honours in Arts can take you. Yes, it can take you far!

As an English Language gradute, you can work as any of the professionals below:

• Digital copywriter
• Editorial assistant
• English as a foreign language teacher
• Lexicographer
• Magazine journalist
• Newspaper journalist
• Primary school teacher
• Secondary school teacher
• Writer

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Additionally you can work in any of the fields below:

• Academic librarian
• Advertising account executive
• Advertising copywriter
• Arts administrator
• Information officer
• Marketing executive
• Public relations officer
• Records manager

While others may be rejected during interview, you will never be let down since you are diverse.


As a lawyer, you win respect in your community and everywhere you go. The aura of authority is on you and you can reach places where others may not be able to reach. Doors that would remain shut to others will be opened to you because of your degree in law.

Yes, being a lawyer is full of privileges. As a lawyer, you can work in varieties of industries, including banking sector. Check below for list of where you can apply your law degree.

• Chartered Certified Accountant
• Chartered Management Accountant
• Chartered Public Finance Accountant
• Commodity Broker
• Financial Adviser
• Financial Manager
• Insurance Account Manager
• Investment Banker
• Investment Fund Manager
• Pension Scheme Manager
• Tax Adviser
• Civil service fast stream
• Government Research Officer
• Health and Safety Inspector
• Immigration Officer
• MOD Police Officer
• Police Officer
• Political Research Assistant
• Politician’s Assistant
• Probation Officer
• Public Affairs Consultant
• Trade Union Research Officer
• Trading Standards Officer.

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In fact, the list is endless.

Music, Theatre Arts

B.A. in music or theatre arts is something worthy of honour. As a graduate, you do not need to search for job; you would have been armed with skills while at school, skills that can make you an employer of labour. You can go into acting or wax your own record.

You can also become a director or record producer. The possibilities are endless. You however need to have personal liking for acting or singing in rider to make it big in the profession.

Foreign languages

Being a graduate in foreign languages, be it Russian, French, German or any other foreign language, makes you marketable. You an teach any of these languages, either as a private teacher or as an employee. You can also work at embassies.

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  1. jerry

    can I study political science without economic and literature

  2. onyeka nelson

    Am Nelson what course can i writer in jamb for political science

  3. akintade olayinka

    Please whose subject I should read if I want to become lawyer or theatre art

  4. Nancy

    subjects under English and Literal science, please

  5. Nancy

    please i want to study English and Literal science what subjects can i register in Jamb and were can i work when i graduate

  6. Nancy

    please i want to study law what subject are required

  7. shadix

    pls, what course can I study with these: English c6, maths d7, crs d7, govt c6, Geo. c6, economics c6, commerce c6, biology c6, agric. c6.

    1. Psalmseen

      wit deficiency on Math I doubt

  8. Tolulope

    What Course Can I Read As An Art Student with c r s

  9. Eddy fortune

    Pls I want to study mass comm,what subject are to put down for jamb?and what other course can I Do that won’t involve maths and literature.

  10. Eddy fortune

    Pls I want to study mass comm,what subjects Are mine to put in jamb?and which other course can I study in art that doesn’t involve maths and literature

  11. adeola kehinde

    what abt mass comm

  12. Esther

    please I want to study theatre art and real estate management
    the question is can I study d both???
    which other course can I study apart from theatre art DAT doesn’t need mathematics????
    and wen writing my jamb,which subjects should I fill in???

  13. hillary kobani

    law and cusetom

  14. hillary kobani

    to me art is always great

  15. Anita

    can I study nursing as a art student

    1. Esther

      No dear
      u can’t

  16. ogbu Sylvia

    what course can I read without economics (art course)

  17. Omulu frank

    What are the subjects to put in jamb for theatre art? And the courses to study in universty for it??

  18. costantfaith Inyama

    Please can I study two courses at once like studying mass communication and theatre art or mass communication and foreign languages

    1. costantfaith Inyama


  19. Gabriel

    pls I want to study business management so which subject are mine to write in Jamb am some how confused by friends.

  20. Precious

    What course can I study apart from English dat does not involve mathematics and also if I should study foreign languages can’t I work somewhere else apart from an embassy


    what course can i read apart from theatre art that does not involve mathematics

    1. Precious

      If u are good in English den I advice u study English

  22. What course can I read apart from theatre arts that do not involve mathematics

  23. ABIOLA


  24. prince

    can I study estate management as an art students

  25. David Collins

    please put me with political science

  26. hyacinth

    pls I need to no more about history and international relationship

  27. adebayo toheeb oluwasegubfunmilayo samuel

    am meaning to go and study Art, English or Theater Art in university or polytechnic. please can u brief or enlighten me more about these three courses?

  28. Micheal

    what course can i read as an art student without literature and economics

    1. farsamwells

      political science

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