Best Courses for Art Students in Nigerian Universities


Best Courses for Art Students in Nigerian Universities

Many people take Arts courses and Arts students for granted. It is not their fault; these people have limited understanding of what it means to be an Arts student or to study an Arts course. Truth is some Arts courses are far more marketable than many of the other courses people are studying in higher institutions these days.


You may not believe it, but this is very true. Through this writeup, you will be enlightened on the various marketable courses you can study as an Arts students, courses that will set you apart from the crowd in the labour market.


English is one of the most marketable courses in Nigeria today. Does it sound more like an ordinary course? This is because you do not understand the extent to which a B.A. Honours in Arts can take you. Yes, it can take you far!

As an English Language gradute, you can work as any of the professionals below:

• Digital copywriter
• Editorial assistant
• English as a foreign language teacher
• Lexicographer
• Magazine journalist
• Newspaper journalist
• Primary school teacher
• Secondary school teacher
• Writer

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Additionally you can work in any of the fields below:

• Academic librarian
• Advertising account executive
• Advertising copywriter
• Arts administrator
• Information officer
• Marketing executive
• Public relations officer
• Records manager

While others may be rejected during interview, you will never be let down since you are diverse.


As a lawyer, you win respect in your community and everywhere you go. The aura of authority is on you and you can reach places where others may not be able to reach. Doors that would remain shut to others will be opened to you because of your degree in law.

Yes, being a lawyer is full of privileges. As a lawyer, you can work in varieties of industries, including banking sector. Check below for list of where you can apply your law degree.

• Chartered Certified Accountant
• Chartered Management Accountant
• Chartered Public Finance Accountant
• Commodity Broker
• Financial Adviser
• Financial Manager
• Insurance Account Manager
• Investment Banker
• Investment Fund Manager
• Pension Scheme Manager
• Tax Adviser
• Civil service fast stream
• Government Research Officer
• Health and Safety Inspector
• Immigration Officer
• MOD Police Officer
• Police Officer
• Political Research Assistant
• Politician’s Assistant
• Probation Officer
• Public Affairs Consultant
• Trade Union Research Officer
• Trading Standards Officer.

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In fact, the list is endless.

Music, Theatre Arts

B.A. in music or theatre arts is something worthy of honour. As a graduate, you do not need to search for job; you would have been armed with skills while at school, skills that can make you an employer of labour. You can go into acting or wax your own record.

You can also become a director or record producer. The possibilities are endless. You however need to have personal liking for acting or singing in rider to make it big in the profession.

Foreign languages

Being a graduate in foreign languages, be it Russian, French, German or any other foreign language, makes you marketable. You an teach any of these languages, either as a private teacher or as an employee. You can also work at embassies.

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  1. Albert Ibeh

    I have English, math,bk,commerce,literature,economics,civic,government,but I don’t have C. R. K can I still study mass communication

  2. Ibeh Albert

    please I have English, literature, math, Bookkeeping, commerce, civic education, government,economics,but don’t have C. R. S so can I still study mass communication

  3. Wahab jimoh

    Which course can study with this result
    Maths b3
    Yoruba b3
    English c5
    Civic c5
    Literature d7
    Government d7
    Economic d7
    Marketing c6
    Commerce c5
    Maths b3

  4. loveth

    data processing b3
    crs absent
    English c4
    maths A1
    literature d7
    economics b3
    government c4
    civic b3
    biology c4
    please that is the outcome of my result what can I study with that and am an art student I really need help

  5. ayodele

    What course can i go for if i want t6o become a navy or soldier

  6. Mariam

    Civic education-B3
    Islamic religious-B3

  7. Daniel

    I am a art student i don’t know what to study please help me

    1. Myron Odiete

      Hock tomatoes

  8. Ogundipe Kabiru

    Data processing:B3
    Islamic Studies:B3

    what course can I do with this result
    Can I do theartre art?

  9. yoma ovwah

    this is my result, please what can I study with this result. am so confused I need your advice please
    Economics: F9
    lit in Eng:E8
    civic Edu:B3
    Math’s: B3
    Biology: F9
    English language: C6

  10. dhammie

    Book keeping b2
    Crk b2
    Economics c4
    Gov a1
    Lit c6
    Civic b2
    English c4
    Math b3
    Bio c4

    What course will suit me for this result and what do i need for my jamb

  11. John peter

    Can i study both english and literature at a time?

  12. joymichael

    Pls am an art student & really confuse on what 2 study pls need ur advice

  13. Spartan

    Plz yu guys shud help ah broda nid tu study political science bt i don’t ave lit in english can i jst call nid ur advice 09024499232

  14. chioma

    you can study business management

  15. okegbade oluwatobi

    I have a lower credit in mass communication from the polytechnic can I study English at the university as direct entry

  16. olabayo

    what course do i study without comerce

  17. osato

    pls I have English govt economics maths commerce agricultural science

  18. nelson

    please i want to study hotel and housing management is it under art or commercial department

  19. favour

    My name is favour, pls what court/courses can I read with this result.
    Igbo: b3
    Biology: c5

    1. olajide

      I think you need to sit and write back the literature very important for art student

    2. favour

      so many. Add me on whatsapp with this number 07036849401

  20. Samuel chibuzo

    what can I study without crs in waec

  21. alao ridwan

    what causes can I study with English c4, maths c5, literature d7, government b3, civic education b2, economics b3, ict computer b3

  22. Ben adrian oche

    Please what are the courses or subjects to be offererd in theatre arts

  23. Destiny

    Is government really compulsory

  24. ruth

    what can i study with
    garment making

    1. chiagozie

      law or fashion deisging

    2. chioma

      you can study business management

  25. Jameel R Muhammad

    Haw many course we have it art student

  26. Odefunsho Sofiat

    I’m a art student can i study business administration in university

  27. philip

    what course can I study with this result
    English language c5
    maths c5
    civic c6
    computer c5
    crs c5
    geography c5
    government c5
    economics e8
    marketing c6

  28. usman

    what causes can I study with this result
    Commerce A1
    economics F9
    government b3
    literature F9
    English c6
    yoruba e8
    mathematics c6
    biology c6
    food and nutrition c6

    1. favour

      political science, philosophy,masscom religion studies, linguistics and few of science courses

  29. Oyebimpe

    Can’t I go to University of Jos for the theater Art?

  30. Igah Nneka Marylinda

    I credited all my waec result apart for Literature in English. So which course should I go for.

    1. favour

      Don’t let anyone choose for u. u can study any course u think u love most. If u need further assistance, don’t hesitate to call me on this no, 07036849401

  31. Evam

    I have (economics, cancelled) English,math,igbo, literature,English, commerce, civil,animal husbandry. And I chose library and information.pps help me out 07018230702 chat me on WhatsApp

  32. ugwuanyi loveth

    what course can I study with this result: English-C5, Literature-B3, Igbo languages-B3 C.R.S-A1,maths-D7,Government B2,Agric B2 ,biology B3,Econs C6

    1. ugwuanyi loveth

      am in desperate need of answers here please

    2. favour

      u can study any thing u like in your specialisation. u can call this no (07036849401) for any further assistance

  33. aidoko solomon

    want are the important subject for law

    1. Nwenyi felix Akachukwu

      literature in English

    2. favour

      most schools accept pass i.e ‘D’, in maths

  34. Stephanie

    And please what other Art course can I offer with out Economic, History and literature in English

    1. favour

      linguistics e.t.c

  35. Stephanie

    I am good at English, Crs, Government,Igbo, Catering and crafts, and partial in literature in English…..
    Please what course should I offer

    1. favour

      consider political science and go to law school after your 3-4 course in school. u can call this no 07036849401 if you need further assistance

  36. Stephen

    I need to know the subject I need to pass when offering creative & visual art, theatre art and fine art and design.and also university that offer this courses

  37. Ebuka

    As an art student, what course can i study without lit in eng,CR’s and ecoms.I credited my
    local language,
    data processing and civic education.

  38. faith

    I had
    math -c5
    catering -c4
    lit in English -c6
    economics -c5

    Pls Wat course can I do

    1. favour

      Almost every course in the area of your specialisation

  39. Eunice

    Pls which course can i study with my neco reult with crs and economics?

  40. oluwatobilaba

    please what can I study with this result
    biology c4
    chemistry c4
    further maths c3
    mathematics c4
    English c3
    physic d7

  41. shittu busayo aisat

    I am having issues with my combination of subject.i want to study law but don’t have government but passes civic education.

  42. Gboye

    What course can I study without literature and economics

  43. Jibrin aliyu

    Pls advice friends i have my result with the following subject :eng c4 mathsc3 govtb3 animal hubs a1 economicsc6 islamic studyf9 biologyb3 lit in englishf9 civic edu c6 what kind of course am i going to study in istitution urdently?

  44. tolulope

    what other course can I study having e8 in lit- in eng

  45. iniobong

    Can I study foreign language with
    Lit in eng
    Pls I need ur help urgently

  46. nwadinkpa godwin

    am nwadinkpa Godwin
    and I wanna study theatre art but I got my literature e8 …but I got other subjects great I don’t know what to do…

  47. Gomez Toyin

    Pls, what are the subject needed in mass~communication pls am anxious

    1. favour

      for O’level: u must have 5 credit passes which must include English and maybe literature

  48. Gomez Toyin

    Pls, what are the subject involve in mass~communication as course?

    1. Muhammad

      Same here

    2. Dammy g

      English,lit in eng and 2 other subject

  49. Elvis

    Please am axious here, can someone help me to elimate the filling of worried, can I study Graphix in Art.

  50. Saheed

    what course can i read as an art student advise please

  51. Saheed

    what course can i read as an art student

    1. Monica nfoh

      What can iread as an art student

  52. Haleema Abdulazeez

    What course can I study without economics?

  53. Aliya

    Is it compulsory to have French or any other Foreign languages as one of your SSCE courses if you wish to study Foreign Languages??

  54. Chinedu Stephen

    What can I do with this
    Maths: c4
    English: c5
    Government: c4
    Literature: c5
    Economic: b3
    Yoruba: b3
    Crk: c4
    Book keeping: c5

  55. Emmanuel Osinachi

    please I’m a little confuse,what subjects do I need to study psychology??

  56. Emmanuel Osinachi

    please I’m a little confuse,what subject do I need if I want to study psychology??

  57. ruth chidiebere

    pls what course can I study in the university that does not require maths and literature

    1. marshal

      education in government

  58. Monsura Nifemi .A.

    What Course Can I Offer In Institution With These Neco Result Grades; Englis C6,maths C5,civic Education C6,home Management C6,islamic Studies E8,government F9,economics D7,literature In English D7

    1. Eunice

      Pls which course can i study with my neco result
      without crs and economics

  59. Junior

    What can i study with this
    civic edu-c6

    1. Muhammad ibn zakari

      Business administration

  60. angel gabirella

    what art subject can i do dat does nt involve maths

  61. Okache Joseph

    As an art student having 8credit but I failed English with course should I studies

    1. Djohn

      You need to pass your English

  62. louis ehimen

    what can i study with did result.
    catering craft-e8
    civic education-b2

  63. Richard

    My result was not very bright but I would like a course that does not concern CRS

  64. Ajiboye kemi

    pls what cn I course cn I study with this.
    crk c5
    economic B3
    govt B3
    lit in English F9
    civic B3
    English C6
    Yoruba C6
    maths A1
    catering and craft C6

  65. Adibe Ifeanyi

    pls wat course can i study wit dis my neco result
    . Mathematics c4
    . English B2
    . civic C4
    . literature C4
    . Government D7
    . Crs E8
    . Biology -Credit
    . Yoruba – Credit
    . Data processing – credit
    pls i wnt to kno


      GO FOR ENGR.



  67. WISDOM

    AGRIC C5

  68. Abiola

    pls what course can I read without government but with lit in eng

  69. Paul

    please what curse can I go for aside of mass comm with this result?
    Economics C4
    Government C4
    Lit In English D7
    English C6
    Yoruba C5
    Maths B3
    Biology D7
    Visual Arts D7

    1. Adeniran omobolanle

      Which courses can I study without literature in eng?

      1. Muhammad

        Wah course can study wif dis,,

  70. daniel brownson

    what can I study with this
    English C6
    Mathematics C6
    CRS C5
    Government D7
    Economic E8
    Animal Husbandry B3
    Civic B3
    literature D7
    I really don’t what to do

  71. Onuoha chigozie

    Please what course can i still study with this subject?

  72. mary

    wat course can i study wit dis result
    maths. A1
    data processing.C5
    yoruba. E8

  73. Chidera

    Wat kind of course will i read with dis results

    Marketing A1
    Biology B3
    English B3
    Mathematics B3
    Economics B3
    Literature E8
    Igbo D7
    Government B3
    Civic B3

  74. Horlarjumoke

    what course can i study as an art student in LASU with these subject English Literature in English Government and IRS

  75. oseni razaq

    wat can study wit dis kind of result can i still study law

    marketing B3
    CRS B2
    Economics C5
    Goverment C4
    civic B3
    English C6
    General maths B3
    Biology C4

  76. dotun

    m confused ooo m goin Fashion nd design nd i nid science subjects which i don’t have

  77. Noah

    what kind of course can I read with this kind of result?
    Maths c6
    English b3
    Biology c6
    Economics c6
    Civic b2
    Literature c6
    Government e8
    CRS c6

    1. Hope Amos

      i have this:
      maths c6
      English c5
      literature c6
      data/P B3
      comm c6
      crk f9
      civil E9
      i dont kwon what to study with this

  78. Tenny

    Please wat course can I read with the following result..
    Mathematics b3
    English c4
    Civic a1
    Economics c6
    Government c4
    Yoruba e8
    Literature f9
    CR’s f9
    Marketing f9.

  79. Lukpata Emmanuel

    Me too I am confused oh I don know the subject to go for as an Art students someone should please help me

  80. Emmanuel

    What are the subjects needed for Theatre art?

  81. Emmanuel

    Pls i need an advicer on a better course to study as an art student dat will not involve Economics

  82. Obasi john Onwukwe

    What course can I study as and art student please am confused. help me

  83. aderonke

    don’t have lit in English, economic d7 and did not pass my jamb so what can I do what to study political science

  84. opeyemi

    I did not know what course to go fir as art student . so please I need d list of d course for art student

    1. Olanrewaju

      We Almost Av The Same Problem.. Just Add Me Up In Fbk With.., Frosh Don Richy.

    2. clara

      i dont know what caurses to study pls help me

  85. Mich joe

    Which other courses is related to law,on Nigeria Uni?????

  86. Nurudeen Raji Ayomide

    What can i study as a Art student without Lit in eng and Government pls

  87. Bella

    Wat can I study as an art student without

  88. chika ufondu

    hi guys I love Igbo,English, literature, and agricultura am an art student want course should I do

  89. Sani Idriss Danjuma

    Pls wat can i study wit dis result as an art student(maths,english,civic education,commerce nd government)pls help me u can call me on dis number 08146943411 or 08027329210

    1. If commerce wasn’t there i would av advised u to study law or public relation

  90. Agbele soji

    please i am art student
    I registered mass communication as my course ,But i picked English ,government ,literature and crs
    i didn’t picked economics with the subject .can i be admitted to AAAU ?

  91. onyije victory amarachi

    what subjects are necessary for me to study business administration management. i just wrote waec and picked jamb at same time a space was provided for my 0level what should i do am confused right now please help me.

  92. Taiwo

    Is estate management under art department, if yes pls what are the subject I mine fill for jamb

  93. rakish

    am confused

  94. omolade

    what can i study as an art student that can give me profitting job

  95. peters josephine

    pls wat course can i read as an art student without government

  96. salami yomi

    Tell me all art causes

  97. DAVID


    1. pelumi adeola

      Please i need the same answer… what course can I study without literature in English?

  98. precious peter

    i dont realy know if i need to offer maths in theatre art, pls anybody with the idea pls……

    1. pelumi adeola

      U don’t need mathematics

  99. precious peter

    my dear i dout o

  100. Udohimuk Mitcheal

    I luv dis

  101. larrynex aje

    which one is the best without economics and gorverment

  102. hay y

    pls wat course can I offer as an art student

    1. U can study law, english, mass communication, journalism, theatre art, music, public relation

  103. blessing

    pls what kind of course can i do in the university that doesn’t need lit-in-
    english in ssce
    and which nigeria university is it?

  104. Afolashade

    what courses can I read as an art student without lietratue and government

  105. Blessing

    What kind of course is under literature,english,crs n visual art?

  106. okon effiong

    what course can i offer as a art student without government

  107. okon effiong

    what course will i read as a art student without government

  108. jerry

    can I study political science without economic and literature

  109. onyeka nelson

    Am Nelson what course can i writer in jamb for political science

  110. akintade olayinka

    Please whose subject I should read if I want to become lawyer or theatre art

    1. Shuaibu khamis Abdulmumin

      English, maths. literature in english, government, economics and makerting or civic education.

  111. Nancy

    subjects under English and Literal science, please

  112. Nancy

    please i want to study English and Literal science what subjects can i register in Jamb and were can i work when i graduate

    1. Shuaibu khamis Abdulmumin

      Nancy if you want to study english, english language, literature in english, and your work is potential teacher.

  113. Nancy

    please i want to study law what subject are required

    1. fresh

      English crs government and literature

  114. shadix

    pls, what course can I study with these: English c6, maths d7, crs d7, govt c6, Geo. c6, economics c6, commerce c6, biology c6, agric. c6.

    1. Psalmseen

      wit deficiency on Math I doubt

  115. Tolulope

    What Course Can I Read As An Art Student with c r s

  116. Eddy fortune

    Pls I want to study mass comm,what subject are to put down for jamb?and what other course can I Do that won’t involve maths and literature.

    1. fresh

      Mass com crs lit govt nd english we have so many courses you don’t nid maths art

  117. Eddy fortune

    Pls I want to study mass comm,what subjects Are mine to put in jamb?and which other course can I study in art that doesn’t involve maths and literature

  118. adeola kehinde

    what abt mass comm

  119. Esther

    please I want to study theatre art and real estate management
    the question is can I study d both???
    which other course can I study apart from theatre art DAT doesn’t need mathematics????
    and wen writing my jamb,which subjects should I fill in???

  120. hillary kobani

    law and cusetom

  121. hillary kobani

    to me art is always great

  122. Anita

    can I study nursing as a art student

    1. Esther

      No dear
      u can’t

  123. ogbu Sylvia

    what course can I read without economics (art course)

  124. Omulu frank

    What are the subjects to put in jamb for theatre art? And the courses to study in universty for it??

  125. costantfaith Inyama

    Please can I study two courses at once like studying mass communication and theatre art or mass communication and foreign languages

    1. costantfaith Inyama


  126. Gabriel

    pls I want to study business management so which subject are mine to write in Jamb am some how confused by friends.

  127. Precious

    What course can I study apart from English dat does not involve mathematics and also if I should study foreign languages can’t I work somewhere else apart from an embassy


    what course can i read apart from theatre art that does not involve mathematics

    1. Precious

      If u are good in English den I advice u study English

  129. What course can I read apart from theatre arts that do not involve mathematics

  130. ABIOLA


  131. prince

    can I study estate management as an art students

  132. David Collins

    please put me with political science

  133. hyacinth

    pls I need to no more about history and international relationship

  134. adebayo toheeb oluwasegubfunmilayo samuel

    am meaning to go and study Art, English or Theater Art in university or polytechnic. please can u brief or enlighten me more about these three courses?

  135. Micheal

    what course can i read as an art student without literature and economics

    1. farsamwells

      political science

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