Trademark Registration in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide


Trademark Registration in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

A trademark is a word, symbol, labels, numerical, signature, device, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product and distinguishing the source of goods from one party or company to those of others in the same line of business. In Nigeria the trademark act of 1990 was introduced.You can register a slogan, name, logo, domain name, colour and so on as your Trademark with the Commercial Law Department in the Ministry of Trade and Investment in Nigeria. Below is a step by step guide for trademark registration in Nigeria.

Before a tradename is accepted it’s advertised in the Nigerian trade mark journal for two months for opposition. I’d there is no opposition l, the applicant is given a certificate if registeration. Trademark registration is done with the Corporate Affairs Commission

Requirements For Trade Mark Registeration
*biota of applicants including name, address and nationality.
*The trademark information
*a distinct representation of the trade mark. For trademark filled in soft copy, a Jpeg file is sent.
* authorisation of agents simply signed by an attorney with full particulars like names , address and other crucial information.

Procedure For Trademark Registration Are
* Write an application letter requesting the registeration of your desired trademark name through a local attorney.

*the registrar then issues acknowledges reflecting the filing date of application and a official number.

*A search is carried out to determine the uniqueness of the proposed name from already existing and pending names.

*the registrar analysis taking into consideration prior conflict with registered or pending trademarks

If the tradename is accepted the registrar, the applicant is furnished with letter of acceptance.


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