Top 10 Secondary Schools in Nigeria


Nigeria has very many secondary schools which are called with different nomenclatures — colleges, grammar schools, high schools, unity schools, technical schools, commercial schools, academies etc — and are located all over the country. Some of them are government-owned, some are founded by religious missions and others are established by individuals.

With information obtained directly from the Federal Ministry of Education and with the collaborative efforts of organizations like Wisdom Africa and Serve Africa, secondary schools in Nigeria have been ranked, using the following criteria:

  • The educational facilities present in the school, the teaching aids and other pedagogies;
  • The success they, as a school, and their students achieved in various examination mostly WAEC (West African Examination Certificate), NECO (National Examination Council of Nigeria); and
  • Various mathematics examinations in which the students of these schools had excelled greatly.

1. Igbinedion Educational Centre

Igbinedion Educational Centre which is located in Edo State is ranked as the topmost secondary school in Nigeria. This secondary school has an enrolment of 4,322 students. It is one school reputed for sending its students for excursion overseas every summer. This school’s official phone number is +234 52 258767 and its address is 218/220 Murtala Mohammed Way, Benin City, Edo State.

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2. Kaduna International School

Kaduna International School sited in Kaduna State comes as the 2nd best secondary in Nigeria. This school has an enrolment of 3,000 students. The schools’ phone number is +234 62 311121 and the address is Wurno Road, Off Rabah Road Kaduna, Kaduna State.

3. Christ the King College (CKC) Onitsha

Christ the King College (CKC) Onitsha, is located in the State of Anambra, Nigeria.  It is ranked as the 3rd best secondary in Nigeria. This school has an enrolment of 5,365 students. The school’s postal address is P. O. Box 1742, Onitsha, Nigeria and the phone number is +234 08033347091.

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4. Lumen Christi International High School

Ranked as the 4th best secondary school in Nigeria, is Lumen Christi International High School, which is located in Edo State. This secondary school has an enrolment of 4,266 students. The schools’ phone number is +234 803 5417323 and the address is Arue –Uromi, Edo State.

5. Kings’ College, Lagos

Kings’ College, Lagos, is one of the oldest secondary schools in Nigeria, founded in the days of colonialism.  This ancient school has an enrolment of 5,154 students and is ranked the 5th best secondary in the country. The school’s phone number is +234 703 787 0913 and its address is 3, Catholic Mission, Lagos Island.

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  1. This rating is wrong because citadel is not even fourth in Ondo state

  2. Nanda Panbat

    Where is dennis memorial grammar school

  3. Tee wai


  4. temisola

    infact i am angry greensprings should be like first on the list

  5. Laura

    Omo all these big men school ….

  6. Where is queens college;yaba

  7. nonso

    where is top high flyers in college lagos state

  8. victor

    How can you say UPSS can’t be compare with those school? Then you don’t know the school that well. The so call Igbinedion Educational Centre can’t even stand their ground against public schools in Edo state talkless of UPSS. Igbinedion Educational Centre don’t even come out for competitions and if they do please check not even in the first 5. They can’t even beat UDSS nor even UPSS.. The most feared school is UPSS so if Igbinedion Educational Centre can’t stand their ground around the state how can they stand their ground in the country or waec?…

  9. Loyola Rights

    This is clearly not a list but rather an advertisement scheme. Where is the school with the best results, good facilities and environment…

  10. john okon

    how can Charles dales not be ther

  11. BC Eleonu

    What of niger delta science school rumuola portharcourt,rivers state that just won the olympiad mathematics competition andtook the second position in the state level.

  12. Fumzy jovzzy

    What of university preparatory secondary school even our ladys premier college benin city edo state this is unfair pls u pips should check again d errors are too much.

    1. UPSS is a good school no doubt but cannot be compared to the ones in the top 10.
      It is in the list of top 100 secondary schools in Nigeria here:

  13. Udontntk

    The best is loyola jesuit college

    1. the first best school in nigeria is obviously loyola

  14. Ibrahim

    Is a lie. D best sch in lagos is delight int sec sch. Olodi apapa, lagos

  15. Sir benji

    Okay! Were is adeolu sec sch. Tolu complex.lagos

  16. Sir benji

    Were is adeolu secondary sch. Tolu complex. Lagos

  17. odunayo

    Nonsence where is cms and igbobi how will you say that kings college is the 5th best school in Nigeria

  18. obasa femi

    where is Methodist boys high school.

    1. odunayo

      Look at u shut up what do u know

  19. Muhammad Aminu Abubakar

    where is Almashkur International Academy (AIA).

  20. favour godwin


    1. odunayo

      Look at u

  21. favour godhwin

    look good

  22. oscar

    where’s Baptist academy

  23. CHIJIO


    1. patrick

      `what of mama put international school Bariga

    2. patrick asonye

      `what of mama put international school Bariga

  24. Moses

    Where is danbo int’l, goodnews academy and faith academy

  25. CHAI!! Lumen, Amen get it? no one? okay ….:(:(:(:(:(

  26. boluwatife

    where is landmark college ikorodu?

  27. yiy8gihkhj

    I didn’t see vivian fowler memorial college.It is one of the best schools not only in lagos but in nigeria.

  28. Henry

    Were is st dominic savio seminary akpu orumba

  29. Irene

    Thanks that was what i was looking for,where is providence

  30. Trinity

    WHERE IS TRINITY OFADA HILLS?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. lucia

    where is lorretto special science school,Adazi Anambra state

  32. Tunde

    Thank u Mr Man l agree with u, leave theme alone let theme keep complaining we are all Nigerians for u to please them all the schools must be listed either good or not, Glory be to God u av done and accomplish ur job.

    1. Ezenwa

      Pls I didn’t see holy child secondary school isuofia Anambra state. It’s one of the best school in eastern part of Nigeria

  33. Okwusi Loveth

    A school is missing on this list Greater Tomorrow International College Arigidi Akoko

  34. benjamin

    why is deeper life high school, port-Harcourt not there?

  35. Bobby J

    How can premier in Lagos not be there

  36. juan

    why not chrisland high school in lokogoma ever heard of that
    HA HA

  37. blessed

    lol. where is Holy infant international secondary school agbor delta state?

  38. Iyanda

    I am sorry to say that your rating is very faulty. I have been living in Kaduna for the past 15 years and do know that Kaduna International School does not have a secondary school.
    please check your facts before going to press.

  39. joseph

    I cant find british international school lagos

  40. quadri

    Yes I agree with you d Johnson were r d missionary schools

  41. Dee Johnson

    Where is Lagos Baptist Academy, Igbobi College and CMS Grammar School? Of all the schools listed above, none is above Lagos Baptist Academy in terms of Academic results in the entire nation of Nigeria. Please check with WAEC, JAMB and other Examination bodies.

  42. john Samuel

    where is AQuinas college akure.


  44. Munah

    Lol…diz iz serios

  45. Mikel

    Can`t we stop it if we stop it more people will come to the school the more they come the more money they will get

  46. Mikel

    i hate these big big money oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    1. favour godhwin


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