Top 10 Most Marketable Courses in Nigeria


Nigerian universities offer an invariable number of courses. You will find this when you check the JAMB brochure. However, what you must know is that some courses are way more marketable than the others. You should find out the marketability of any course before applying to study the course. This article provides information on the 10 most marketable courses in Nigeria. Keep reading to find out:

It is very essential that every potential student should consider the marketability of a course before deciding to study it at any Nigerian university. The marketability of a course is defined by the chances of getting a job quickly and easily after completing the course. It is not only about getting just any job but getting a job that pays really well. Find out the career opportunities available upon graduation that will help you make something good out of the degree.

Of course, remember that studying the courses mentioned below does not guarantee in themselves that you will make it. However, it is a good starting board because of the many opportunities they offer than others. Remember that you can only achieve success with hard work and by personally developing yourself through studying and other professional certifications. In this article, you will find a list of the top ten most marketable courses in Nigeria and also why and how these courses made the list.

The top 10 most marketable courses in Nigeria.

Top 10 Most Marketable Courses in Nigeria


Medicine is the most popular course in Nigeria. Almost every parent wanted their chid(ren) to be doctors. For a long time, medicine has remained the most marketable course to study in Nigeria. Of course, this can be attributed to the general belief that immediately a student of medicine completes his studies, he gets a job as a medical doctor with ease. Also, just graduated doctors are amongst the best paid among university graduates in Nigeria. Considering all these, you see why many Nigerian parents want their children to study medicine by all means.

Estate Management

This is one of the most marketable courses in Nigeria today. Nigeria is developing daily and you will be amazed at the infrastructures, housing projects going on at this time. This means a booming business in the real estate world. As the population of Nigeria increases, there will be more housing projects, more land sales to meet the housing demand. This is where the job of Estate managers come in. They are required to oversee the management of these buildings. As an Estate manager, you can work for a government housing agency or other private housing companies. You can also establish your own private housing agency company.


Accounting is one of the courses you can study in Nigeria and be assured of getting a good job. Accountants are needed in every sector or company in Nigeria, even in the government because everyone deals with finances. Sectors, where Accountants can work, include government agencies, companies, hotels, banks, schools, airports, etc. In the Accounting profession, there are other professional courses and certifications such as ICAN that makes one’s accounting degree even more marketable. Write a professional course and get registered with a professional body to increase your chances as an accountant.

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum is the major driving force of the Nigerian economy today. You should not be surprised that it is one of the most marketable courses in Nigeria. Chemical and petroleum companies are built in the country yearly and graduates in this field are recruited regularly. This industry has huge competition but the pay is very rewarding once you get in.

Theatre Arts

This is a course that used to be looked down on but not anymore. There is a huge boom in the Nigerian entertainment industry and hence Theatre Arts has become one of the marketable courses in Nigeria. The best Nigerian universities in Nigeria where you can study this course are the University of Lagos, the University of Port Harcourt, and the University of Calabar.


Just like Medicine, Pharmacy is another very marketable course in Nigeria. It is a very competitive course; this means it requires a high UTME score to get admission into any Nigerian university. Pharmacists are trained to formulate medicines, study how medicines work, and its interaction with the body. A graduate of pharmacy can work in any pharmaceutical company, hospital, or medical facility. Such can also work for government establishments such as NAFDAC. You can also establish your own pharmaceutical company.

Computer Engineering and Information Technology

We now live in a computer literate world. Hence graduates of courses such as information technology, and computer engineering are hot cakes in the labour market. These courses are also wise to study for the future. In my own opinion, this course is one of the best courses to study for the future.

Nursing and Laboratory Sciences

Nursing is also one of the most marketable courses to study in Nigeria. You have limitless opportunities both at home and abroad. The medical sector is always in need of all the help it can get. Hence, you can get a job easily in Nigeria. Nurses are also in high demand in other foreign countries as well. Although a fresh graduate might not earn so much, you can be sure of a job and can also boost a career by doing professional courses in other sub-specialties of nursing


A degree in marketing is one of the most demanded in the Nigerian labour market today. The services of marketers for businesses to grow and thrive in the midst of the tight competition. Marketing requires professional training and expertise; business organizations will pay heavily to have a graduate with a marketing degree.

Mass Communication

As a Mass Communication graduate, you can work in any media outlet such as a radio or TV station. You can also work with a newspaper company or other government agencies where the services of a mass communicator are needed for speech writings etc. A mass communicator can also decide to become a freelance journalist and be self-employed.

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