Studying Abroad for Nigerian Students: Top Best 10 Countries

Obtaining a degree had become a big deal for modern youth. They spend all their time by studying different courses to succeed in the future.  Of course, some of them don`t have enough time for lessons, so they can use a service that offers essays for sale. Obviously such services like Eduzaurus can help students save their time and have a rest.

Do not waste your precious time! Choose a foreign country for your studies and reach unbelievable success!

Especially big difficulties can be faced by students from less developed states as their home cities don’t always offer high-quality education possibilities. One of such places is Nigeria. What countries offer a pleasant environment and a quality education, and where is it possible to get an international scholarship for Nigerian students?


1) The Republic of Belarus

Belarus is a big country in Eastern Europe, one of the former Soviet Union republics. It is a right place. Belarus is a home to nearly 9.5 million people, and its area is 207,599 square kilometers. There are a lot of jests about this place all over the world, and you shall never be bored studying here. It is good! Many people consider Minsk to be a great city to attend university, and if you are a postgraduate, you can also receive a second education here.

2) Vietnam

Vietnam is not very big place in Southeast Asia, and its area is slightly more than 330,000 square kilometers. The South China Sea washes the third part of its territory. When you look at the map of Vietnam, it shall remind you a form of letter S; for some, it is symbolic: S – socialism, which is a political system of this Republic. Vietnam’s economy is developing and one of its priority areas is tourism. If you desire to connect your life with the sphere of tourism, you can choose this foreign country for studying.

3) Georgia

Georgia is a small land, and it has access to the Black Sea. It also is a colorful country with beautiful nature and excellent conditions for studies; the latest research shows that it has good opportunities for getting an education.

 4) India

India is a land in Southern Asia. It takes the second in the world regarding a number of people living there and seventh regarding the territory; it is a country with a long history, rich culture, and unique atmosphere. Graduates can choose a university here.

5) Indonesia

Indonesia is a great land in Southeast Asia, and it is washed by two oceans: the Pacific and Indian – and it is the biggest island place in the world. The most famous Indonesian island is Bali. Many people choose this particular land not only to spend a short vacation but also to live there for a long time. You can also study here as there are available scholarships for Nigerian undergraduates.

 6) Cambodia

Cambodia – a country in Southeast Asia; interesting that this country still has a monarchical government system, and is named “the kingdom.” Here anyone can receive Nigerian scholarships to study abroad and obtain a degree in Cambodia. It is not a bad option as there are many educational institutions and every student can make his own decision.

7) China

China is a powerful state in East Asia. It is considered to have the biggest population and takes the third place by the area (after Russia and Canada). China is building socialism and has one of the most developed economies in the world. Scholarship exams in Nigeria to study abroad can give a brilliant chance to study here.

8) Thailand

Thailand is a great country in Southeast Asia.  Many students come here to receive a higher education and spend a very good time here as Thailand is a fascinating country.

9) Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country in Europe. A little more than 600 thousand of people live here; Montenegro has access to the Adriatic Sea and has been actively developing as a tourists’ destination, and there are also some educational institutions which attract people.

10) Russia

Russia is also a suitable country for studying as there are a lot of prestigious educational institutions, and the best part of it is that here you have a possibility to study for free. You can choose the university and the faculty you want. Russia offers plenty of great opportunities for Nigerian students and gives good diplomas.

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