Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants For Nigerian Students

In a modern world, every student should have the opportunity to study, and those from Nigeria are not an exception. Students from Nigeria should have the same opportunities as the students from countries like UK and USA to study what they want, use paper writing service, and secure good jobs in international companies in future.

Nigeria’s economy ranks among the top five in Africa, mostly because the country is the world’s 10th biggest producer of oil. However, Nigerians still have numerous problems, which make their lives hard. For example, only about 50% of all Nigerian households have access to electricity, and, furthermore, they can use it only for a few hours a day.

Universities all over the world want to help youngsters from Nigeria to receive a good education and to have a higher standard of living. However, Nigerian students can only apply if they exhibit unique competence in various areas of study. In this article we want to talk about a hot list of study abroad free scholarships and grants for students from Nigeria.


ALN Scholarship for African Scientists in UK and Japan

This is a scholarship available for African scientists to study a master’s degree on a control of infectious diseases in Africa. One of the main criteria for those, who want to apply, is a fluent knowledge of English. However, if English is not your first language, it is possible to take an internet-based test such as TOEFL, Pearson Test of English or IELTS and pass it on a high level.

This scholarship allows African students to undertake an MSc at either the Institute of Tropical Medicine (at Nagasaki University in Japan) or at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (in London, the UK).

The scholarship award is a maximum of US$50,000 to cover all the fees and expenses for the successful applicants. There are only four scholarships available per year. All the applications can be submitted only online.

Chevening OCIS Fellowship Programme in UK

This is a fellowship program offered by two collaborators – Chevening and Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies for individuals from overseas with perfect leadership skills. If you want to undertake a 6 month period of independent study and research at OCIS based on the civilization and culture of Islam and Muslim societies all around the world, then this program is worth applying for. Moreover, you do not have to care about where to take money because you will be financially supported.Your living expenses, airplane tickets will be covered and, moreover, you will receive an allowance package for study related activities.

Note that a Chevening Award will be given only to those students, who can fulfill the Chevening English language requirement.

Jim Ovia Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate Studies in Nigeria

Well, this program is not an abroad one. However, it is worth mentioning because some people do not want to leave their country or families.

All the potential students of Nigerian citizenship can apply for this scholarship to pursue either a graduate or an undergraduate program in Nigeria in 2017. The main aim of this program is to develop leaders, who can contribute to the economic and social progress of Nigeria and probably change the main problems connected with this country (e.g. electricity and water problems).

100 scholarships will be awarded to those students, who are academically qualified, have leadership capabilities, but are economically disadvantaged. The annual award is 150,000 Nigerian Naira and only Nigerian students are allowed to apply.


Partial Merit Scholarships for Nigerian Students to Study Abroad

If you are 16-24 years old Nigerian student, then you re more than welcome to apply for this scholarship offered by the Lagos State Scholarship Board. You can study either the undergraduate or the postgraduate program in 2017-2018. The main thing you need to have is a good knowledge of English language (both writing and speaking skills). The countries available to undertake studies in are India, Ukraine, Republic of South Africa, and China for the undergraduate students and India, Republic of South Africa or Ukraine for the postgraduate students. Almost all fields of studies are available (about 35 fields).

However, note that there are quite a lot of documents to provide and criteria you have to meet in order to be eligible for this program.

We recommend you to read more articles about scholarships for Nigerian students in USA and UK if you are interested in studying in countries with the stable economies and be financially supported. We hope that this article helped you to find matching scholarship just in time.

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  1. This is one of the leading blogs( in Nigeria if you are a social media savvy you will understand what am talking about . Gaining scholarships abroad can be very time consuming sometimes:Nevertheless, for most students I know in America the gain their regular admission and maintain a good GPA on a scale of 4 to obtain a reasonable scholarship.

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