Solutions to Examination Malpractices in Nigeria

Virtually all levels of education in Nigeria is affected by examination malpractices. Go to the primary schools, the secondary schools and the higher institutions and you will come by various forms of examination malpractices. It has become the order of the day.

Purpose of this write-up is not to whine about examination malpractices. The purpose is to seek solution to this menace that is negatively affecting education in the country. Check below for some helpful solutions to examination malpractices in Nigeria.

Proper training of teachers is very essential to curb examination malpractices. When teachers are properly trained, they are able to deliver the lectures to the students in the most understandable manner. Consequently, the students will understand well and be confident enough to write examination on that subject without having to cheat.

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Students may be reluctant to resume to school after staying at home for a very long period. If the government can reduce the length of holidays and also increase number of times students go on holidays, then it may impact positively on the way students learn and this will have the long term effect of curbing examination malpractices.

Schools should have Guidance Counselors, who can counsel these students and help them find solution to their inability to learn. If they are properly counseled, students will be willing to spend more time on their studies and also perform very well during examinations as a result without having to carry out any examination malpractices.

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Schools should also engage continuous assessment and this will help their students to perform well during examinations too.

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