Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria: How to Start


With the advent of cheap phones and rock-bottom recharge denominations, over 60 percent of Nigeria’s 175 million people (2014 estimate), young and old, across all socio-economic class, in different nooks and crannies of the country can afford to make use of GSM phones.

The main option to place credit on the phones for calls is the printed recharge cards because e-recharge is still not an option, and is not likely to be for a long time to come, for majority of the population.

Today, the recharge card business is worth over N1 billion per day with the N100.00 denomination of the different networks as the most patronized.  Denominations from N200.00 to N500.00 also enjoy some reasonable level of patronage while denominations from N1,000 and above are the least patronized.

The opportunity provided by the boom in the sale of recharge cards is being utilized by individual small retailers that are common all over Nigeria in commercial and residential areas.

However, entrepreneurs who can provide the bulk are still far apart so the small retailers face not just the financial challenges (find more details from Northshore Advisory), but also the issue of running out of recharge cards until they can get replenishment.

The huge demand for recharge cards have led to innovations that have brought the printing of recharge cards out of the exclusive preserve of some big organizations that started the printing at the inception of GSM telephony in Nigeria.  Now, as many entrepreneurs as are willing to go into recharge card printing can do so.

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Recharge card printing in Nigeria is not capital intensive.  It is so simplified and is scalable from as low as possible to as high as possible.

To print recharge cards, one can

  1. Use “orange box” from a vendor; OR
  2. Print through a software from a computer and printer

1. Printing From the Orange Box

The orange box rules out the need for a computer, printer or internet connection.  It is essentially a POS machine that has a communication link with the vendor and from which recharge PINs can be printed as long as one’s account is in credit.

The box can be bought off-the-shelf from vendors.   With the orange box, there is no need to stock large physical quantities of recharge vouchers as printing can be done as and when needed from whatever credit is left in one’s account. This guards against loss or theft of recharge vouchers.

In summary, to print recharge cards using the orange box, all you need do is:

  • Buy an orange box from a vendor
  • From time to time, pay into the account of the vendor to order PINs
  • With a roll of paper, print out recharge vouchers from the box as you need them
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2. Printing from Software

This requires the use of a computer (owned personally or used at a cybercafé), internet access, a printer and software.  The steps involved in printing recharge cards using software are:

  • Select a vendor with software. The vendor provides a software either free or for a fee.
  • Register with the vendor.
  • Download the software onto a computer for subsequent use. The software comes with guides on how to use it.
  • From time to time, order and pay for PINs, specified by networks and denominations, from the vendors. It is necessary to confirm availability of the particular denominations you require before making payment into the vendor’s account.
  • PINs ordered and paid for are sent to you by e-mail
  • Place the PINs on a document file
  • The file can be saved onto a flash drive if the printing is to be done on a computer different from the one on which the e-mail was accessed
  • Using the software on a computer connected to a printer, print from the file containing the PINs

Please note that if you download the software onto a computer in a cybercafé, it has to be on a particular machine which you can use each time PINs are to be printed.

On a general note it is advisable to compare prices offered by vendors before choosing one, either for orange box printing or for software printing.



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  1. Obed

    I need this orange box am into the business. I buy directly from dealer but I will like to have this orange box to start printing directly. How can I get it please. Thanks

  2. Fred

    Honestly, I believe this forum is enlightening to us very well. I have read on several other forums how people have been duped of their hard earned money from those parading themselves as e-pin dealers.
    Even though I wont gain anything from it, I will like those who have list of reputable dealers to drop it here so that we can together spread it to those in need of such information. this will greatly prevent us from those fraud stars, thanks all

  3. Tony Igwe

    Pls where is this AOL located in Lagos. I need to pay them a visit for a discuss?
    Tony Igwe.

  4. Chioma Ebisike

    Sir, i really appreciate this gesture small scale business. I am into d sale of cards. Please Sir, how much do i need to invest to be able.

  5. wise

    OK Vic. Appreciated

  6. wise

    Thanks Vic for your info thus far. Pls any dealer around Ikeja,Ogba axis? Some people also asked like how much you think will be good for a start, but your yet to respond. Thanks

  7. kingsley silas

    I have try all the vendors u wrote that u trusted but some have close up while others are not avilable can u give me geniune once I want to begin to print

    1. wise

      Thanks Vic for your info thus far. Pls any dealer around Ikeja,Ogba axis? Some people also asked like how much you think will be good for a start, but your yet to respond. Thanks

      1. Wise,
        Check CN Abuson on 37 Agenda Williams Isale Ogba. 08023043026
        The amount needed to start depends on how big you want your business to be.
        But I would recommend 500k to start.

        Hope this helps

  8. olatunji Modupe ganiyat

    Thanks for the information all along, its really helping alot of pple. Pls i want to know if there are any vendor at ijebu -ode, and how much you think one can have to establish this kind of business. Thanks.
    Pls reply me via the above email.

  9. bright

    Thanks ,what I need now is contact, I don’t know if you have any that you can connect me to in PH.

    1. Hello Bright,
      You can contact
      1. Beruk International_Limited at 94, Psychiatric Road, Rivers, Nigeria
      2. Multitek Data Services Limited_PostPaid at 5, Agudama Road, Port-harcourt, Nigeria

  10. bright

    Pls how match am I suppose to start with, and how much can I get the machine? Can I get it in port harcourt?

    1. Hello Bright,
      You can contact any Dealer in PH to start.
      You can also strike a deal with the Dealer so they can print the EPINs for you.

  11. bright

    Pls how match am I suppose to start with, and how much can I get the machine? Pls .

  12. Uzoma

    Please, like how much capital can one use to start up this business (printing of recharge card)

    1. Freedom Abi

      I came across a company that deals on recharge pin business. They sell in large quantity. The name of the Company is AOL RESOURCES COMPANY, and their contact is 08056861057. I have bin buying pins from them since March, 2015. And they give out the printing software for free too. Please don’t pay anybody that you dont know here for printing software or for contact of genuine dealer. Deal directly with them yourself, becos there are alot of scammers and fraud dat claim to help. I hope this information will help any genuine new comer.

      1. Thanks for the information. It would go a long way to guide others.

      2. twetey

        I believe you’re a representative of AOL Resources Ltd cos I discovered you’ve been pasting this same comment on various websites n forums online I have every reason to believe you re marketing the company.
        So can I get the software from you free?



  13. tetegumm

    ok I will call them

  14. please where can i get the vendors

    1. Hello Eze, here are 2 vendors:
      1. John Chris Communications Limited 08099500199
      2. Corporate Communications Investment 08055503005

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