Position of Teaching Profession in Nigeria


In the olden days, teachers were gods, in a way. Things have however changed drastically today. Teachers could discipline any child and teach the child what to do and what not to do and the parent will not blink an eyelid. Even many parents would ask the teacher to discipline or punish their wards because they wanted those wards to learn and be responsible.

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Things have however changed these days. Many teachers dare not beat any child today. In fact, many schools see to it that their teachers never touch the children in their schools. In some schools also, it is actually an offence for a teacher to hold a cane. Any teacher found doing that may be shown the gate.

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Many parents do not like the idea of teachers discipline their kids anymore. They can get angry and vengeful if such a thing happens to their kids. In fact, many have followed their kids to school to warn teachers never to touch their kids again in any way. This had been the true face of the teaching profession in Nigeria.

However the fault is not only from the parents and the school authorities. Some teachers too have a way of overdoing things. Some teachers do become abusive when punishing these kids and this is one of the factors that prompted many parents and school authorities not to allow such a thing to happen in their schools.

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Many of the teachers in the Nigeria of today have also lost their values due to their own poor standard of education.




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