PhD in Australia: How to Enroll From Nigeria

Do you want to go for your PhD program in Australia? You will love the outcome no doubt. Australia is one of the best countries in the world where you can study. The universities in this country are top class and they are recognized globally.


One thing that may hamper your desire to study for PhD in Australia is finances. Not to worry; there are quite a number of scholarships you can benefit from through the period of your studies in Australia.

Application process for these scholarships is very easy and you can apply right there in Nigeria without any problem. If you also like, you can work through any of the travel agencies in Nigeria and they will link you up in no time at all.

However, applying for scholarship in Australia is very easy and you can get that done by yourself. Just visit the website of the university where you wish to study for your PhD program in Australia and follow this simple application process.

Up to 250,000 students travel down to Australia for different levels of education.  There are up to 42 universities in Australia and you can choose any of them for your PhD program.   An international student has to pay more than an Australian citizen if he is to study for PhD in Australia.

PhD program is immersed in researches and Australia is well equipped to meet with that need.  The facilities you will get in Australia and just not available elsewhere.

The calendar year begins in Australia in February for PhD program.  This means you must have completed your registration before then.   The length of time you spend is determined by the particular program you opt for.

The period of studying may however be longer if you are also doing some teaching job along with your PhD program.  The February starting time can be used to sort out your visa and PhD application.

The student studying for PhD will have to be deeply involved in independent research and thesis.  There is rarely any taught module; however, some courses may involve taught modules.  The student will have set up the topic for research and also research on it individually.

The student is required to carry out literature review, which is evaluation of existing works in that particular field of study. It will enable the student to see what other scholars have done already on the topic the student intends to study on. It will help you ensure that what you are doing is original.


PhD program in Australian university usually lasts for 3 years, provided you have opted for full-time studies.  There are some students that spend longer period of time anyway.  The funding and registration arrangement can equally determine how long the student spends.

If you are going for part-time studies anyway, you may have to spend up to 6 years on the program. Many of the universities in Australia however do not make part-time studies available to international students. You must study fulltime as described on your visa.


Australian PhD students are not usually examined via ‘viva voce’ the student is required to submit written thesis that summaries his/her findings after the PhD program.  The thesis is usually around 100,000 words in length. The student may be required to add presentation or practical project to the thesis.

How to apply

First step to take is to decide on the particular area of research you want to venture into. The next thing to do is to look for universities in Australia where you can carry out that particular research. The application process is very easy as indicated earlier. You can visit the website of the school you are interested in and apply on their websites.

Many of them make it very easy to apply directly on their websites. You can fill the application form, attach your documents and send them. There are times you may be required to print out the form and send the filed form via airmail or email.

Required qualifications

The requirements differ from one school to the other.  However, the general ones are your bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.  The subject must be related to the research program you want to embark on in your PhD program.  It is possible for some universities to give you admission without a master’s degree. This is however very rare.

Supporting documents

You need to submit evidence of past qualification

Your research proposal too needs to be submitted. It can be inform of outline of your PhD topic. It can also be in form of a CV.  Purpose is to show how suitable you are for the said research project.

Your official documents also need to be submitted along the documents or your transcript will not be accepted by hand; it will have to be sent down to the university of your choice in Australia by the university in Nigeria where you obtained the said certificates.

As part of the application process, the Australian university of your choice may decide to interview you.  This is a sign that they are strongly and favorably considering your PhD application. You will not have to travel down to Australia for the interview; you can always get it done in Nigeria via video-conferencing platform of chat.

The PhD program can begin at just any time in the course of the academic year. This means no strict deadline is attached to your application for PhD program in Australia. This does not mean you should not submit your application and documents on time.

There may be some exceptions anyway if you are applying for funding or scholarship. The organization or individual funding your program may decide the time the funding starts and the time it finishes.

Visa application

When applying for visa for your PhD program in Australia, you will need to apply for the Postgraduate research sector Visa.  With this visa, you can stay in Australia for an extended period of time.

You need to present evidence of your admission for PhD program in Australia when applying for the visa.  You are therefore expected to present your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) document from the Australian university you applied to.






























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