Online Degree Programs: How to Enroll From Nigeria

Online degree is highly beneficial. In fact, the future of education is in online degree. This is because the world will be forced to depend on the internet for learning the same way the world is already depending on the internet for virtually everything today.

Sometimes ago, the National University Commission insisted that they would not recognize online degrees, but it is certain they will be forced to change their minds in the nearest future.


This is because online degree is actually the future of education. While it may not be possible to obtain online degree in certain course of study, some courses of study will still be approved for online degree in Nigeria.

If you desire to take your educational qualification to the next level, you can register for online degree from Nigeria.

Though no degree- awarding institution is presently offering online degree today in Nigeria, you can register with any of the foreign universities for your online degree and it will have the same authenticity like the ones obtained in Nigeria; this is because those online institutions do not label your degree as online degree.

Online Degree

Important facts

It is a proven fact that it is better to attend an online degree program than to register for physical-classroom program.  It has been proved that online degree students perform far better than the physical-classroom kind of students.

If you want career advancement without leaving your job, then online degree is the best for you. With your online degree, your scope will not be limited to Nigeria alone; you will also have chance of getting employed in foreign countries.

Many more degree programs are now available for those seeking online degree up to 62% of all global institutions now offer online degree programs. Via online degree program, the student will have the following benefits:

  • More effective learning method compared to the conventional or traditional way of learning
  • It gives students better opportunity to earn very important educational credentials
  • There are so many online degree courses to select from
  • The time of completing the degree program is faster than the conventional method
  • Online degree program is far cheaper than the traditional college program
  • The student will have access to fast-track and accelerated courses
  • The student can study anywhere and anytime he/she deems fit
  • Online degree program offers flexible way to learn and it enables the student to manage school. Family and work in a balanced manner.

What you must know about online degree

Online degree programs do not work for every student. First determine if it is the pervert thing for you or not. In order to succeed with online degree, you must be able to study on your own with little or no supervision.

If home-studying is not your strong point, then online degree may not be the best for you.  A good online degree student will be able to study independently and will be able to manage time so as to make out time for essential school works.

As an online degree student, you will have more materials to read than the normal brick and mortal classroom student. You should prepare your mind against this too.

A good online student should also have good assimilation if he is to be able to cope within dependent studying. You need to feel connected with your fellow students and your instructors too for success in online degree program.

How to apply for online degree program

The very first thing to do is to decide on the particular course you want to study. Determine also if you are going for undergraduate online degree program or postgraduate program. Find out the difference between business administration and business management and make the right choice. After arriving at a decision, check online for institutions that are offering that course of choice via online medium.

Before deciding on an institution, first find out if the institution is accredited or not. Do not partner with one that is not accredited; you will get your fingers burnt at the end of the day.

Visit the institution’s website and fill the application form. In most instates, you are allowed to fill the form before paying application fee. Such fees are paid before submission. All the payments will be made online and you can use your Naira MasterCard to make payment.

In order to make things easy for students, many of the available institutions for online degree programs make alternative online payment methods available for students.

The list of courses is usually made available on the institution’s class schedule, which can be found on their website. You can only register for courses that are open for registration.  You are also required to meet all prerequisites for the courses before you go ahead with registration.

Do not forget that registrations are usually done at particular time of the year. You need to be on the lookout or check the institution’s website to know when registration for that particular online degree program will be available.

The registration requirements for online degree programs have similarity with the requirements for traditional degree programs.  You are required to have the basic high school qualifications.

You are required to also sit for and pass TOEFL or GED.  All documents and evidence of qualifications are to be sent via attachment to the institution during registration for the online degree program.

You are required to have good internet connection to enable you access all course contents online. Do not forget that you will have to take your exams online.  You therefore need very fast internet connection.

In order to make things easier for students, many of these foreign institutions offering online degree programs do have their agents in Nigeria. Consequently, Nigerian students that want to register for online degree program can link up with these agents for registration.

Registration tends to be easier this way, but the student may be required to pay for the processing fees as charged by the agents. The fees paid however depend on the agent you partner with.

You may end up paying no processing fee at all if the agent is directly sponsored by the institution you are registering with for online program.

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