Online Courses in Nigeria: The Ultimate List


Online courses are becoming very popular by the day. Many more individuals are taking interest in them. Truth is it is the perfect courses to go for if you are the very busy type that does not have time to attend the brick and mortal classroom.

Online Courses in Nigeria: The Ultimate List

If you are always busy or you do not just fancy the conventional method of education, then you will find online programs the best for you.

With online program, you can be going to school and still be able to manage other important things in your life, like your family and your work. As at today, the National University Commission insists that online degree course are not recognized.

However, you can use the certificates and degrees obtained via these online courses to improve yourself personally in various skills. There are also some establishments that may allow you to submit such degrees obtained via online courses for promotion.
List of Online Courses


• Character Design And Story Polish: School Of Computing Teeside University
• Introduction to 3D Animation With Autodesk Maya: School Of Interactive Design
• Cinematography For 2D Animation Essentials: Udemy
• Get Your Animation Game Ready With Unity & Anime Studio Pro: Udemy
• Introduction To Clay Animai0tn For Beginners: Udemy
• 2D Animation Essentials In Anime Studio Pro 11: Udemy
• Fundamentals Of Graphic Design: CALARTS
• Character Design For Video Games: CALARTS
• Interactive Computer Graphics: The University Of Tokyo


• Anthropology Through Speculative Fiction: MIT
• Becoming Human: Anthropology (BeHuman): Macquarie University
• Black Matters: Introduction To Black Studies: MIT
• Cultural Anthropology: Uttah State University
• Culture, Embodiment And The Senses: MIT
• Disease And Health: Culture, Society And Ethics: MIT
• Drugs, Politics And Culture: MIT
• Ethnics And National Identity: MIT
• Food And Culture: MIT
• Gender And Representation Of Asian Women: MIT
• Gender, Power And International Development: MIT
• Gender, Sexuality And Society: MIT
• History And Anthropology Of Medicine And Biology: MIT
• Magic, Witchcraft And The Spirit World: MIT
• Photography And Truth: MIT
• Power: Interpersonal, Organizational And Global Dimensions: MIT
• Primate Behaviors: University Of Notre Dame
• Race And Science: MIT
• Religion and Social Order: The University Of California at Irvine.
• Rethinking The Family, Sex And Gender: MIT
• Seminar In Ethnography And Fieldwork: MIT
• Slavery and Human Trafficking In The 21st Century: MIT
• Social Theory And Analysis: MIT
• Teaching And Learning: Cross: Cultural Perspectives: MIT
• The Anthropology Of Cybercultures: MIT
• The Anthropology Of Sounds: MIT
• The Business Of Politics: A View Of Latin America: MIT


• Adolescent Health And Development: John Hopkins
• Anatomy & Physiology: Carnegie Mellon
• Animals In Research: Law, Policy, Human Sciences: John Hopkins
• Animal Behaviors: MIT
• Animal Science: La Trobe University
• Autism And Related Disorders: Yale
• Behavioral Endocrinology: John Hopkins
• Biochemistry: Free Web Course: Carnegie Mellon
• Biochemistry For Pre-Meds: Oregon University
• Diet And Nutrition: La Trobe University
• Enhancing Humane Science: Improving Animal Research: John Hopkins
• Environmental Health Sciences: UC Berkeley
• Evolution: University Of Illinois
• Evolution And Medicine: Yale
• Evolution, Ecology And Behavior: Yale
• Exercise Science And Wellness: Arizona State
• General Biology: Umass-Boston
• General Human Anatomy: UC Berkeley
• General Introduction To Plant Development, Forms And Function: UC Berkeley
• Genetic Engineering In Medicine, Agriculture And Law: UCLA
• Genomes And Diversity; NYU
• Genomics & Computational Biology: MIT
• Genomic Medicine: MIT
• Global Problems Of Population Growth: Yale
• Growing Up In The Universe: Oxford
• Hacking Consciousness: Consciousness, Cognition And The Brain: Stanford University
• Health And Culture: Arizona State University
• Health Behavior Change At The Individual, Household and Community Levels: John Hopkins
• Human Behavior Biology: Stanford
• Introduction To Biochemistry: Oregon State University
• Introductory Biology: UC Berkeley
• Introduction To Biology: Carnegie Mellon
• Introduction To Cellular & Molecular Biology: Columbia University
• Introduction To Human Nutrition: UC Berkeley
• Introduction To Human Physiology: UC Berkeley
• Introduction To Immunology: UMass-Boston University
• Introduction To Toxicology: UC Berkeley
• Introduction To Veterinary Anesthesiology: Ohio State University
• Issues In Mental Health Research In Developing Countries: John Hopkins
• Life, Concepts And Issues: Introduction To Life Science For Non-Science Majors: UCLA
• Modern Biology: Carnegie Mellon University
• Molecular Biology: Macromolecular Synthesis And Cellular Function: UC Berkeley University
• Molecules And Cells: John Hopkins
• Pharmacology: La Sale University


• Branding, Content & Social Media: Ohio State University
• Building A Business: Oxford University
• Building A Business: Moving Your Product To The Market: Oxford University
• Business Intelligence Tools: East Tennessee State University
• Corporate Finance: New York University
• Corporate Finance: HEC (France)
• Corporate Finance For Healthcare Administrators: University Of Michigan
• Crisis Management: Proseminar In Public Relations; Missouri State University
• International Taxation: University Of Washington
• International Taxation II: University Of Washington
• Introduction To Business Administration: University Of Hampshire
• Introduction To Consumer Behaviours: IIT Kharagpur
• Introduction To Entrepreneurship: UNC-Chapel Hill University
• Real Estate Finance: Columbia University
• Startups: Stanford University
• Strategic Marketing: Contemporary Issues: IIT Kanpur
• Supply Chain Management & Logistics: An Intro To Principles And Concepts: Cranfield University
• Taxation Of Trans-Pacific Transactions: University Of Washington
• Technology Entrepreneurship: Stanford University
• The New Entrepreneurs: Open University
• The Startup Workshop: Stanford University
• Valuation: New York University
• Writing For Strategic Communication: La Trobe University


• Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits: UC Berkeley
• Advanced Visualization: UC Davis
• Atomistic Computer Modeling Of Materials: MIT
• Basic Electronics: IIT Madras
• Chemical Engineering: Process Dynamics And Controls: University Of Michigan
• Civil And Environmental Engineering: UC Berkeley
• Communicaiotn System: The University Of Texas At Dallas
• Control Systems Engineering: UWE Bristol
• Convex Optimization I: Stanford University
• Convex Optimization II: Stanford University
• Engineering Dynamics: MIT
• Engineering Ethics: MIT
• Engineering Ethics: Ohio State University
• Advanced Managerial Communication
• Communication Skills For Academics
• Managerial Psychology Laboratory
• Organizational Processes
• Global Entrepreneurship Laboratory: Asia-Pacific
• Global Entrepreneurship Laboratory: Latin America, The Middle East And Africa
• New Enterprises
• Early Stage Capital



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