Master’s Degree Program: How to Enroll from Nigeria


Canada has one of the best education systems in the world today. Many Nigerians, who had traveled to Canada for one form of education or the other, have come to tell great stories of fulfillment. You too can decide to make Canada your choice of country to study.

Master’s Degree Program: How to Enroll from Nigeria

Canadian universities offer great courses at all levels of education, both undergraduate and graduate levels. Even if you have finished your undergraduate studies already, you can always travel to Canada for your postgraduate studies.

It is certain you will love the outcome. Certificates awarded in Canadian universities, both in undergraduate and post graduate programs, are recognized globally.

You can study in Canada and start working there or come back to Nigeria to use your postgraduate certificate obtained in Canada to search for job. You can be sure that your certificate will be accepted by any company here in Nigeria.

The information in this write up will guide you aright on what master’s degree program in Canada is all about and how to register with any of the Canadian universities right here in Nigeria. The information here can help you get things done by yourself without the need to involve any education or travel agent to help out.

Before deciding on having your master’s degree program in Canada, you should first determine if you prefer online or offline mode of receiving lectures.

Online mode

You will never have to travel to Canada to attend lectures or for anything for that matter. You can register for the course online and start receiving lectures right here in Nigeria in the comfort of your home.

This mode is far cheaper than you can ever imagine. The cost of accommodation and several other costs will not be included anymore and you will also be able to manage your family life and career, while you study for master’s degree in Canada online.

The National University Commission (NUC) once declared that they would not recognize any online certificate. However, many Nigerians have used the online certificates to improve their statuses at their places of work.

Offline mode

If you prefer this mode of studying for the master’s degree, it simply means you prefer to travel down to Canada to receive lectures. You will be able to register here in Nigeria, but you will have to travel down after your registration has been approved and start receiving lectures in that particular school.

This means you will need travel documents, like international passport, visa and lots more.  If the truth must be told, this is somewhat expensive.  You need strong financial backing in order to be able to carry this through.

However, traveling down to Canada gives you great opportunities in that you can get job in Canada and start living right in that country. You can also take your immediate family members along and relocate permanently to Canada if you so desire.

The beauty of it is that you will be allowed to work and study in Canada at the same time. This means you will be able to make some money even while you are studying.

How to register

In order to register for a master’s degree program in Canada, you need to first decide on the university to register with. Before then, you first must decide on the course you want to pursue on masters degree level.

The course can determine the school you finally opt for. This is because not all the school in Canada are offering all master’s degree courses.  After making your choice, you can go ahead and register on the schools’ website.

You will be required to submit an application letter and also submit all necessary documents. Afterwards, you will have to wait for the school to reply. The school authority holds the final decision on whether your application will be accepted or not.

Some institutions respond fast, while it may take longer for some other institutions to respond to your application. In most instances, it does not take more than 8 weeks for the response to be relayed; some schools actually respond within just 1 week of applying for master’s degree program in their school.

If you are applying to a university, they may take longer to respond, unlike when you apply to a college.

Requirements for admission 

The requirements for admission depend on the school of your choice; the admission policy differs from one university to another. Each school makes such requirements available on its website and you can read through the requirements and find out if you are qualified before you apply for your choice of program.

As a Nigerian student seeking to study for master’s degree in a Canadian institution, you are required to have a minimum of Second Class Lower undergraduate certificate.  You are also required to have high GPA in your last two years of undergraduate studies. Those having Second Class Upper have brighter chance.

What about HND?

Truth of the matter is that Canadian universities are not admitting individuals with Higher National Diploma into master’s degree program in the country.  They also do not accept admission application from students, who have Third Class degree.

Even if you cannot get admission into master’s degree program with HND or Third Class, you can always go for Post-Graduate Diploma with either certificate and then use that to get admission into master’s degree program in Canada.

You can equally use your HND or Third Class certificate to get admission into Undergraduate program and complete that within 2 to 3 years, after which you progress to master’s degree program.

Unlike what happens in the United Kingdom and the United States where a Nigerian has to write GMAT and TOEFL respectively, you are exempted from such rigour when you apply for master’s degree program in Canada.

They accept Nigerian kind of English and there is no need for Nigerians to write any English Proficiency test in order to gain admission into undergraduate or post graduate degree programs in Canada.

There are however some institutions that insist on Nigerians writing GMAT or GRE. You need to do your research properly to find out if the school of your choice is demanding for such or not.



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