Master’s Degree in Australia: How to Enroll from Nigeria


Australia is a great country in all sense of the word. It is one of the most welcoming countries in the world and the cases of racism are not as rampant as it is in a number of European countries.

Master’s Degree in Australia: How to Enroll from Nigeria

Many Nigerians are residing in Australia. Many are also schooling in this country at various levels of education. It will not be a bad idea if you too decide to visit Australia to study. For all you know, you may fall in   love with the country and decide to settle down there. Not to worry; you will never regret your trip to Australia.

The educational system in Australia has similarity with what obtains in the United Kingdom. Do not forget that Australia got her independence from Australia and there is still a very strong link between the two countries, making so many things similar about their lifestyles and educational system.

The information in this written piece will enlighten you on important things you must know if you want to apply to any Australian university for your master’s degree program.

It is not so difficult to apply into any of the universities in Australia for your master’s degree program. So long as you meet up with the basic requirements, you are good to go.

There are some general qualifications you are expected to meet with and there are some other requirements specific to some universities. You can find out about such specific information from the website of the specific university.

Academic requirements

The basic requirement is that you have a bachelor’s degree honor from a recognized university in Nigeria. Virtually all the universities accredited by the National University Commission are approved by the Australian education system.

As hinted earlier, certain institutions demand for certain requirements before they can offer you admission to study for your master’s degree program in their school; such information can be obtained on the school’s website. The course of study can equally determine the specific requirements of the institution.

Master’s degree program require some measure of research and many Australian universities will not offer you admission if you are not research-oriented.

Some may require that you have relevant work experience in that particular field in which you want to study. You need to properly study the specific requirements of the particular university before you apply for master’s degree program in the institution.

Your undergraduate degree must be relevant with the course you want to study at postgraduate level before you can be offered admission. The master’s degree program courses are offered both as course works and research.

Some supporting documents

Aside your undergraduate degree certificate, you are equally required to present certain very important documents that will help the school in determining your application.  Some of these important documents are highlighted below.

  • A photocopy of your international passport, especially the personal details page.
  • The original copy of your academic transcript, detailing your work during undergraduate degree program on yearly basis. The transcript is equally expected to bear the specific grading system of the university where you obtained your undergraduate degree honours. Virtually all the universities in Australia do not expect you to deliver the transcript directly to them; rather, they demand that your former university in Nigeria deliver the transcript to them via airmail.
  • Original copy of your bachelor’s degree completion certificate given to you by your institution in Nigeria.
  • Your Curriculum Vitae. It must contain details of all the relevant work experiences you may have.
  • Your personal statement. In most cases, the personal statement should contain between 400 and 500 words. This statement is expected to state why you think you should be considered for admission into master’s degree program by that Australian university.

When to apply

Academic year starts in February in Australia. You need to keep this in mind so that you can apply on time. However, some of the universities in Australia do have intakes two times in a year.  The first semester starts from February and ends in June, while the second semester begins in July and ends in November.

It usually takes up to eight weeks for the school to process admission.  If you are applying for research-oriented master’s degree program in Australia, it may take longer than that to process your application.

It may be more challenging to get admitted to study certain courses at postgraduate level, like clinical psychology, dentistry and medicine. This is because applications for these courses have rather strict quotas due to limited number of places available.

Standard test

In order to be considered of admission for master’s degree program in Australia, you are required to sit for certain standard test to test your English proficiency. Many Australian universities demand that you sit for and pass IELTS or TOEFL.

You are equally required to pass GMAT if you are applying for any management-related course. In actual fact, IELTS is very compulsory before you can be given Australian visa.

You may however not bother about GRE as most universities in Australia do not make it part of their requirements for admission. Make sure you however find out with the university of your choice to know what they require for admission.

Letter of recommendation

This letter is expected to be included as part of your application documents.  It actually plays very important role in the admission process.  The letter is expected to be written and signed by an individual that knows you on professional level.

One of your former teachers during undergraduate days can also sign the letter. The letter is expected to reflect all your positive and negative qualities. It is equally expected to state your strength and related information.

How to apply

The application process is very easy. You can get it done right online. Just visit the website of the Australian university and fill the application form. All required supporting documents can be submitted along with your admission form.

The transcript should be made ready too and you should impress on your former university in Nigeria to send the transcript to the Australian university of your choice.





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