List of Aviation Colleges in Nigeria

If you desire to be a pilot or have a career in aviation, then you should consider aviation colleges. This article covers a list of aviation schools in the country and detailed information about each.

List of Aviation Colleges in Nigeria

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Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS)

Dhaewood Aviation Business School is a private professional training institution. The school exists to promote quality training in the aviation/travel & tourism industry. It aims at solving human resources and capital problems associated with the aviation industry so that the various stakeholders such as airlines, travel agencies & aviation-related organizations will function better. DABS also provides all necessary equipment for future pilots. DABS facilities is located in Ikeja, Lagos state,

Since the inception of the institution in 2005, it has achieved its objective in a very large dimension. The school also provides professional courses with excellent and quality training for those who would want to further their studies. DABS is regarded as one of the top aviation schools in Nigeria.

Courses offered at DABS include:

Air ticketing course

Air travel studies

Airline cabin crew

Travel visa processing and Management

2D/3D Animation courses

Travel & Tourism courses

IATA certificate

Forex trading course

C.R.S/ G.D.S

Universal School of Aviation

The objective of the Universal School of Aviation (USA) is to meet the needs of the aviation industry by producing well-trained staff at their aviation colleges for the best domestic and international aviation-related organizations. The institute has made achievements in the area of manpower development and has also helped in reducing the rate of unemployment by providing employment opportunities in the aviation industry.

Universal School of Aviation (USA) has connections with international air companies everywhere in the world. Its students can expect to find a job quickly and easily after their graduation.

The Universal School of Aviation provides the following courses:

Hotel Management


Electronic Booking Tools

Flight Attendant

Travel and Tourism Management

Air Ticketing and Reservation

With the Universal School of Aviation, you can be sure you will receive high-quality teaching and personnel who will teach you the basics of every course.

School fees at the Universal School of Aviation

Fees are dependent on the course of study. However, most courses go for #50,000 which is subject to change at any time. Call the school line at 07063002833 for more details.

Financial Aid

The school offers financial aid to newly admitted students with limited financial resources. Candidates may apply for a discount of up to 10% of the tuition fee.

An applicant for financial aid must prove that they are in need of a discount.

Sibling Discount

Families with more than two children enrolled simultaneously in the institution as full-time or part-time students are entitled to the sibling discount.

Landover Company Limited

Landover Company Limited was incorporated in Nigeria on August 15, 1991. Landover Aviation Business School is approved and authorized by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and International Air Transport Association (IATA). The institute aims to instill a high sense of professionalism in its students and enable them to excel in their specialized area(s) of aviation practice. The school also runs programs to integrate professionals in the Nigerian Aviation and Air Travel industry into the use of the latest technology and expertise in the ever-dynamic global aviation industry. The school has made IATA TOP 10 Aviation Training Institutions in Africa 3 times in a row in 2011, 2012, 2013.

Benefits of studying at Landover Company Limited

At Landover Company Limited, you are provided with both theoretical and practical training

At the school, you will be facilitated by qualified and specialized instructors.

Since its incorporation, it has evolved to be the leading aviation services company by providing solutions to aviation-based problems.

Courses offered at Landover Company Limited include:

Travel & Tourism

Technical & Operations

Aviation Management

International Aviation College, Ilorin

This is an aviation institution established in Ilorin by the government of Kwara State. However, the college is structured to be jointly owned with the private sector. The objective of the school is to train different professionals to include pilots (fixed and rotary wing), cabin crew, air traffic controllers and aircraft engineers for the rapidly expanding Nigerian and international aviation industry. Courses can range from 2 months to 18 months

Benefits of training with the International Aviation College

  • The school provides its students with professional and highly qualified instructors to help teach various specializations of aviation.

The International Aviation College provides the following courses:

Flight dispatcher course

Short professional courses

Aircraft Technician course

Standard Pilot course

Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) Zaria

The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) Zaria is one of the oldest aviation institutions in Nigeria. The College boasts of more than 50 years of experience in providing human resource development in the aviation industry in Africa. The institution aims to become a well-known aviation training provider in the global sphere.

NCAT provides training programs to meet both national and international requirements. The institution also offers training in non-aviation specific areas such as computer equipment maintenance and satellite communication principles.

Courses offered at NCAT, Zaria

Flying school courses

Aeronautical Telecommunications Engineering courses

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses

Aviation Management courses

Air traffic services/ Communication courses

Benefits of studying with NCAT, Zaria

NCAT is an associate member of ICAO TRAINAIRPLUS, which is aimed at standardizing operations of the college with the ICAO initiative and improving the quality of aviation training in the school.

NCAT, Zaria is also registered with the Aviation Accreditation Board international.

Aside from regular training programmes, courses are also offered online

NCAT aviation training programmes are in conformity with ICAO standards and recommended practices.

Other aviation schools in Nigeria are:

  • Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management
  • Crew Training Institute – CTI
  • Falcon Aviation Training
  • Gibair Aviation Academy
  • Institute Of Aviation and Maritime Studies
  • International Institute Of Aviation Training
  • Lagos Aviation Academy
  • Lagos Aviation And Maritime Business Academy
  • Riteway Aviation School
  • Belgrade Aviation Training Institute
  • Continental Aviation School (CAS)
  • Dot Aviation Training Institute



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