IT Placement In Lagos And Abuja: How To Get Yours Easily


Truth is it can be somewhat difficult to get IT placement in Lagos, Abuja and many of the other big cities. Many students seeking for IT placement prefer these big cities because of the potentials such big cities hold for them.  The chances of getting IT placement in big companies are high in the big cities.

IT Placement In Lagos And Abuja: How To Get Yours Easily

The chance of getting good pay during IT period is yet another factor. Additionally, getting IT placement in the big cities translates to better IT experience, since companies located in the big cities are better equipped than those located in the smaller cities.

In this write-up, you are going to learn how you can get your IT placement in either Lagos or Abuja. If you have been searching for this information, your opportunity to be well informed and properly guided has finally come.

You will learn below how to maximize your chances of getting your dream IT placement in Abuja or Lagos. We will show you some very important resources you should use to make your search very easy.


This educational site is one of the best places to look up your IT placement.  They are committed to helping students to get good places for IT placement in Abuja, Lagos and other big cities in Nigeria.  They provide various materials, articles, resources and guides on how to get what you want and how to get it faster.

The SIWES opportunities are posted round the year on this site and such opportunities can be found in virtually all the big cities in Nigeria, be it Kaduna, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Abuja or Lagos. Their website is at

How to use the site

When you arrive on the website, you can easily search for IT placement by clicking on Apply Here for Internship.  This is located at the top right widget of the website.  You will be able to apply for any of the IT placement opportunities placed already on the website.

Click on the It jobs already placed on this website. Search through them to find out about those that fit with your desire. Click on that particular one and apply. If you are interested in IT placement in Lagos or Abuja, search for those IT placements among them that are being offered in either Lagos or Abuja and go for it.

The beautiful thing about this website is that you do not need any registration to apply for IT placement.  The application is totally free! If you want to make your search faster, just use the search box on the website to make your search.

Type into the search box the name, keyword or job title you are interested in. Also include the zip code for the city, the state and the city you are interested in. This will bring out those IT placements in your city of choice.

After you have completed the free application, the company you have applied to will go through your application and they will contact you afterwards. If your application is favorable, they will contact you either by email or by phone; you would have provided these two when you were applying for the IT placement.




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  8. olasupo wuraola
  9. Abdulmalik Ishola
  11. Adamu Yusuf
  12. Henry
  13. Megan Akingbasote
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  18. Ojo Samuel Shola
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